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Quick n Sexy.

In RL and SL I have a thing for “Pinnies” which means aprons in the North East of the UK.  I have them in all different styles from the good old butcher’s apron to a half slip retro apron I even have one which has frills on it and resembles a Spanish Flamenco dress, I never use that one LOL.  So when I find aprons in SL I usually grab them and I saw these sexy prettiness on the Honey stall @The Creators Collection Box.


You get 2 aprons in the pack this one with pretty flowers on it and a simple white one.  I’m blogging this really quickly as this is a perfect for the Big Day tomorrow.  From the front you look all  sweet and innocent but if you’re as cheeky as I am then….turn around…


…Why bother with clothes underneath.  This is the white version but of course they’re identical apart from the texturing.


Although you can’t see it in these pictures there is the hint of a nip slip going on.  I’ve not tried them over normal clothes, obviously system layers would fit perfectly but I can see that most mesh clothing would also fit pretty well so even if you wanted to wear clothes under I’m pretty sure you will be able to.

1 size fits all and cost only 80Lds for the pair.  I did have a quick TP over to Honey Melson’s  shop Honey and spotted that they’re priced at a 100Lds there so the bargain is at the Creators Collection Box.  I haven’t had a chance to have a real good mooch around Honey’s shop but it seems to have some really good new designs.

PS I’ve slapped on the old Vasaline layer on the picture because it’s Romantic….but of course there is a Demo available for you to try before you buy which since this is a 1 size fits all you really should.

Creators Collection Box

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Boo Hoo (Freebies).

Payday has finally arrived so I’ve paid some bills bought some essentials and booked a mani, pedi and facial (a girls gotta have treats and it was a Groupon of course).  So yet again since I have plans which involve money I’m going to spend the next month grabbing as many cheapies and freebies that I find and if I am tempted to part with any Lindens it will only be because the items is really really worth is.

ice cream

Although I’ve seen this dress in other hunts and GG’s this is actually the first time I’ve gotten my SLink hands on one and it’s so sweet.  It’s almost like an apron thats been turned into a dress.  Now as it happens the one thing I did notice when trying out poses is you definately need undies/panties/knickers or if you’re really naughty you could go commando.


I had to pop this piccie in because it came this morning through one of my groups where they make fun n dumb stuff just for a laugh and it was too perfect for what I’ve just been talking about.  As it happens the worried look on my face is an emoter which I have and it’s free and not bad at all.  Can’t find the place I got it from but it’s free to copy and trans and for giving to friends so if you want a copy just send me a NOTE with your name and I’ll send you one in world.


Again yet another now standard SL dress but yet again it’s simple and sweet and free and not everyone has this dress. If I had had more time I should have added a lovely belt and necklace which would really have made it look extra special. This and the first dress both come from Peachy.  The first dress is the “We’re all mad here hunt” and the second is her free Group Gift.  Check the wall behind the reception desk for some pretty free SLink nails.  There is a board outside the front of the shop with the ongoing hunts and soon to be hunts.  I will be blogging Peachy very soon as this is a shop of odds n sods so some clothes, some SLink, some shoes etc and upstairs are some home and garden decor items which is what I will be blogging next as I bought some wall climbing plants..more about them later though.

The brolly was the first freebie I had grabbed this day.  I have a thing for umbrellas and parasols it must be because I live in the cold and rainy UK but I can never resist a brolly.  Comes from B!asta and it took a little hunting for this item but I did plonk myself in front of the Lucky Boards upstairs, grabbed the Cotton Candy Hunt item (very pink hair) and cammed around till I found it.  Make sure to slap the Sub board or join the Group as Bomboloni Freschi always has monthly group gifts, hunts and 60Ld items out in her shop.



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Gacha addiction

NAMINOKE Kigurumi avatar 50L !

