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Sunny days and Rain clouds

Bubblez Framed collage - musical ! and animated !

Something a little different from Bubblez today, and its something that I now have installed in my SL bedroom. This framed picture is animated and musical ! Just touch the little black cat and select a tune from the two available, or choose the sound of rain softly falling. It’s quite a large piece but you do have the option to resize it – I kept mine big and it sits beautifully on my bedroom wall, a real talking point and the lullaby music is very peaceful. Thanks milo ❤


Bubblez Blog

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The Challenge Goes kitsch !

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_008

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this round of The Challenge, as its Kitsch and gawd I lurve that. I even had to log in from work to see a package that had arrived from [Breno] ! (YES I get that excited) Was sooper chuffed to see that it was a Marilyn inspired item – retro! Imagine this in a room, focal point, glossy lips, ciggy hanging out – LOVE it. Uber low prim, coming in at 2Li, naturally I had to squeeze in shot…

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_004

…as I wanted to show off a coupla things Id recently bought and had given for review. Lust after my boooots , mmhmm my first purchase since getting the Slink high feet at Shoetopia. These are the demi boots by Slink, come in a range of colours (the donation colour being OMG pink squeee) Superb styling and just what I was hoping to find for Winter. My skirt is an older release from coldLogic, such a classic little piece, tight fitting mesh skirt, perfect length, called “page” and available in a heap of other shades. The short sleeved sweater top is a new release from Somnia, there is a light and dark pack “swanky shell” is the name and this is the grey from the lighter pack. Somnia is always such brilliant value so go check it out.

MOCK Golden twilight Winterberry makeover

I also must do a big fat shout out to Mock Cosmetics. I such a rubbish blogger and rarely mention everyyyything I’m wearing. Mock has saved me an absolute fortune in skins to be honest. I buy her makeovers mostly : because I’m a) lazy b) they rock. A makeover usually changes lips,eyes and sometimes cheeks. You wear it as a tattoo layer, et voila – totally different look for the skin you’re wearing!

MOCK Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover

You can also get lips creams, glosses, eye liners, blush and more ! The changes to your face can be subtle or dramatic, depends what you fancy and SO affordable. I usually go for a very natural new skin these days, as I know I can vamp it up with my makeup layers. I treated myself to two new “makeovers” yesterday, 1st photo is Golden twilight Winterberry, I also added a very light slick of Smolder crema lip colour, 2nd photo is a makeover called  Iron & Fire Sahne – now both of these are fairly low-key, which is what I wanted, but there are heavier looks available also, most of which I do own !

[Breno] (The Challenge item not for sale until the 1st of December)

Slink @ Shoetopia



Mock Cosmetics

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Its all about Art really

red morning - the grey november  gallery - Rodriguez Munro

I was looking for a rainy spot in Second Life to take some photos and I came across a gallery…yeah I know right? Few and far between these days in world. I was curious and wandered inside, and I found some utterly gorgeous original art work. The gallery is called “grey november” and it’s a real treat if you like some added realism on your artwork. All the pieces are made from real life photographs that the artist Rodriguez Munro has taken around his home town. Then they have been worked on, and had special effects added such as gently moving fog, slow swirling mist, rain etc. Of course I’ve seen animated photos in Second Life many times before, but this is different. Its subtle, you don’t look at it and the effects assault your eyes , the effects draw you into the landscape gently…its really beautifully done. I bought the framed print you see above “red morning”…and its hanging in my SL lounge. I keep finding myself staring at it, it’s very relaxing actually .

This photo was inspired by a poem “in the mists” written by H. Hesse :

Wondrous to wander through mists! Parted are bush and stone: None to the other exists, Each stands alone.

Many my friends came calling then, when I lived in the light; Now that the fogs are falling, None is in sight.

Truly, only the sages Fathom the darkness to fall, Which, as silent as cages, Separates all.

Strange to walk in the mists! Life has to solitude grown. None for the other exists: Each is alone.

Pay a visit and see the photos for yourself, its a lovely place .

grey november gallery

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Burn Baby Burn – YES ! Burn2 is open

Its that time of year…when my thoughts turn to burning things, community, fun and art…bet youre wondering why hmm? Well if youre new’ish to Second Life you might not have come across the annual “Burn” Festival event…and boy-oh-boy, youre in for SUCH  a treat!

How did this begin?

