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Curated Art Event – Love it!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso

picture event 2

Since I saw this event advertised I’ve been meaning to check it out. Had a little spare time last night and finally managed to get around and take a peek. W-O-W such a great collection of galleries and stores and art. I just couldn’t resist this framed piece by Pippin Long Gallery called “Lush”. The colours just looked so fragile against the strong female image…I had to buy it. The price was $200L which is a huge reduction on the usual prices for this store. Its also mod & copy – so I fiddled around to get just the right size for my desired position.

Picture event 1

Its kinda hard to find a place to hang anything in a circular home. I finally settled on a niche above the fireplace – so pleased with how it centralises the living area. It makes me think ahead to spring and warmer times. This piece might not to to your taste but take a look at the event there is a lovely variety of genres and styles.

Curated Art Event Gallery

Pippin Long Gallery

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Changing of Colours Hunt

Cant believe I’ve had time this morning to do a hunt – dead chuffed with my prizes too. You’re looking for a small Autumnal leaf btw. Found this little sweater dress from Ari-Pari , with a hud for eight colour choices included.

I was super pleased to find the prizes at Evergreen (formerly Lunar Seasonal Designs) and The Artists Shed. Left is the Evergreen frames – what you cant see is that the leaves actually move and fall, its just so beautiful. You can alter the textures every part of this piece from the frame, the branches, leaves and also the speed of the falling! 2Li to boot! The shelf is from the Artist Shed , very rustic and pretty – 6Li

Last up I found the gift from Wiccan Wears – not my cup of tea but very nice. Includes a hud with four texture choices for the upper section.

Links to gallery, hints and all participating stores

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Art for Free

I came across this store & Gallery from The Stay At Home Club offers. At the time the large print “Breathe” was the gift, its the lower print – and it is now proudly hung in my SL bathroom. This appears to have now been replaced by the print “Passage Home”, which is equally as beautiful. Bellissa Dion is the owner of the store / gallery, interesting note card about her at the entrance. The pictures are all taken by her within Second Life. They have a dreamy and relaxing feel to all of them, beautiful. (1Li each)

The latest stay at home gift out is the matching manicure ! You can wear her art as well as look at it – how cool.

I did treat myself to an mani & pedi set while I was there – just $75L for the two together. This one is called “childs play” lots of pinks and purples – yum ❤

Montage Gallery

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From Fail to Fabulous.(Freebies).

Over at Whimsey, there are 3 hunts going on and out of the 3 items, I only found the 1 even though easy hints are given!

I can’t agree more with the sentiment of the words in the framed picture.  You get these 2 things together and the picture is 2 prims and that lovely table is just 3 and yup you know exactly what I did.

Pulled it apart.  Seriously pleased because each different component is so shop quality.  I nestled the candles into the box just to show that you can put things in it, can you see the box even has handles?  That lovely fabric could be used to tart up an old table or just use as without a base or again just remove the candles and you have a lovely coffee table etc.  I never know if it’s deliberate or accidental when a shop allows their products to be mod but then again how many of us think about editing things more than just making them smaller or bigger.

This isn’t a massive shop and as I said there are hints available, on the wall outside of the door.  There are also some nice decor group gifts and although it costs 50Lds to join you get that back.

I didn’t buy anything but that was mainly because I spent all my Lindens at another shop (Lode if you want to know as I am ADDICTED to that shop) but there are some sweet decor items in this shop but I’m definitely heading back to hunt down those other freebies.

UPDATE, Ooo I didn’t spot that there is also a lot of items outside as well so I’m going to click “Publish” now and go hunting.

UPDATE on the “update” so I went wandering outside and realised that this is a whole sim of home/garden/winter/autumn/Christmas temptation and yes I caved in and bought some Lindens and some decor items.  There is also a sim wide hunt going on and what you’re looking for is a pale pumpkin priced at 50Lds BUT each pumpkin contains an item which is worth 250Lds and the temptation is killing me so I quickly logged out.

Home Wimsey/Dreamscapes Art Gallery

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Works of Art.(Freebie n Dollarbie).

