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I’ve been evicted! (Apple Fall FREEBIES).

I was just editing this stunning Autumn wreath on to a wall in my home when the DONG of DOOM sounded and I had X amount of seconds to TP out before our sim did a restart.

So I returned to Apple Fall and zoomed onto the one on the wall and clicked.

This is an old gift but as you can see it’s from a group/magazine called Gallant and that is the group you have to join.  The name is familiar to me but I don’t think I was ever in that group or I’m assuming it sent out an inworld magazine anyhow it’s been dusted off and set out in the Apple Fall shop and that’s because they look so real!

You may have noticed among all of the excellent Pumpkins used as decor an inflatable one which I knew was from Apple Fall but I didn’t know that was also a Freebie.  That is outside of the shop and the wreath is inside of the shop.

PS.  Remember that dotted around the Apple Fall shop are hidden FREEBIES, you have to put your pointer over them to see that they’re set to 0Ld.  They do change occasionally so you never know what’s new and that’s why I came over to Apple Fall in the first place.

Apple Fall.


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My Baby.

As Faith says both of us absolutely love and look forward to the weekly FLF event (fifty linden friday) because some of the best shops are involved and you have such a mix of clothes, hairs, shoes, decor items etc.  This weeks list is a doozy but as soon as I saw this I had to grab it take a quick snap and post it as quickly as poss.

log lasy

I’ll have to tell you more about my new Mina hair and of course I’m wearing a PumeC skin but thats all for another day as it’s the log I’m sqealing over.  This is the FLF offering from Silent Sparrow a shop I’ve bought a few other wearables before but the log is just so different. Wasn’t there a famous program in the 80ties where one of the characters walked around holding her “baby log”? I don’t know but what I do know is I just had to have it.

I’ll put the link to the FLF group which is free to join and OMGWTF Barbecue is pretty good at posting the notice out and organising it all one of the unsung heroes of SL.

FLF Group

Silent Sparrow (walk up the stairs).

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Ballroom or Bordello?

Spent a little time looking through my notices and came across one for the Genre event which is new to me.  The premiss is ” Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL” and even better nothing is priced over 100Lds.

urb100glassThis is The Annex’s offering of a completely sumptuous mesh dress with a very Victorian/steam punk inspired look.  Red Damask is the name with rich draped blood red Damask over a satin black underskirt. The low-cut top allows a lot of cleavage and the straps on the arm flex really well.  The main body of the skirt is non rigged  which means it doesn’t flow as much as a unrigged mesh and in fact I saw the demo of this on someone else and my first thought was it’s a sculpted skirt but it’s not, that still didn’t put me off trying the demo for myself and especially since it’s on special off of only 100Lds I was so pleased with it happily snapped it up but definitely try the demo first.   It’s so regal and, going to say it again, sumptuous.  Almost forgot to say gloves and veiled hat are also included.

The hair is another offer from Curio Obscura at Genre .and it’s from one of my fav quirky shops in SL.  I chose the “Victorina Ladylike” style but the is another equally as stylised hair option.  A very stylish thick look, piled high with thick ringlets.  Certainly a unique look.

GlassThen I turned off the light and walked “through the looking glass” and WOAH…..

urb100You enter a wonderland.  A large ballroom stuffed with all the weird and wonderful things we love about Alice in Wonderland.   I’ve already missed last Saturdays  ball but there is another one this Saturday so I have made a note of the time and I’m hoping to get there myself.  This is a massive build over many sims (yes I’ve forgotten how many).  I frequent it and never get bored because behind every door is  a stunning room or display.  The heart of all the sims is The Red Rose Theatre  a palace that would equal Versailles in opulence.  Open to all, you don’t have to be dressed up to the nines but this is a place to put on your full length gowns or best suit and tie and just go OTT.  Even if you’re not into dressing up you’re still more than welcome.  This isn’t a “naughty” place and you won’t find certain pose balls but what you will find it many areas to just sit and relax from the formal to the casual, pools and stables and plenty of gardens to wander.

A nice touch is that most of the furnishings are for sale but instead of having to TP to the shop you can just click and buy the item as it’s placed out in the palace AND WOW I’ve just seen in their blog that they now have whole suites for rent as soon as I rezz inworld I’m off for a mooch around for myself.

The Rose Theater and Art Gallery

The Rose Theater Blog


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Over Weight?

In these days of big SL events its pretty essential to ensure you’re not *overweight* before you set off to attend. I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve heard moaning because they are either barred from entering an event because they are over the script limit, or because “ohmaiiiigawd I can’t move for lag”…most events these days do enforce some sort of weighting, meaning..that if you are wearing or have attached wayyyy too many scripty items, you might get ejected out until your *lighter*! So, grab yourself one of these handy-dandy weight scales, they will tell you in a coupla seconds how many scripts you’ve got running …and you should then be able to detach a few. Dont forget..some hair, shoes and ao’s are massively scripted and that really impacts on not just your experience of SL, but everyone around you . The good news is, not only are these scales good to look at so you can keep them out and handy…but are also just 1 prim and totally free yay!

Brazen Woman scales