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My Treat.(Freebie).

Sadly the gift at Kopi hasn’t changed in years, happily it’s a good now as the first day it was set out for us.

Because this free for all gift is in an odd place, up on the wall, I thought I’d take a picture showing you it and the backpack.

One click and a resizer menu pos up so I was able to make it fit my AV better. Rezzed, at this reduced size, it was 13 prims so you could if you wanted to make it an item of decor.

The Kopi range is just so detailed. You can see in the distance a set of shelves/hanging space which I have always wanted but it’s definitely full of masculine clothing as I’d have bought it and used it in my home.

The one thing I’m going to treat myself to is a stunning artist set. The detailing is outstanding and so are the lack of prims. If you want to check it out then it’s in the other side of the shop. So once I’ve reduced my invent and gone through all my arty stuff I’m going to reward myself with that artist suitcase/easel set.

PS. Take a walk up those stairs for some very interesting Gacha’s and in fact I think the whole sim is full of interesting randomness.


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Paint your cares away

Awww lovely new painting set is out by Chez Moi at the latest round of Cosmopolitan. If you touch the canvas you get a choice of what you’re painting – of course I chose “Lavender” as I happen to be stood right in front of our lavender field. You can sit and ponder, sit and paint or stand and paint.  Props to steal the scene rez directly in your hands – tadah. The decor trolley is So low prim its amazing! $200L for the complete set.



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Arty in the garden (50% discount & $10 cardigan)

Lunar seasonal design Perfect ten - cardigan & tube top $10L !

In the latest round of Perfect Ten you will find this brilliant art set up from Lunar Seasonal Designs. So whats different from all those other artists easels ? Wellll you can actually real-time paint the picture (choice of loads via the menu) and you actually use the paints on the table to do it ! It’s the most realistic experience, I love it ! You cna also change the colour of the easel and the table andddd the frame of the picture you’re painting.

Lunar Seasonal Designs detail

Options for paint splatters on the floor or newspaper too – it’s really a lot of fun. Ohhhh when you’re done, you can take the picture and keep it – nice touch huh? In the pack youll find another version for children. Lunar Seasonal Designs has a few other pieces in this round that are all related to this set – go take a peek. Almost forgot to say, if you purchase at the event you get a whopping 50% discount.

Lunar seasonal design Perfect ten - cardigan & tub e top $10L!

I was looking for an Artists frock to do my painting in but then got distracted by this beautiful cardigan & tube top for just $10L. Rather bohemian and shabby chic looking just right for getting all creative. For your $10L you get all the standard mesh sizes, plus ones for physique, maitreya,belleza and Venus, it’s an all in one piece so need for fussing about with layers. This is by TBO (The Beautiful Ones) and I did scope out their inworld store (if you get the item inworld it’ll cost $25L!), lots of pretties!

TBO cardigan market place $10L

Lunar Seasonal Designs @Perfect Ten

Perfect Ten blog


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Be Snappy!

Argh I was having so much fun with this paint set I almost missed out that for only 48 hours this is on special offer on the Marketplace for only 99Lds and I have a sneaky suspicion that 48 hours is up tomorrow.


I’m going to be really cheeky and show you just some of the places I rezzed this desk sized painting set.sketcy

I recognise water-colour paints, personally I use oils mainly because I can slap it on with a palette knife and if anyone questions my artistic abilities I can use the same palette knife on them!


Although none of these pictures were taken on my sim when I get back inworld I’m going to rezz a copy on 2 little decks I have.  If you want a full sized easel and all the items you need to bring out your creativity then there is some amazing full sized kits.  If you want to check this all out before you buy then you can see them inworld as well BUT the special offer price is only on the Marketplace and only for this desk top version.


Whilst I was LM grabbing I of course checked out any new Group Gift and I’m pretty sure the coffee and Oreo tray set is new or at least new to me, this isn’t a free to join group but the 50lds is simply a token price and the Wall of GG’s pays that back in full.  I will try to take a piccie of that tray  but I wanted to get these Easels posted first before the special offer is over.

Also plenty of Dollarbies and 10Lds offers on the Marketplace as well.

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Crafty Super Bargain Saturday

o.O I just love arty items ! Argyle Anonymous has this adorbs “paint table” out today only for super bargain Saturday …it’s so beautifully finished, real shabby chic…you can change the colour & pattern of the curtains..there are sitting poses on the gorjuss stool as well as the one I chose to sit and splash the paint with..grab a brush from the pot, wear it and off you go…its all copyable too yay! Tres sweet…thanks swanners xx

Get painting: Argyle Anonymous

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Go Dutch

I had a little gift plop into my inventory today from Dutchie…its an artists easel,stool, and a table with little pots of brushes & tube of paint…lovely animation and a brush to wear..seriously one of my favourite summer gifts…join the subscribo and pop over to make it yours.the usual to buy price is actually over 500L  this is a sooper generous pressie…have a wander while you’re there,it’s a vast place and there’s oooodles of pretties to see..thank you Dutchie!

Go get arty: Dutchie