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Liars! (freebies, cheapies, hunties)

They said that this was going to be a glorious warm weekend with oodles of sunshine and they LIED and the only “sun” I have seen today is the sun balloon I’m holding in this picture.


Any how I did some MP and SL Mooching and found some really sweet and simple mesh dresses. They’re only available on Mag<3.B. marketplace shop for a special price of 30Lds and for that small price you get a total of 4 shades, black, pink, blue and yellow, and in the standard mesh sizes.  Make sure you check out the shop as she has oodles of items at rock bottom prices and if I had to be honest there is another fat pack of simple summer dresses for the same price and if I had seen them first I would have grabbed them first.  So lots of bargain boots, dresses, tops etc.

shoesuseOK sorry but this is probably one of my worst pictures, I’m rotten at shoe shots and even worse at trying to catch the glassiness of this shoe so I fiddled with windlight.  Non SLink and doesn’t even come with a hud since this is a glass slipper effect.  I’m not sure how Tinka Bondar  makes any money in her shop because she is so generous with her hunt items.  I counted 26 and thats not all of them and this is only a small shop.  Packed with ballet shoes and some poses and of course all the hunt items.  Most of which are either dollarbies or in this case for these The Big Day Hunt shoes, free. OH and you get 3 crystal shades in the pack.

Mag<3.B Marketplace

Isis Boutique

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Dance of the sugah plum Pug


Ohhh hullo ! I’ve got your winter boot dilemma all sewn up for you – hooray moi! The longgg awaited “Pugs” are on sale…but but BUT ! There is also a fancy smancy spessshal Chrismassy pair on sale too *gasp* and yes yes I’ve got them *wriggglewrigggle*. Whats more..they are at a verrrrry good price..but only for this set called *Hollyday Pugs* at the Nanan ~ League of Christmas event…99L ooot ooot…

They have all the gadgets of the full blown version, with seven different textures to play with…and all the endearing little details…such as the teeny little Pug face on the label..and also a pair of norty snow- bunnies on the front how roood ! Super easy to wear…and you get a bigggg selection of sizes in the box which you can also resize…

Also at the fair is this sooper cute chunky sweater…fahhhbulous baggy old sleeves…with the bouncy snow bunies emblazened across the loook! I caught a snowflake on my tongue awww….

Heres a close up of the Pugs…in my fav Gold version…check out the woolly cuff and snowbunniesssss, make sure you read the info note when you getttum..specially the care notes VERY important below…

 “Hand wash warm
with mild detergent,
air dry
65% Pleather Pixels
17.5% Cotton Pixels
12.5% Rubber Pixels
5% Spandex Pixels
Made in Zafrira –

 thanks Swanners xx

Pug boots & Sweater : nanan League of Christmas event

Blue sweater photo 2: Argyle Anonymous main store

Poses: adorkable  (POEH gift!) & Juxtapose

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Angel’s wings and puppy dog tails…

I have newness and a sneaky peeek for you…CandyMetal have some fantabulousss tshirts out in an array of scrummy wintery shades called “Angela”…in each colour pack you get  two styles, long or short sleeves…and a natty little set of wings printed on the back (dainty not HUGE !) I just adore this golden syrupy yellow tone..made me feel all cozy-bargain price of just 99L …. Slipped it on over some Jane fuzzy piggies tights in cream and added my bargain 20L skirt from Tres Beau- voila! The hat with hair is actually a freebie from Exile…the woolly knitted cap has colour change and you get simply squoooodles of colours & patterns, it comes in an *everything* sooper dooper fat pack of hair shades ! Noticed my booooots yet hmmm? *squeeeee* I have waited SO long for these…now they are on my trotters and I’m not takin them off…everrr! Called “Pugs”…and and and ohmaiiii I don’t know where to start…the choices of tones..and patterns like “moo cow” and “cheetah”….Ive been wearin them constantly since last night…and no let up *laughs*..these are gonna be THEE boot of winter 2011…straight outta the box and onto your tootsies…nooo messin…to be released sooooon from the Goddess of all things cute & edible Swan Ling at Argyle Anonymous…..theres a special Chrismassssssy thinger coming upp…Ive witnessed photographic evidence…more laterz !