As soon as I get an update note from Loordes of London I always read it because I love the clothes and shoes and often they’re on at special events and even more importantly at special prices.  As it happens the lady who owns Loorde’s has a RL sister who owns Storax Tree and her shop is packed with home and garden items and like her Sis, she too has a lot of offers/discounts etc on offer which leads me to this painting.

The reason I had to get this is because when I set up my new home (Hardwick House)  I need big and bold art work so this with its illuminating light just hits the spot, geddit? LOL.  The painting and light are linked and still come to just 2 prims.

This is the size it rezzes at but I spotted that there is a resizer script so I’m gonna guess you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the size of your home.  Although this is a “Hunt” prize you don’t actually have to hunt for it as the LM takes you to a room where all the events and hunts that are going on are on the wall for you to see, so just find the poster for the “Masters of Style” hunt and buy it for a single Ld.

For those who want something a bit more modern then you might just have spotted the star shaped light at the top of the picture.

This is a new gift from a shop called Goose but this is the SL frees & offers(sic) free group gift.  A simple 1 prim star wall light, or just have it floating around your home and sim.

There is a lovely GG set out for the Goose group members and that’s only 50Lds to join so check that out.  I only scanned the note that was sent out but the long and short of it is that the person who owns Goose has been busy in RL but is now back and getting Goose back up to speed.  Goose is yet another Home and Garden shop packed with delightful stuff for your SL home.

Sorry, I am a bit vague with shop/designers names in this post but time is short.


Storax Tree (Hunts and Events Room)


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Have you been yet? (Freebies).

I must be honest since most of the notices about this event,Indie Teepee, were aimed towards the live performances,art, poetry etc and because I’m a little SL wallflower, ok an unsociable biatch, I didn’t pay it much attention which would have been a damned shame as it’s packed with not just FREEBIES but so much bloddy temptation and you know it takes a lot to tempt me.


This as you can see is a stunning sim/windlight setting and as soon as you TP in when you’re greeted with this you know you’re in for a treat.  At the landing point there is a sign for you to click to grab a Hud which allows you easy TP to all the different areas plus a small package of gifts.


Thats me just taking a break in one of the performance tents.  BTW The shoes are from my last post but I didn’t do a picture of them and of course so are the shorts which as I said look great teamed up with other items from your invent.

OK now for the Freebies or rather not because a lot of the stalls have little brown crates on them and of course I snagged as much as I could see and I also treated myself to some lovely Gacha prizes but in all honesty way too many items to be able to show you and since this event is closed on the 24th of this month you still have plenty of time to go grab but I don’t want to delay this post just to take more piccies.

Plus think of all the lovely surprises you will have.

However if you’re not wanting to cave in and spend Lindens then don’t go.  As a hardened miser I’ve got my eye on 2 items which do come with a hefty price tag but OMG they’re soooooo good, the designers well deserve the Lindens for such quality work.  My only problem wasn’t the price tag but the thought of “would I really use them” so before I clicked and bought and then had buyers remorse for yet another item to be buried in my invent I decided to log off and have a think about it.

PS Forgot to say that there is everything from shoes to poses, horns to homes so something for everyone.

Indie Teepee

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Be Snappy!

Argh I was having so much fun with this paint set I almost missed out that for only 48 hours this is on special offer on the Marketplace for only 99Lds and I have a sneaky suspicion that 48 hours is up tomorrow.


I’m going to be really cheeky and show you just some of the places I rezzed this desk sized painting set.sketcy

I recognise water-colour paints, personally I use oils mainly because I can slap it on with a palette knife and if anyone questions my artistic abilities I can use the same palette knife on them!


Although none of these pictures were taken on my sim when I get back inworld I’m going to rezz a copy on 2 little decks I have.  If you want a full sized easel and all the items you need to bring out your creativity then there is some amazing full sized kits.  If you want to check this all out before you buy then you can see them inworld as well BUT the special offer price is only on the Marketplace and only for this desk top version.


Whilst I was LM grabbing I of course checked out any new Group Gift and I’m pretty sure the coffee and Oreo tray set is new or at least new to me, this isn’t a free to join group but the 50lds is simply a token price and the Wall of GG’s pays that back in full.  I will try to take a piccie of that tray  but I wanted to get these Easels posted first before the special offer is over.

Also plenty of Dollarbies and 10Lds offers on the Marketplace as well.

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