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Go for this.(Freebies).

Simple post because it’s been such a long day, I’m hot and bothered, my feet hurt and I want my DINNER! because I’m HANGRY! (chicken salad sammie made with good quality and delish bread).

I’ve actually already had a couple of this newer style of romper but I don’t think I’ve blogged any of them because they were ok but just that however, this lovely creamy/lacy one is deffo blog worthy.  OK, I have played with the background but I CAN DO THAT! (remember I’m “hangry” LOL) but if you do go get this from Ashmoot then I think you too will really like it.

Although you have to go to the Ashmoot shop you will have to join the “Fab Free” to snag and if you don’t want this one there are some other GG’s waiting for you for different but also free groups and I know I’ve shown you one of the dresses before.

PS.  All the sizes inc non-mesh bod ones.


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ReFRESHed. (NEW Freebies n cheapies).

Just as I was TPing old LMs 2 notices came out and they were way too good to ignore so I and every other Cheap B* TPed over and elbowed each other outta the way till we scored.

First was the Belle Epoque shop which not only has a big 40%  sale going but for a measly 10Lds group joining fee, you can score this cute wearable airplane.  If you’re not into wearables then there is a super cute bathing suit and the only reason I’ve not shown it to you before  is because it’s not for a SLink body and I do believe it only came in the one size and I just couldn’t get it to cover my bits and so I ignored it but if you do join the Belle Epoque group you may as well grab it with the other Gifts and try it for yourself.

For another 10Lds you can also join the Teleport Hub group and in the Belle Epoque shop, they have this for their group members.

A stunning umbrella which comes with a gorgeous 15 textured packed hud it’s so lovely.  Again to grab this you have to join the Teleport Hub group for 10Lds but the invite and gift are right there with the Belle Epoque ones.

Now for free is this dress and it comes from a completely different shop but I swear I saw the same Cheap B*s as the ones from Belle Epoque LOL like me they must have snagged the Belle gifts then TPed over for the New Ashmoot gift.

The dress is just one of the gifts from Ashmoot but it’s the only one I grabbed.

It’s slashed and draped at the sides, comes in all standard and mesh body fits and it’s super textured. There are other gifts but this is the one I liked best but check the rest out for yourself.

PS if the LM doesn’t take you right to the Group Gifts just have a wander they’re not far from one of the shop entrances and you should find them pretty easily.


Belle Epoque


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Just a Kiss(Freebie).

At last we have a semi decent Spring day in the UK so I’m doing all the outdoorsy stuff I need to be doing ie washing on the line, watering the plants in the greenhouse, sweeping up the decking and all that good stuff BUT I still had time to pop inworld and take a quick pic.


The dress is a GG from Ashmoot, a sweet floral dress with that dramatic uplifted skirt.

PS Now I’m inworld LM grabbing I’ve just noticed that Ashmoot is also doing a few hunts, The Camping Trip Hunt (over today), Night and Day Hunt and The Vintage Hunt so if you have more time than me check em out.

I’m back off to my garden now and fingers crossed I actually get some time to sit in the sun with my Kindle, have a good day everyone and remember it’s FRIDAY and the weekend is just around the corner.


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The Promenade for a rainy day


The Promenade Ashmoot gacha

Ohhhh just one more post showing items from The Promenade gacha event – these items from Ashmoot caught my eye ! Yes yes yes system layers *faints* with added applier action for those of you with boobies & butts ! I just adore this sweet little blouse, its got lovely texturing and it will be a keeper for me for sure. The brown woolie leggings are super nice , there’s also some cheeky lace shorts too have a go at winning too. However, its the furry “Dolly” jacket that’s a rare win – that I would just have to own ! The boots are also in the mix, not for slink feet so ever so easy to slip on, great fit and no need to fiddle about with them – yay!

The Promenade - B!ASTA Autumn Treasures

I also just wanted to share another jewellery set from the B!ASTA gacha machine, its called Autumn Treasures and I’m wearing the necklace and earrings, love !

 The Promenade – opens TODAY !