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ArisAris hunt gft_001

Coupla things to share today…A new hunt has begun..cant seem to find a blog for it, however I do know ArisAris has this cheeky little number out as their prize . Lovely details on the skirt with its patched pocket….halter necked top….all you have to do is find a little pink logo “AMQS”, they can be any get your huntin goggles on !


If you’re into the Lola breast craze artMEfashion has released a new selection of really delicious camisoles for them, called ” peeky”…you get the camisole top and also two tones of a bra to wear underneath..or not if you’re feeling brave. You don’t HAVE to have Lola boobs to wear them…Im not wearing mine above and its a pretty little thing !


While I was at artMEfashion , I noticed a gift out for Valentines day, it’s this delicate dress above. Mostly sculpted so you might need to adjust parts a little. I found that if you don’t wear the leg frill pieces its much easier to avoid any breakthrough when you walk…just a thought ! Beautiful peachy pink tone..and a choice of the skirt with or without the flowers…Very feminine …

artMEfashion (these items are not at the main store but at the  B(o)(o)biealert event)


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artME baby

Christmas always catches me out…I’m never prepared…I scoff at those who shop in July…then wish I was them come November ! Sooo in an attempt to activate myself in real life…my SecondLife is getting organised *bugeyes*…so all things Chrismassy…heres the latest hot off the press dresses for the festive season. I showed some garments from artMEfashion hmm last yearI think, very unique designs, good quality, and no messing about with prims it all just fits yay! Above Im wearing the artMEfashion “xmas gown 2011” very traditional print on the fabric and exquisitely put together..I especially loved the gloves, great texturing on them for a realistic appearance…

Next up a shorter version of the gown…sweet, endearing with all the fab details of the full length one..

You can also snap up a super accessory pack  for just 300L containing all the jewelry you could possibly need plussss the shoooz! (two versions by golly) I adore the necklace…and not being an earing kinda gal..I was surprised that I totally fell in love with those also!

Last dress of this collection is the “Empire”, it also happens to be my favourite…simple but sooo feminine…you have two choices of over skirt, white or red…it reminds me very much of a dress I had as a child (with less bodice exposed obviouslyyyyy) Easy to wear…and the shoes look terrific with it..(they come in a white version too)

Has to show off the shoes…glorious huh? The dresses start at 400L up to 500L…on the counter are three free gifts for you to collect also …thanks Moonstone !

All dresses & accesories : artMEfashion