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Bootylicious(Buy it and snag it).

Vanity shot.


My Second Home is a beautiful sim called Derailed (Crash Boat Beach) and if I didn’t have my own sim to play on I would BEG to be able to come and rent here, this isn’t a rental sim it’s a private for friends only, although I do have the privilege of being able to rezz here I often come over just to meander around enjoying the relaxing ambiance as well as the ever-changing sim which is always changing with the seasons, and the builders moods LOL.  So I snapped away but because this post includes a paid for item here it is in its untouched excellence.

If you do come here it’s open to anyone but and there are many builds open to use but of course it’s obvious which are actual people’s homes so stay out, it’s rude to trespass.


Firstly the skin, I’m wearing is of course a PumeC skin called Milana.  I deliberately popped one of the Group Gift skins on to show you because for only 99Lds you get an amazing 5 skins and of course ALL Appliers.

Next is the hair which is one of my all time fave’s from Mina called Selenia and this believed it or not is a 75Ld Gacha win and you don’t just get the 1 shade you get the shade pack!  There is even a demo next to the Gacha in Mina Nakamura’s shop for you to try.

The top is a new one and a Free one.  I picked it up from the Apple May shop a simple cropped white top very handy and it’s a “emeshed into spring hunt” item which I may as well tell you where it as the clue given  cannot be any simpler, you will find the Egg with the new items.


Now for the BUY IT item, check out the booty and of course the texturing. You get 2 sets in the back a shorter pair which I’m wearing and a longer pair which I believe I’m wearing in the picture above.  I try to find as much Free/Cheap/Bargains/Hunt items as possible but that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to spend Lindens when the items is worth it and at 150Lds these “Klara Bootcut pants from Pixicat are worth every Linden and at 150Lds definately not over priced but there is a Demo for you to try before you buy. Almost forgot to mention is that I stuck to a denim but you not only have a choice of blue denim colours but also a red, pink and turquoise colour and I would happily have bought the lot if I had the Lindens spare.




Apple May



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OLD BAG (Dollarbie).

OK I sneakily enjoyed titling this post as it’s often I can’t SHOUT Old Bag.

bag use

I know it’s frequently said but it is really meant, sometime when you’re taking pictures or searching for items to blog you get a notice or note and because you know the quality of that shop you drop what you’re going and TP over to grab it and this is what happened with this bag.  It comes from Apple May Designs and I had tried to get a picture of me wearing some of their clothes so you can see exactly the sort of quality I’m talking about but the reality is I couldn’t get a decent enough pose that allowed me to show of both outfit and bag so you’re just going to have to go there to check em out yourself.  The bag has a very subtle crumpled old leather look to it.  Excellent holding pose and a copy has been left in both the men’s wear shop and ladies wear (men when you rezz turn around and go to the shop behind you ladies go straight ahead).

Have to say when I rezzed this and then checked the prim count because sometimes bags, hats, brolly s etc make great decor props but this bag is a massive prim count (and yes I forgot to make a note of it but if Faith had come in world and prim checked our sim she would have passed out) so basically don’t rezz wear lol.

Apple May Design (AMD)



Scrumping is an old English name and it’s usually kids gathering apples off trees (usually not theirs) and that’s exactly what you have to do at Apple May Designs (AMD).  Lots and lots of apples have been placed out, a total of 16, 8 for men and 8 for women.  Each priced at a measly Linden but watch out because there is a lot of Decoys set out as well.

Apple UseLavish in name and Lavish in texturing and fit. I had already tried on this demo and wondered if I should buy it and put it in my “wish list” folder so to get it for a mere Linden has made my SL day. The fit is divine, no gap at the boobs, no tearing of mesh when you walk and the colour is deep and deliciou.  A brilliant offer from Apple May.

apple Use`I’m wondering if this is the same purple as the first dress but if it is you can see how deep the colouring is.  Lower your eyes from the Boobies (lola Tango outfit) and look at the waist line. You can see the creasing, when a designer/shop/person uses texturing that is so detailed you can see ruffles, pleating and creases you know this is good stuff.  Lola Tango ready as well as a few other tops I picked up before I logged off.  Of course looks equally a lovely without the tangos of course.

I still have clothes that I purchase from Apple May years ago because the quality and wearabilty means they have lasted but it’s nice to see that they have now got a foot firmly planted in the mesh dept but also equally as good quality non mesh clothes.  A big skin and shape dept also but I’ve not tried any of those demos out which I may do when I pop back to see what else I can grab for free.

Apple May(AMD) Ladies

Apple May (AMD) Men

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Apple May Delight

Apart from the fact that this is another lovely mesh dress Apple May, Day Time Maxi in charcoal, have made it so you can also wear this as seperates so for the price of 1 outfit you get a strappy top and a floor length skirt and very happily you get a choice of size for both items so if your more ample on top and more petit on the bottom then you can match the size of each item.  Although I’m not a 100% happy with the darkness of this picture I’m very happy that you can see the runching and sheen of the fabric especially at the wasteline.  So this is a dark black dress but not an ugly flat black.

Apple May

Special mention to the hat because in this photo I did a little trick in that I am actually wearing a demo and I’ve angled the photo so you don’t see the ugly demo sign above my head but it looks so perfect I actually went straight off to Maitreya and bought the pack.  295lds for 5 shades of brown hair.  Remember though that if you go around the corner of this shop they have a DISCOUNTED section, and yes I did mean to shout because I love Maitreya hair and I love even more the word discount.  So check out the demos and I too bet you will cave in and treat yourself.



The Dressing Room

New collection is out at The Dressing Room hoooray! Because I’m in “hat mode” I was lured by this offering from Kletva, havent come across this designer before and was sooper chuffed with my purchase. You get the hat & hair as one item,its called Joss and the toning on the hair is delicious – all summery golds and blondes..a steal at 70L. (go visit the main store and join the group, have a feeling this will evolve into an amazing brand-the skins looked yummmy) If youre not familiar with the concept of The Dressing Room, each week they have a new collection of items from various designers, between 60-100L ! Join the group while youre there and youll get a note when each new collection is out with sneak preview photos also.


Hope you noticed my fantabulous dress, its new from Apple May Designs, “summer blossom” is the name,delicate floral print in creams,peaches & beigey’s…great prims that fit easily…very feminine and only 225L..

Get it all here: Kletva at the dressing room       AppleMay Designs (market place)

For the curious: Shoes by Gos, necklace by Dark Mouse


Apple May skin nuuness

Apple May Mia skin subscribo gift

Oh oh ohhh…Apple May has given out a deeeeelicious skin pack from their subscribo…its called Mia, Im wearing the coffee colour but in the pack are a few shades thats bound to suit you! Hit the subscribo up to join…then touch again to go to the history…select number 1 to receive this awesomeness! I really love the lips..has a glossy option too! All the girly bits are devine too (I know thats sooper important lol) Click the pic for a closer look!

Taxi to go : Apple May

credits: hair by truth, tatt byK&L,army dress by poison, all poses by