Hello, my name is Faithless and Im a gacha addict *hangs head*. I just can’t walk past a gacha machine and not try my luck, so when I saw The Luck of the Irish Gacha Event advertised – I was there in a flashhhhh. There are three stages of machines, with items ranging from mesh avatars to decor – makeup and jewellry – stuff for guys too. My gorgeous mesh avatar was just 50L, isn’t it just adorable? Its by Naminoke and there is a huge amount of colours to win, bunnies & teddies. They even have the a pair of sweet wings that flap awww.

BIC Goodgirl Apron dress 25L ! Cheap & Chic shapes  Nueva Dehli  - not yet released !

I couldn’t believe that this good girl apron dress by BIC was 25L a pop ! Really nicely detailed and a little bit retro. I won the pink colour so was suitably chuffed. Ohhhhh btw, check out Cheap & Chic shapes, a small but growing selection of shapes, priced around the 40L mark and all rather unique. I’m wearing one that’s not yet released but hopefully will be soon ! Its called ” Nueva Dehli” (thanks Matilda <3)

The Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Cheap & Chic Shapes (market place direct link)

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Pressies Sorted.

partyThats what I look like after a single glass of wine which is both sad and funny at the same time.

tableYet again Laurent83 Waco  has come up with something to make his decor items stand out from the rest. This time the table and chairs are all copyable, everything apart from the chairs and plate settings are linked so one click and your Christmas table, candle sticks, baubles, food etc are all there even a mini Christmas Tree.  The backs of the chairs have draped tinsel on  and little festive bows but because he’s left the plates as separates it means you can rezz as many of those as you wish. So if you’re Christmas table is a cosy one for two or a more social setting for four, five or more people you simply rezz as many plates as you need.  Each place comes with an easy to use menu with 4 options.  The plate in the foreground has the starter which is a little gift and the linen napkin, next course turkey with all the trimmings, a desert and then coffee all in perfect details.  I have the white cottagey table but there is a darker wood version available in his lovely Christmas cottage setting.

aapromJust in case you didn’t notice it’s not an actual dress but an apron I am wearing (and not much else).  you can only get this on the Marketplace from Apponos.  I’ve not tried it yet but you do get the 5 standard sizes so I’m pretty sure you could get one to fit over a dress if you wished.  Demo available to try if you want to make sure though.

I’ve added the link to the Follow Us Marketplace shop and it should start at the lowest price first so you can see how many things he’s has priced so so many can enjoy items from his shop. Ooodles of loveliness from a single Linden, 10, 29 etc and all excellent quality.  You may not be able to go the whole hog with Christmas decor items but even simple trays with hot chocolate and whipped cream will cheer up any room but for example he has a Christmas Fireplace which has everything on it from baubles to stuffed socks AND only 50Lds.  Looks like all items on the MP can be sent as gifts as well.  Follow Us has items that I haven’t seen anywhere else and would make great pressies esp for the man in your life.  Vintage camera’s, punching bags, wash, clothes racks with mens clothes on it, all with a manly touch.  Most things esp the non copy items are also trans so if you want to buy something and box it up for a loved one then this is the place but of course always double-check that.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Apponos (Apron)

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Christmas Cheer Hunt

Ohhhh my first Christmas hunt of 2012 ! The Christmas Cheer Hunt is on..I just had time to do a couple of locations and I’m so thrilled with the prizes. Above I’m wearing the gift from Cupcakes Clothing…its a fantabulous mesh holiday apron, with mixing bowl and spoon which is wearable and contains a pose…plus a jolly Santa hat. I’m standing in the Winter Garden from  Emma’s @ blue moose…at 41 prims it wont break the prim bank and its sooper lovely…

Snow gently falls….and the trees are gracefully scattered about in the snow laden grass. There is a gazebo to shelter in with a warming fire, a blackbird sings from the safety of the fence….its such a peaceful scene…and it can be all yours if you find the prize ! Youre looking for a mini stocking…more info and hints on the blog, good luck !

Christmas Cheer Hunt blog

Cupcake Clothing

emma’s @ blue moose