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Grey laced.

I’ve had this outfit from AtaMe for a while and I didn’t really “get it” I don’t know if that’s because I’m not into RP or the TV prog Game of Thrones and all of that sort of thing and then I watched the film “Guardians of the galaxy” and then the light went off over my head.


The baddie in that film has a Hammer very similar to the one that comes with this outfit, you can just about see it tucked behind me which is where it attached.  I decided to add my sword, a PumeC skin, A:S:S make up and my Mina hair to make a definitely Kick Ass RP outfit.


I don’t believe there is a demo with this so the top picture was taken in the sim setting I was at and then I’ve changed it to my normal Nams and I think in both pictures the texturing is excellent. Love the dirty linen and lace look but the name of this outfit is Ice and Water.  It comes from Atame and because if RL time restrictions again I’ve not had any real-time to have a meaner around but yet another place for me to pop into again when RL gives me a break.

UPDATE.  Check out her, Milu Lavals, Flickr page which certainly has new outfits I’ve not seen before and also her Marketplace shop as although there isn’t a demo for this outfit there are plenty others including a Latex Bride’s dress!


AtaMe FlickR

AtaMe Blog

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Latex Love.


I have to confess I’ve had this dress in my invent for absolutely ages, thankfully Milu Laval never ever demands or expects something to be blogged and then yesterday when I put on my new Mina Hair a light bulb went off and I knew that this punky, quiffed hair and this Latex dress would make a stunning look.


The dress looks almost as though it would squeak and squelch as you walk.  Although I went for the shocking red there are other colours including ones with a lace overlay. Milu Laval’s shop AtaMe is for the Latex lovers but don’t let that put you off if latex isn’t your thing.  She has not only a mix of mesh and non mesh but also styles.


But check out the Quiff! Mina Nakamura has come up with yet another “Oh Wow” moment.  I just didn’t expect not only this style, appropriately named Sid,but also another punkytype of hair.  Both of them are definitely uni sexed but to make sure of the perfect fit Mina has included a male and female version in the pack.   I’ve chosen one of her more juicy coloured hairs because it fits so well with this dress  but of course as with all Mina Hair you have a choice from Bimbo Blondie to Brainy Brownie and all the rainbow shades in between.

Only available at the moment at the Rhapsody event, a celebration of all music genre from punk to electronic and even OMG country!  This is such a big event and so many of the top shops and designers have shops here but don’t panic because when you land you get sent a brilliant plan which makes it so much easier and of course Mina’s in clearly market in the Punk section.  So “rock on” over and check out the clothes, hairs, poses and decor items of your fav music era.


AtaMe Marketplace


Mina Inworld

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Surfers in Space

As soon as I saw the new outfit from AtaMe I knew exactly where I was heading.  The Doomed Ship is a RP sim (can it be called a sim when everything is in the sky?).  This is a stunning, dark and brooding ship floating in the sky.  There is a background story but I’ve deleted the note, silly me, but in all honesty if your not into hard core RP then I’m sure no one minds if you mooch around enjoying the amazing graphics and design that has gone into this place but as a sign of respect to the amazing designers and people who do use this place to RP then dig out a suitable look and as long as you don’t bother anyone in RP mode I’m sure no one will mind.

Space dirt1

When you land you’ve given the choice to wear a hud and I would accept it.  It helps align you camera view so as you wander through the endless corridors or the cramped loading docks etc you’re camera angle is set to a great position.  The hud also is handy if you wish to throw yourself into the RPing aspect which I haven’t tried yet.  Don’t worry nothing dropped off when I wore it.

Space dirt 4

To get to the different levels you have to use a lift.  Click the lit panel on the side and it does take a little while for it to turn up and when it does you “sit” in the lift not walk into it.  Then click the panel to go to which ever level you wish to see.

Space dirt3This is not an “adult” RP but there are crew quarters and some fantasies can be played out in full (privacy not a guarantee though).

Crew loungeHonestly I could spend forever here taking photos and in this case I just sat on one of the stools (just out of camera angle) and admire the atmosphere.  This is the crew lounge and what you can’t see is the vast window overlooking stars and planets.

Space dirtThis is the AtaMe outfit which made me think of the Doomed Ship.  I’m wearing the non latex version because it is Lola Boob compatible and then decided not to wear the lolas for some reason. This is the Xendra Snow. A full leather look from the bikini to the leggings and arms. Chained necklace and belt complete the look. Blakc and white versions in the leather look but check out the other part of the shop and you will find the same design is wet looking shiny latex. I also couldn’t help but notice Milu Laval has now added full body tattoos to her shop.

Doomed Ship


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Floozie to Freak

Floozy1 Milu Laval (Milu), who is the owner of AtaMe,  got in touch with me and sent me a couple of gifties of which this is one.  Have to say that knowing the range and clientele she caters for I was surprised at this one because the moment I put it on Retro Floozie sprang to mind.  I think it’s the leopard print that does it.  Happily this is a group gift so you too can be a Cheap Floozie.

