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Info only.(Free Group & Gift Card).

This is just a pretty picture for you to look at and has absolutely nothing to do with the freebie.

The reason I can’t show you anything is because the Arcane Spellcaster has a super offer out for us.  For the next few days the group is FREE to join add to that a very tasty 250Ld Gift Card has also been set out for Group members.

As you can imagine the shop is HEAVING! So I did a quick grab and a quicker scan of the shop and I can’t wait to return.  Not all of the shop rezzed because of the lag of everyone being there but enough did that showed me that this shop has a whole range of “bento” clothes, super sexy and the clothes actually have movement to them.  I also spotted that there are men’s clothing in this shop.

When I went in to LM grab I checked the Group notices and this is the most recent one.

Until day 20 you can collect your 250Linden value gift card (with a free group of 150Linden value)

On days 22, 23 and 24 you can collect the 500Linden value gift card (but the group will be for a fee) …

because those who are part of a group must enjoy privileges!


Arcane Spellcaster.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Lucky Me & Look at my Bum.

It’s Monday and for many of us, that means boring old routine stuff.   I’d only managed to do a quick log in this morning before I had to log back out but in that short time I’d scored myself a new dress.

Sorry, NOT free.  I always put in the title of a post if something is free or cheap etc as I hate to get peoples hopes up that the lovely outfit I’m showing you is a quality freebie.

Anyhow, I did a quick scan of my notes/notices and spotted this beauty in a note from Arcane Spellcaster and without even checking the details, price, etc I TP’ed over and price checked…225Lds.  Not bad at all and then I had a though and one invent check and YASSSS I have/had an Arcane Spellcaster GIFT CARD!

My gift card was for 250Lds which meant that at 225Lds this dress is my new go-to dress.

You get a hud of 10 really nice colours but in 2 different textures, knitted or smooth, so as you can see in this picture it’s the same colour just different texture…love them both.

This dress just sang to me, I think we all know that feeling when you’ve tried on several outfits and they’re great and fine and all that but then you put something on and you just get that warm fuzzy feeling that you have to have it.

BTW There is something pretty unique about the Spellcaster range…did you know that if you like an SL design then the RL person behind the range can make you an RL version.

UPDATE: Turns out the 250Ld is a discounted price and it may be over soon…so go now!

Another UPDATE. Thank you Imp, sadly I missed not just the chance to join the group for free but that tasty gift card as it’s now back to being a paid-for group.

Arcane Spellcaster