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Gold & Silver.(Cheap & Free).

This took some hunting down but it was worth it.

The metallic texture of this gold underboob flashing top is so realistic!  I have to say I prefer this gold one but there is a silver one as well.  I should have taken a picture of the back as well as there is a gorgeous drapey metallic bow but I didn’t because it was only when I got back inworld to LM check that I noticed that the back was a really good fit even though this isn’t an SLink fit.  Because this isn’t a free group, only 25Lds though, I’m pretty sure there is a demo for you to try first.

You won’t find this with the other GG’s and the lucky mirrors but they’re close and you should find them easily enough.  I will have to say that the gifts in the lucky mirrors are excellent (they’re the free-standing mirrors) and if you don’t want to wait for your initial to come up then anyone can buy a copy of the outfit for just 49Lds and I would in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact there isn’t a SLink fit! Boo Hiss!

OK now for a freebie which is also a repost but these leather/satin? pants are a nice addition to anyone’s invent.  I got them from the  Nala Design shop but they’re an “MLM Free and offer” gift.  There are a few gifts dotted around the walls in the shop.  These come in so many mesh fits and a matching top but I either binned the top when I first got these or they weren’t inc at that time.  If you want to see them full length then scroll back to a couple of post ago and I was wearing them then as well.

AMD (Apple May Design) If the LM doesn’t take you directly to the AMD shop, turn around and walk to the other side of the shopping plaza.

Nala Design  


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Super busy doing nothing.(Lucky Board Win & GG’s).

Normally when I mention Lucky Boards it’s usually just in passing when blogging other items but I was super lucky and as soon as I walked into AMD (Apple May Design) my Lucky initial was on the board so I quickly paid the 25Ld group joining fee and SNAGGED!

Sorry, it’s just the bathing suit everything else I already had but it was a great opportunity to wear one of my gray PumeC skins and that kinky hat/hair.  Sadly there are only 2 LB’s and I don’t know how slow or quick the change is but this silver and the other board has a gold version was worth a wait.  However, there are other GG’s so for the 25Ld joining fee’s you can grab them and then if you have time to kill then you can loiter and see if your initial come up plus it’s also a good time to work through any notices, notes etc.  Also, it’s been a while since I was in the AMG group but previously they would send a notice out about a special item set out for a discounted price, 25Lds, for group members only and I still have a few of those pieces.  So not sure if that still happens but check the notices out if you do join.

A small word of caution though.  The GG’s come in a mix of sizes and whut! not SLink but with my new updated SLink Hud and the options given I did find fits that emm fitted LOL and the Lucky Board win does come in all the mesh bod fits inc SLink.

PS I am busy because I’m stood in this frozen pose on my platform and rezzing and deleting the contents of my invent.  If you look closely you may even see a few beads of sweat on my forehead.

AMD (Apple May Design)

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Here’s a Quickie.

It’s been a while since I noticed a discounted item at AMD, Apple May Design, and since they’re usually well worth the 25Ld price tag as soon as I read the notice I TPed over.


Glad I read the whole notice because usually the offer is on for all week but in this case it’s just for the weekend.  A cute and yet sexy little panties and pasties set but this is only for the mesh bodies, Freya,Hourglass,Isis,Maitreya & Physique, and it’s only in the pink shade.  If you would prefer another shade then they are full priced.

PS the special discounted item used to be in the room behind the reception desk but it’s moved.  When you TP in just walk straight ahead into that shop and it’s just on the back wall, easy to find.

AMD (Apple May Design)

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AMD Latest (Cheapo).

I was wandering around a fantastic sim with stunning Windlight and I decided just to take a picture there and then of the latest 25 Ld Apple May Design offer.


Only available in this Rose shade but you do get the 2 textures, plain and pinstriped which is the one I’m wearing and don’t quote me but I’m sure you also get a Belleza version in the pack as well.

PS I was at the Junk shop/sim yesterday and spotted Apple May and I almost ran up to her and said Hellllooo but then I thought how stalkish of me LOL.  I always have fond memories of AMD because as a Newbie to SL this was one of the first quality shops I found that gave Noobs a new whole look and at one stage I had a whole invent stuffed with AMD clothes.  Since then I’ve watched as the AMD brand has grown and advanced using the best design tools that SL designers have today.


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3rd post lazy post!

It’s raining so I quickly dragged all my lovely items under the cover of a tree which I’m hoping will keep them dry, honestly only in the UK! So as I am waiting for it to stop raining I thought I would pop indoors and add an extra lazy cheating quickie post.


You may remember this dress from a previous post and it comes from Apple May Design (AMD).  At that time this particular colour was on a special discount offer of 50Lds but now thats over however if you love Purple then you’re going to love this as this weeks 25Ld offer is the exact same dress but in the Purple colour!  Although the main bodice of the dress remains the same colour you do get a colour hud which allows you to change the colour of the rose as well as the underskirt.

Because this offer will be pulled in a week I thought I would take shelter from the rain and do a quick post because I’d hate for you to miss it and even though Purple is my least fav colour I’m tempted to pop over and grab it.

PS the offers and new items are in the room behind the reception desk but if you check the desk out there is a pretty free hair ribbon to be picked up and I’m pretty sure that one also came with a colour changing Hud.

The rain has stopped and as soon as I click “Publish” I’m back off out!

Apple May Design (AMD)

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Vanity Shot.

Sorry I wish this amazing hair was a Freebie but it’s not.  As a blogger and fashion addict I’m always after something which will add Oomph to my pictures and this very stylised retro hair has “it”.  It comes from EMO-tions and although the name is a very familiar one to me I don’t think I have many hairs from this shop, I’m just about to pop over to LM grab and I’m going to have another looksie

EMO-tions is a really big shop and yet I managed to find “Lorraine” straight away lol.  245lds for each colour pack which is a standard SL price.  As always if the LM doesn’t take you right to where this hair is then enter the shop in front of you and turn right….or left LOL.  I’ve had a bit of a wander around and I’ve spotted that there are 2 hair depts and each have the same hairs but fortunately this hair is on the first main board you see.


Special mention to my gut busting corset, it reminds me of one of those kinky Victorian ones that poor woman used to have to wear!  I picked this up from AMD (Apple May Designs) and only for the next few days it’s one of their 25Lds special offers.  The LM doesn’t take you directly to this item so when you rezz walk forward a bit and it’s the big entrance on your right.  This and other colour options, full priced ones as it’s only this red/burgundy one that is on offer, is in the room behind the reception desk.

(and of course it’s a PumeC skin).



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Don’t Rush!

Actually DO RUSH! Right over to Apple May Designs because this stunning dress is only on special offer for the next 24 hours!


Called Bella t’s only the Gold colour which is on offer and tbh I rushed over and grabbed it and didn’t check out what price it will be going back up to as I really wanted to get this posted, now that I’m LM grabbing it turns out that full priced is 275lds so at only 50Lds for this version it’s a smashing bargain.  You get not only all the standard sizing but a skirt that will fit if you’re wearing heels or not AND a fitted version which is the one I’m wearing.  On top of all of that although it’s only the gold on offer you still get a Hud which allows you 6 colour choices for not only the rose but the underskirt.  I changed mine to this lovely pastel blue.  A brilliant dress at any price but even nicer for such a token one.

Apple May Design is a bright new shop and layout so if the second LM doesn’t take you near to the dress you want to go through the main door with the pink car parked outside and you will find this dress and all the other colour options if you feel like splashing out in the New section.

Apple May Design (AMD)

Apple May Design (Near to the dress I hope)