(all info gathered from the Burn2 blog here)

In 1999, Philip Linden went to Burning Man, and came back with new ideas for the virtual world he was planning. Among them was the idea that humans abhor a blank canvas and will compulsively create form to fill void. They will provide their own content and entertainment and create a whole city (or world) when they are given permission and tools to do so.

Humans will naturally form community when physical and emotional conditions are harsh and they are wrenched out of their usual comfort zone. Humans are resourceful. The fewer the tools that are available, the more creative and amusing are their solutions to problems of food, shelter, transportation, art, leisure and identity.

What happens at the real life Burning Man is quite phenomenal. This real-world city of 50,000, built entirely by its citizens, is 100 miles from the nearest source of supplies. Yet it has roads, street signs, an FAA-approved airport, a power grid, a hospital, huge public plazas, street lights, processions, rituals and spectacles. It has fabulous fashions, ridiculous situations and artworks so raw they are literally dangerous.

“No Spectators” is a common meme and in fact, passive consumption of amusement is pretty difficult in a Survival Camping environment such as this. You must bring with you everything you need to survive, since nothing is for sale and exchange of money is forbidden in Black Rock City.

Water, shelter, food— the hot tub, the 3-storey duck-shaped nightclub you designed, the fabulous sequined cocktail dress, the personal flame thrower— you need to bring it all with you! And people do. Many camps roll onto the playa with fully loaded 16-wheelers and hundreds of camp-mates anxious to get to work building their vision.

BUT – It’s all temporary. At the end of a week, much of the artwork is burned, and every last speck of what was brought there is taken away again, down to the last sequin, Leaving No Trace of the city that was just there. When the winter rains come, even the footprints will vanish.

Till next year….

Why do we do it in Second Life?

For the same reason people do Burning Man. To learn and grow. And to form a community that values creative learning and growing.

The temporal nature of it is vital to having immediate and unmediated experience, and the DIY aesthetic meshes perfectly with Second Life’s riot of user-created content. When Philip Linden put the tools of creation into the hands of Residents, he set up the same level playing field that energizes Burning Man.

Everyone contributes. Nobody is special, and everyone is a star!  So get involved. It doesn’t even matter how much you know about Second Life.

If you are not a great builder– this is the place to experiment and learn from others.

If you don’t know anyone in Second Life yet, you will. If you are a veteran of Second Life and you crave a little good-old-fashioned creative chaos, come on out.

BURN2 will be exactly what each of us put into it.

Thats really a brief history of Burn2 real life & Second Life…I suggest you visit the web blog also to read more. HERE  Info on the artists and also a schedule of events, there are some really special traditions that you shouldnt miss ! I had the pleasure of a press pass this year so took the chance to wander around before it opens…I was totally blown away by the spectacle…the builds are incredible…many are interactive so you can ride, play on them etc..

and all over are some fun freebies to pick up to make your visit just that little more special…I got some nifty tee’s, wearable flames, fire wings and more ! Totally loving the Republik sound stage…look out for live events during this week…and thanks to Amanda Shinji for flicking the power on so I could see the lighting

I must have walked for at least an hour and still didn’t see everything, there are six sims to cover…and ohmaiiii SO much going on around you..its kinda jaw dropping to be honest…

The theme this year is Fertility…here Iam sowing some seeds whilst wearing my flashing brain that I was given at this location ! I also took time out to worship at a goddess of fertility statue thinger…I think I will try to pop over for an hour ro so each day…the event runs from the 20th – 28th of October…plenty of time to explore and sightsee….



How about coffee & Culture?

I’ve been confined to bed for a couple of days (yayaya poor me huh) and it was super exciting upon my return to Second Life to find an invite to a gallery opening for today! Lola Lykin has opened her “Muse Gallery & Coffee Shop” this afternoon…and I went along to find out all about it.  I was thrilled to see a gallery opening, so many seem to be closing lately, which is a great shame…havent been to a gallery in Second Life yet? I suggest you pop along to this one, its friendly,welcoming and has beautiful areas to relax in..a bar to prop up…and of course..the art.

My best friend Giasone Catteneo came along with me, of course we found the chill area irresistible after we had perused the prettiness and flopped for a few…Lola has displayed some of her favourite erotic pieces, photos & drawings,very varied. There were two I just fell in love with and so wanted to take home..see if you can find the ballerina sketch…its just gorgeous.

Caught up with Lola before I left by the bar (naturally !)…she tells me that the collection will change occasionally…I shall certainly visit again. Thanks Lola for the invitation !

Go get arty: The Muse Gallery & coffee shop