AtameuseNow this is what I know AtaMe for, leather and lace, latex and kinks.  The first thought when I tried this one was this isn’t a fashion statement this is a life style statement.   A seriously cinched in waist with accentuated boobs and bum all encased in shiny wet looking latex.  A considered purchase at 700Lds but for latex lovers for that real shine it’s a small cost.  For an even smaller cost check out her “Bargains” I have to say that for a 100Lds she has some glorious offers.  A long floor length non mesh bright shiny dress and with Lola Tangos inc for free so tempting and then I spotted the very black shiny cat suit with nothing but straps to cover your rear and both are only 100Lds.  Not everything in her shop is “hardcore” latex, some lovely items but with an edge.  A good mix of Mesh and Non Mesh clothes.  The Non Mesh clothes now come with Tango Appliers but you need to click the button on the display to get them, FREE which is very nice as some do charge, and if they don’t have the Appliers there just drop Milu a note and she will supply you one (check first with her if it’s important to have them).

As always I’ve popped into the shop to check out whats new and any bargain on offer and now she has a lovely big shiny new shop (to me at least).  Laid out with plenty of space to wander around and don’t forget the upstairs for some amazing floor length latex ball gowns.  A lovely fountain and sitting area outside for all to use.  When someone spends money and time to make their shops and personal space look so nice it’s because they care about their products.


AtaMe Blogg

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Diamonds and Chains

When I got the offer of chosing something from by Milu Laval the lovely owner AtaMe I TPed faster than the speed of light as I had already spotted this dress on a previous visit and had talked myself out of it.  The reason I talked myself out of it is in the past chain dresses have been such a disappointment but this one is BDG (pretty damned good) in fact this is the best chain and diamond dress I’ve tried.  I’ve put this really close up shot so you can see exactly how good this texturing is right down to the light shading on the skin.  This one is the Eclipse Cocktail dress and right next to it is the Eclipse Gown which is a full and dramatic skirted version of this.  Comes with modesty layers which have 2 choices so you can modify 1 layer to fit your skin but this isn’t a modest shop though, it’s for latex lovers and those who love  statement clothes.

This is a Non Mesh shop so everyone can indulge in a bit of kink whatever viewer they have.

For those on a budget there is the Femdon Hunt going on as it happens this dress almost the hint..just find this dress and cam up and up and you will find a shoe. OOH quick add on here,  I’ve just tried on the Hunt item and you get a generous Mistress outfit and one for both a male and female slave..any takers?

AtaMe (Adult)

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My New BBF

Last year I placed a Dead Nun under Faiths bed this year my newest BBF (zombie girl) stood guard at the head of her bed (until Faith found her and sent her packing back to me).

Love these Bats.  They’re in a rezzer so very prim light and because they’re a lightly luminous grey colour they really stand out.  You can change the amount that are rezzed and the area they cover but best of all even though they make noises it’s not so invasive that the first thing you do is mute them.  Both of these items come from Pondlife who have a special area set up for Halloween items and they’ve done good everything from cauldrons to GHOST FISH! if you have water on your land.  So many really good quality, well textured, reasonably priced and primmed items.   My BBF only cost 79Lds! and the bats 149.

Special mention to the sim that I took this photo on, Bay of  Surreality.  There are a number of shops there so you can combine a mix of shopping with posing like ghoul in the graveyard or loitering on a moody misty shore line.  A lot of effort has gone into making this sim very atmospheric.

Got the hair, got the latex dripped outfit, kick ass shoes and eye scratching claws all I need now is an invite to a Halloween party…hint HINT!!

Not much into Latex myself a very short note came thought to me and as soon as I saw the single picture of  Cursed I had to have it.  250Lds for a great shiny black dripped latex shocking sexy and scary look.  AtaMe is the name of the shop which is a damned fine name because in these clothes people will be looking AtaMe.

Oops almost forgot a manicure.  I’ve had these ni.Ju claws for years and I have never waited till Halloween to wear them.  Sometimes when your dressed up and looking all SL trendy it’s nice to have something that makes people zoom in on you and these claws have never failed.  This is a small shop and it’s PACKED with great stuff.  Lots of piercings and scary things.  These claws are a perfect example.  Only 120 and wear them often.  Bought myself a giant colour changing puddle and it comes with a hud so you can even change the colours and it looks great on my little plot of land.  As I’s tying this I’m stood at the LBs upstairs and not only do they change what the prize is the letters change ever 3 mins so as I’ve been stood here I’ve won quite a few items and indulged in the Gatcha.
Pondlife Halloween

Bay of Surreality (DaeSigns)  Moody sims and shopping experience

AtaMe (Adult)


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11th day wonder

Hell we’ve all had it girls…couldnt be arsed to take off makeup at bedtime …right? Mmhmm…well MOCK has captured that sweetness with a group gift called “day 11 mascara”…join up and nab it from the notices (you’ll find heaps more gifts in there !) Found this nifty frock on the market place by AtaMe for just one Linden dollar! You actually get two of this high shine dress, black & red…simple yet cute..


AtaMe on the market place