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Its all sushi to me

The Challenge - Cleo Designs NEW

Cleo Design is in this round of The Challenge, and has a fantastic set for you to try. The cabinets come on a few colours, I was dithering between the traditional black lacquer or the gorgeous green to be honest. Theres a tea set, a stunning bright red parasol for décor and of course – food !

The Challenge - Asian theme Cleo Design

The table and chairs are really beautifully done, poses are just right for the furniture, eating, drinking , chatting etc.  You can just see the screen on the right hand side and also the floor standing lamp which turns on and off.

The Challenge - Asian theme Home 10L

I set all of Cleo designs items up in this rather opulent Asian themed house I found on the Market place – for just $1L ! Mmmhhmmm a single Linden and its all yours, hanging lanterns and all. The whole home is 108 prims, but its huge space for that with interior rooms, sliding doors and the fabulous shaped roof.

Cleo Design

Dollarbie  Tea house

The Challenge Blog

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The Challenge – Its Asian Baby

The Challenge bauwerk, Jian 9L asian style table & cushions

The theme for this round of The Challenge is Asian, so don’t be surprised to see plenty of sushi and spring rolls ! Seriously totes amazing foody items this round, makes me a happy bunny. Jian has an incredible food set out, platters of Asian treats, VERY low Li and also colour change for the dishes, bottle & glasses. (The mainstore has just opened up – join the group and get your opening gift of candles!) Also in the frame are bauwerk with their beautifully adorned cabinet and assorted deco items, low prim and really on trend. The table I’ve laid the food out on is a bargain from Roots. I found on the market place, just 9L for the whole set, the fabrics have a choice of colours and designs built right in.

The Challenge - Sky box asian theme 10L

I was most impressed with this Asian themed sky box I found on the market place for just 10L. It’s by Zyn and is called “Little Zen Skybox”, only 36 prims in total and you get everything you see in the photo – with the exception of the bamboo plants. (I swapped out the flowers it came with for bamboo – easily done as its modify)

The Challenge - 10L asian style skybox MP

View from the Zen garden at the bottom of the build, raked sand and two benches complete the look.

 22769 bauwerk


Zyn Zen skybox 

Roots table & cushions