Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz

Artman Designs, Inworldz

Greetings! Drivin Sideways here, your Pure Eggs ‘N Spam foreign correspondent.


It is time to spill my secret. I can no longer keep quiet. Friends, all of you … Second Life … you’re not my only grid. There are other grids in my life. I’m not ashamed, I am proud! Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t love you – what we have is dear to my heart. But I love the other places too, and there is plenty of love in this big ol’ avatar for all of you.

I’ve been enjoying citizenship on multiple grids, and my favorite of them is Inworldz. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few handsome items that designer Artman Xue is graciously giving away at Artman Designs’ keystone location in the region Vulcan.

First we have the Khaki slacks in white, Simplicity blue stripe shirt, and “Black Converse” shoes, all free in the Menswear department upstairs.
DS @ Artman Designs 1

While you are there I recommend that you say “Hi” to Artman himself if he is around. You won’t find a more personable or helpful designer on any grid.

Next is my favorite: The Renegade Leather jacket, also free, shown here with The Xue Edition Double-belted Pant in black (not free). The Renegade has crisp photo-sourced textures and includes a leather jacket, goldenrod button-up shirt and white tee all on the jacket layer. You’ll find this in the Artman Gift Box by each door upstairs. Damn, WHY do my eyes always seem to close for the flash??

DS @ Artman Designs 2

Artman Designs is two full floors of clothing & shoes for men and women. Clothing layers are Mod/Copy/No Xfer and the free shoes are Copy only. You can see these items and the entire Artman Designs’ line in Inworldz @ Vulcan 77, 105, 32

Happy exploring! – Drivin