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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Freebies)

Arcana - Audrey Cinema Set FREE !

A new hunt has just begun and runs until the 31st of May. The breakfast at Tiffany’s hunt looks like a scorcher to do , heaps of brilliant prizes to find. I’ve got the Audrey Cinema set from Arcana, its pretty amazing. The hunt gifts are totally free which is always lovely – so thank you to all the participating stores ❤ Onto the gifty above, you get a delicious bath shaped couch with 7 friends, 21 cuddles and  ohmai 54 alone poses ! The kitty comes with the set (natutally) as do the decorative film reels. The record player is actually a radio – how fab, transfer so you can deed it on group land (thank you!)

Arcana Audrey Cinema Set FREE

Thats not all, oh no…in the box is also a projector , table and screen, that when touched displays different Audrey photos. absolutely lovely ! Youre looking for a black & white photo of Audrey btw. (The Arcana store is on adult land fyi)


Breakfast at Tiffany’s blog (all stores and hints plus URL’s listed for you)


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Spring is Sprung

Scarlet Creative - NEW!

Ahh the Sunday HurlyBurly, its my favourite day of the week. Friends drop in for coffee, dogs to be walked and joy all-around. Now if I had a home like this new release from Scarlet Creative, life would be purrrfect. Its called Captain’s Cornwall House, and has quite a nautical feel to it , inside and out. It really does make my mouth water a little when I see such beautiful textures used . I especially liked the decaying plaster wall outside. Lots of different levels inside, which give it a nice flow to wander around in, and for a home that’s not overly primtastic, feels so spacious!

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_006

Inside it’s not lacking on surprises ! I turned a corner and boom ! I found a splash pool and porthole decorated wall. Inspired ! The water has poses so you can lounge beside it or in it. If you look up, you wont find a bland roof or ceiling in sight, it’s all beams and nooks.

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_009

One of the larger rooms is big enough to get a couple of couches in and whatever else you’d need to be comfy. I used these “working from home” sofa by Scarlet Creative to try to show the floor space off. Note the huge windows, they make the whole build so light and airy.

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_003

Just off the main living room, is this area with a large fireplace, I settled into the Dead Nature set by Arcana. It was out at the “The Feeling” event – which has now ended but I’m hoping it might find its ways back to the mainstore now to be on sale for you. One thing I really enjoy about Arcana pieces is the oodles of choices you get on textures. The rug,chair ,table and screen all have texture changing abilities for wood (if applicable) and fabric. The old-fashioned gramaphone is actually a working radio ! For those of you that are eagle-eyed, YES I’m wearing a new release from the massive spring collection from coldLogic anddddd new shoes from SaxShepherd! My top is called hawke, and has three options of wearing it, sorta layered effects or not , as you please. The loose capris are called Jay, and my god, I haven’t removed them in TWO days! Thats a sure sign that you will be bombarded with seeing me in them for  everrrrrr. They come in a variety of denim shades, light to dark and I simply adore everything about them !

Sax Shepherd NEW

Sax Shepherd has a lot of new gear out currently and it’s not all about shoes ! The vintage petal mules I wore above are on offer and there is also an 80’s collection that I’m loving. I chose to wear the pince-nez, the HUD allows for so many texture changes its uber cool. (The frames,lenses,metal and decor stones – all have options). If you go to The Theme park event you can see the whole range. More coldLogic and Sax Shepherd later, when I’ve had time to rummmage !

The Theme Park

Sax Shepherd Designs

Sax Shepherd Blog

Scarlet Creative

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic blog

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Final Fantasy



I rarely get the chance to play dress up, so when I got my paws on this new outfit from Endorphin for the Final Fantasy Festival  – I was sooper excited. It’s a complete outfit, you get the towering high boots that are laced at the front, and a superb outfit made up of mesh and non mesh parts for a great effect.

fantasy new

Close up view to show the intricate detailing on the top parts. Thin metal chains are laced around the top, there are arm bands with knives etc…if you don’t want to go the whole hog, wear it without the mesh pieces and just look glam !

fantasy fair

There is also a skirt part – wearing it is optional as the outfit looks superb with or without all the kit in place. The net body layer has a slight sheen, which I really loved, all in all a fantastic look and very versatile. Big shout out to Morgana Bird @ Arcana, who made the throne in the first two photos, its crazzzzzzzy and decadent and I just HAD to plonk myself on it and pose my little heart out. Poses for guys & girls, all of them are pretty unisex, great buy !

Final Fantasy Festival


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Old & New

Arcana drinks machine NEW! Stars Fashion - complete outfit with boots 99L!
I still feel sluggish after the Festive season, so I thought Id pep myself up with a coupla new outfits from Stars Fashion. Am unbelievable TEN new releases this week – and at a promotional 99L per set (only available for another few days) they surely are a really great deal. “I love Fashion” is the name of the set above – you get the dress, bolero jacket and the snazzy boots ! The vintage coke machine is a new release from Arcana – superb looking machine that actually dispenses a wearable animated can to drink. Lowwwww prim too yay!

Arcana NEW! Stars Fashion 99L promotion - complete outfit with boots !

I also chose this outfit above from Stars to share, its called Celesta and again just 99L for the next coupla days. Totally adore the checkerboard print on the dress, the jacket adds some chic interest, you also get two pairs of tights (sheer and not so sheer) plusss the fabbo boots ! At my feet is another new release from Arcana – this is the bit where you pay attention! These aren’t just pretty decorative books – oh no – they have a secret. Inside each set (and there are many to choose from) is a magical script, it allows you to add notecards, possibly even lovers notes (if that’s your thang), you can set the book to private or public , so your lover can take a peek. I’m thinking it’s just purrrfect with Valentines day approaching no? The globe is just gorgeous, I love it. One touch and it slowly rotates around – three designs to choose from. Ohhh dont forget while youre there both subscribo and group gifts are out to collect!

Stars Fashion


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Lotions & Potions – Arcana (and freebies)

Arcana NEW!

New-to-me store Arcana is a wonderful place to visit. It’s like an old-fashioned apothecary shop, one where you’d like to linger, sniff potions and finger pretty jars. Above are just a few of the specimen butterfly boxes – seriously – there are a gazillion to win on the gacha and at just 35L per play get lots ! They also have a texture change ability for the wood, so don’t worry about them fitting into your colour scheme at home. There are also quite a few bottles and jars with body parts in !

Arcana NEW ! Free bandage box,injection kit & salve !

Couple more items  that you’d be foolish to miss are  the curio cabinet above, it’s actually the December subscriber gift! The doors open, again it has texture change for heaps of different wood tones and comes in at a tiny 3 prims ! Its beautifully made, a real gem. Btw the syringes and bandage box anddd the jar of salve are all free gifts from Sa’ng Fori Design , I found them on the market place but decided to go mooch the inworld store – ohmaiii! SO much to see and things I havent seen in SL before, animals,animated people (love love love the belly dancer!) furniture and more ! If you’ve got some spare time – go and take a peek.

Arcana NEW FREE scales,FREE plants

Also take a peek at the curio bookshelf. It comes in at only 1 prim ! Such a decorative piece for your home or store or..laboratory! It has the same massive texture menu , which is active in the mainstore so you can have a play. The plants displayed in the bookshelf are  a dollarbie, from [keke], you get six varieties for your single linden dollar!

Aracana inworld store

Sa’ng Fori Design inworld