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Cool off

Aphrodite Asian shower NEW

The latest round of ON9 is ongoing, Aphrodite have quite a few coolio summer pieces in the event. Thought Id showcase the Asian shower as its so hot today! This is superb, quality wood, tealight candles that switch on and off and handily low in prims. I tried out the single pringle poses then Player showed up and we took a look at the couples menu – verrrrry sweet, I have to say the kissy-poo ones were especially lovely.

Aphrodite shower NEW

Poses in both pieces (they are separate units btw) loved this pose as it looks like I’m refreshing my tootsies and having a chill. There is also a totally fab lounge set and some dim sum foody action ! Head on down and take a peek. Thanks Marina & Jay ❤

ps. Available in PG & Adult.


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The Challenge – Its Asian Baby

The Challenge bauwerk, Jian 9L asian style table & cushions

The theme for this round of The Challenge is Asian, so don’t be surprised to see plenty of sushi and spring rolls ! Seriously totes amazing foody items this round, makes me a happy bunny. Jian has an incredible food set out, platters of Asian treats, VERY low Li and also colour change for the dishes, bottle & glasses. (The mainstore has just opened up – join the group and get your opening gift of candles!) Also in the frame are bauwerk with their beautifully adorned cabinet and assorted deco items, low prim and really on trend. The table I’ve laid the food out on is a bargain from Roots. I found on the market place, just 9L for the whole set, the fabrics have a choice of colours and designs built right in.

The Challenge - Sky box asian theme 10L

I was most impressed with this Asian themed sky box I found on the market place for just 10L. It’s by Zyn and is called “Little Zen Skybox”, only 36 prims in total and you get everything you see in the photo – with the exception of the bamboo plants. (I swapped out the flowers it came with for bamboo – easily done as its modify)

The Challenge - 10L asian style skybox MP

View from the Zen garden at the bottom of the build, raked sand and two benches complete the look.

 22769 bauwerk


Zyn Zen skybox 

Roots table & cushions

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Goth Fair

CandyMetal Goth Fair Gift- FREE mesh dress

Oh Haii!!! A little piece of news today…apparently a Goth Fair has started…I cant tell you very much about it as I havent had time to pop over for a gander…BUT…CandyMetal have this awesome mesh oriental dress there for just 10L ! It comes in all the usual standard sizes…slinkily split up the sides of both legs…and some really pretty butterfly detail on the fabric…whats not to like?! Sounds as if it might be a good event to head too…have fun !

Goth Fair

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Cupcakes & Cuteness

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  pink stripes png

CandyMetal always has such a vast range of styles to tempt you with…and today I’m going both ends of the spectrum. Above is one of the sweater dresses from the

Kawaii Collection…this is the pink stripes one, very delicate baby pink..which I adore…simple design…great for wearing as a dress, long baggy sweater etc..

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  cupcake

I also just loved this one “cupcake”, grey marl shade…sweet print and a perfect fit…whats not to like?!

CandyMetal Ling Dress

Also released this week…and its going from cute to sleek, is this mesh dress “Ling”, oriental flavour..clinging silk, with a fantastic dragon print …slits both sides and WOW..check out the butt detail (NO, I’m not showing mine !) Quite a few colours in this, I just loved the red ! Thanks Emychan ❤

CandyMetal Store