Heres the new tee from CandyMetal in classic black , notice that the fabric has a soft sheen to it so you could also glam these up with metallic leggins/ skirts etc yay!,over my piggies with those Pug boooootz , this time base colour of black and grey chevron patterns…(they have a PINK option, infact a FEW PINK options *dies*) The hat & hair is again from Exile, found this in their sale area just 50L..lotsa colour options on it…steal!

Ohhhh almost forgot…join the CandyMetal group while you’re picking up your tee’s and collect the third group gift…snazzzzy flared jeans and an adorable chunky sweater ! (its right where you land) thanks Emychan & Swan xx

Angela tee’s & group gift: CandyMetal

Pug boots Argyle Anonymous: you cant have them YET but go see the goodies anyway

Fuzzy Piggie tights: Jane

Freeee and sale Hair: Exile

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Are you a honey badger or an owl?

Luckily for Moody Monday at Argyle Anonymous you don’t neeeed to choose ! For just 55L today only…you will get yer paws on both sets of mittens, scarf & earmuffs hurrah! Totally adorbs for male or female’s…the owl design is hot potatoes currently and the honey badger is catchin up…dont know what a honey badger is huh? (cause I didn’t either and had to ask swan ling last week) here’s a link to find out…WARNING it’s not suitable for viewing at work or with kiddies !!

 The Honey Badger :

Iam definately a Honey Badger TODAY !! Thanks swanners xx

mittens,scarfs & muffs : Argyle Anonymous


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Even Baggier

I’m sure you’ll remember the other day when I showed you guys the Dirty Turkey hunt gift from Argyle Anonymous, the baggy sweater. Well, thanks to Swan Ling, I’ve gotten my hands on the rest of these beauties.

The non-hunt version of these sweaters come in some super-looking colours and have the same awesome look: great warm texture with those big, baggy arms. Like I said the other day, these just look oh so comfy.

If you’ll look close at these pictures, you’ll see that a new touch has been added, with the stomach sculpt now having a belt attached and it just makes these sweaters all the more wicked. They are a bargain too at L$60 each or L$269 for the phat pack. With the range of great colours to choose from, the phat pack is most definitely a tempting option. Thanks swan!

Get the gear here: Argyle Anonymous

Poses by Stakey(a pack of six, free until Friday I think)

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Baggy Turkey

Yes indeed, as foretold by Faith, here I am showing the male version of Argyle Anonymous’ Dirty Turkey Hunt gift: the baggy sweater.

This is so lovely, it reminds me of the big, loose and oh so comfortable sweaters I love wrapping myself up on those cold days (how I miss them already!). The sculpted upper and lower sleeve parts add to the baggy effect, as does the body attachment. The texture is also fantastic, you can see just how warm this is and the forest green colour is gorgeous. The baggy sweater also comes with a shirt collar you can add on to wear beneath or you can go without it, either way looks awesome.

As Faith also mentioned, this will take some looking to find, but with some patience I’m sure you’ll get it and it is most definitely worth snapping up while you can.

Get the gear here: Argyle Anonymous

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Get a new release and a dirty Turkey

If you’re looking for a big ole baggy sweater..Ive got it! Argyle Anonymous has released a whole host of seasonal sumptuousness for you…the sweater comes with a sweet plaid collar to wear underneath..or not…chunky monkey sleeves…its versatile and you’re gonna wear it HEAPS! Love how it slides over the AA skirts so easily…it went on me right outta the fiddling required love that…

If you’re fond of hunting…look for Argyle Anonymous’s Dirty Turkey Hunt gift..ohmaiLAWD..I had to get the troops in to help me find this (ie: Steve) it was soooooo well hidden darn it..but voila..I now have it in my feeeelthy mitts yay! It’s the big baggy sweater in a yummy forest green..I tossed my sad cactus Argyle Anon skirt on with it (I LOVE the name of that colour !) and wore it this time with no collar…I adore !  You can get a huge fat pack or buy singles , go check it out….Thank you swanners xx (ohhh psssst GUYS, theres one in the hunt for you too, plus more colours available in store, Steve should be along shortly to show you)

Sweater: Argyle Anonymous