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I knew it! I knew there were freebies at the Shiny Shabby Event and I popped over to have one last scout around and I found them.


You will have to join the group to grab but I’ve shown you where they are and I’m hoping the LM takes you near to it, it should do.

For some reason I couldn’t seem to grab that sofa and chair you see on the ground which is a shame as they seem to be pretty darn good.  What I did manage to get was the poncho, hair, boots and stuffed animal.


Obviously I’m not showing you the boots but not only are they unisexed but editable so I easily shrank them to fit my little tootsies.  The poncho is just a handy addition to any invent, it doesn’t come with an Alpha layer but that is no biggie as any cardie/sweater layer will do.  The stuffed animal is so cute and in a hessian texturing but in all honesty the hair is a winner for me.  The minute I popped it on the first thing I though was “great hat hair” and I tried on quite a few of my hats and yes a lot of them do fit over this hair but not all and sadly the hair can’t be edited for those which don’t fit but I’m still grateful to have a hair in my invent which I can use when wearing a hat.

Shiny Shabby



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Missed it.


Even Glow has some new FREENESS out and of course I zipped over to grab it.  This dress is in Petrol blue, which is why I’m posing in my garage.  A lovely light sheen to it, plenty of folds and a great choice of sizes.


I’ve had this thing stood here for several months now and I’ve only just realise that it will actually give you a can of soda!  The skirt is the freebie, salmon coloured, light sheen and the thin leather belt a lovely touch.

fruit loop

Fruit Loop is the name of the skirt and it’s definitely a reblog and certainly worth a reblog as even in the colder months teamed with leggings, socks etc just as wearable.  Actually there is a new skirt there as well but in my excitement to grab the new freebies I grabbed 2 of the salmon coloured skirt and missed a rather good blue, dotty, zippered skirt.  You will find the ones, and more GG’s or Discounted items, just inside the entrance and the new great skirt behind the desk.

Even Flow

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I’m not going to be buying anything from the latest big mens sale at AMD (Apple May Design) since I basically already have a big folder of everything from here in any case.  Although I’m pretty sure the open shirts is new to me but when I have more free time I’ll do an inventory check to see and if I don’t have it then that one is definitely one for me to buy.


This top, and I have the same one in all the shades, and the trousers come from AMD and there is an excellent pair of mens PJ bottoms and best of all everything for a limited time is only 50Lds.

When you land turn right around from the main shop and you will then be facing the mens shop.

PS of course I went and grabbed the unzipped eyeball tattoo.

 Apple May Design (AMD)


How about coffee & Culture?

I’ve been confined to bed for a couple of days (yayaya poor me huh) and it was super exciting upon my return to Second Life to find an invite to a gallery opening for today! Lola Lykin has opened her “Muse Gallery & Coffee Shop” this afternoon…and I went along to find out all about it.  I was thrilled to see a gallery opening, so many seem to be closing lately, which is a great shame…havent been to a gallery in Second Life yet? I suggest you pop along to this one, its friendly,welcoming and has beautiful areas to relax in..a bar to prop up…and of course..the art.

My best friend Giasone Catteneo came along with me, of course we found the chill area irresistible after we had perused the prettiness and flopped for a few…Lola has displayed some of her favourite erotic pieces, photos & drawings,very varied. There were two I just fell in love with and so wanted to take home..see if you can find the ballerina sketch…its just gorgeous.

Caught up with Lola before I left by the bar (naturally !)…she tells me that the collection will change occasionally…I shall certainly visit again. Thanks Lola for the invitation !

Go get arty: The Muse Gallery & coffee shop