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Simple Sunday.(Freebies).

I snagged this oversized jumper, gonna stop calling them “woolies”,  from a shop called M.I.X and once I’d unpacked this  jumper I decided to pop back to La Galleria, see the last post, to pull some poses and show you an example of their home styling.


You only get the 1 size because this oversized mesh jumper will fit most AVs.  What you do get is a reasonable number of colours from cream to black. There are other freebies inc a rather cute top with a bow.  I’m not too keen on this “painted on” look to the texturing BUT I did spot a whole row of adorable coat/dress combos and I did try the demo which I loved but I’m poor so I didn’t buy them but you may want to check out this small shop and the demos for yourself.

Then I did a bit of random sim hopping and came across ASO! & Soothe and of course Freebies.

xxxasosuse A rather random selection.  The drawer is 1 prim and copy and makes a simple decor item, pop some plants in or books.   The “Group Join” & “Flickr” and the other word cubes  are really nice, I don’t know if any of our readers have Groups, or blogs etc but you may know someone who has and they can, I’m going to assume, edit these and put in the link.  The infuser is also simple and cute and although I’m not showing you them, cos I AM NAKED in this picture! there are some ribbon necklaces which I will be keeping even though I try not to keep hold of the smaller more finicky things but these are so pretty and simple they will be a nice addition to a few outfits.  There is also a selection of jewelry which I didn’t open but check out the shoes. Lovely little “flatties” as I call them.  Sorry SLink flat feet needed but I did notice that they come with a resizing menu so you never know you might just be able to adjust them enough.  I’m only showing you 2 of the colours but there is more and when I’m back LM grabbing I’m going to grab all of the rest.

PS I’ve LM and shoe grabbed and now I’m going to have a wander around what looks like a lovely and interesting sim to see if I can find any more goodies.


ASO! & Soothe