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I have good and bad news.

Thanks to a heads up off Shi it turns out Apple Fall is having a BIG FAT JUICY SALE! Everything is 50Lds and I suspect remembering their last BIG FAT JUICY SALE that actually includes everything from a tiny little cup to the massive Hardwick Manor.

I’d love to be able to confirm that that is the case but the bad news is that the sim is limited to only 12 AVs at a time.  As you can imagine this means it’s gonna take a lot of patience and timing to be able to get into the shop and surrounding outside.

I am not rushing over yet as when I type Apple Fall into my invent it scrolls and scrolls as I probably already own everything this shop has ever put out and that includes Hardwick Manor lol.

I’ve put the link to the Apple Fall MP shop not because the sale is on there but you will be able to see what’s in the shop and be prepared to hunt for them if/when you can squeeze yourself in.

PS.  There doesn’t seem to be a cut off date, I think this is because of the issues of them having to severely limit the amount of AV’s allowed in.  I think this is a sim issue and not them just being arsey.

Apple Fall (Inworld)

Apple Fall (Marketplace)

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WTF so it looks like quite a few sims are down including ours and I’m not bothering to check “Status Update” cos borked is borked.

I was at Apple  Fall yesterday and if I think I probably own about 80% of the shop’s contents, I own so much stuff I know for a fact a lot of it hasn’t even been unpacked lol,  I own everything from massive mansions to the smallest jar of Basil sprouts it’s an addiction I don’t want to get treatment for which is why I was back at Apple Fall yesterday when I’d grabbed a load of freebies and snapped these pictures.

The chest the cakes are placed on is the only item which isn’t a freebie.  You may recognise some of these amazing desserts and in front is the glass jar of basil shoots but I don’t remember the pears.  Anyhow old or new just look at the detailing and only 1-2prims each! Amazing.

Since our sim was down I returned to Apple Fall just to get the LM and take this picture.  Most, but not all, of what you see in this picture are freebies.  I know you can’t see them but that box of Macarons and the little notebook with some of them sat on it are just so dainty.

For the rest of the freebies, you’re going to have to work a bit harder as they’ve had a clever idea.

Dotted around the shop are little freebies which when you hover your pointer over you will see that they are set to “0”Lds.   It’s a clever idea to get people to wander around and as they’re looking for the gifts they may just, like me, get tempted to buy something.

So I’m not going to spill the beans as to the randomly placed “0” items but I will give you 2 clues, use the TP in the main entrance to check out the outlet department, check the Marketplace shop and you will see that sale item have a little tag above them but the free items don’t have that little tag.

BTW The gifts have changed do if you’ve already got the coffee pots, bread etc you never know you might have missed the new stuff.

I’d just thought I’d grab this last picture as yes this IS also a freebie!  When this hit the blogs/group notices Apple Fall became as packed as the Blueberry shop is at the moment lol.  A stunning, shop quality build and you will find this just outside of the main shop.  When I log back in I am going to have a nice wander around outside as of course Apple Fall does more than just inside decor.

Apple Fall

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Free Seasonal Decor

I am totally loving decorating my home for the season, even better when I find such treasures for free! I think this little Basil sproutling from Apple Fall has been around the block a few times – but it’s so worth showing again. Amazingly detailed and just 1Li, for free – whats not to love. Use it on a sideboard or dresser, and it gives instant appeal.

Then I found a pack of three dressers by Nostalgia, you get three versions, black, walnut and white – 6Li each, and zero cost. I really love woody things in my home – they make everything super cosy. The chair is from Old World, 2Li with 2 single poses and 1 couple pose, there are two versions in the box for the princely sum of $1L. (I think the difference is the colour of the blanket.) The pile of boxes is from Total Destruction, 1Li and totally free !

I’m trying to learn from Zan about decorating – she uses little things to make a room POP – I think I did ok !

basil jar




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Heads Up. (Flash Sale).

I don’t normally do a quick post on a “Flash Sale” but when this sale involves the shops Brocante & Floorplanl I sure as Hell do.

It’s the same thing that a lot of sellers are having to work through ie old vendor retiring etc etc  Here is the blurb but I was too busy TPing over to pay much attention but read it first.

As many of you are already aware, the vendor system I use will be discontinued at the end of this month, which means I have to switch my store entirely to a new system. While I will be able to keep a record of store credit/gift cards, it will be a lengthier process of redeeming it once the vendor system is gone – I will send further information out on how I’ll go about this once I switch systems.

However, for anyone wishing to avoid this, I’ve just set my entire store for SALE at 50% OFF (exclusions: gachas, current event items, marketplace, gift cards, collaborations owned by other creators) so you can use up any remaining credit/gift cards. The sale will last until the 30th of the month, the 31st will be spent switching to a new system. All floorplan. and brocante. vendor tags owned by me will be 50% off.

Store credit cannot be earned during this sale.

Gift cards can no longer be purchased but MUST be redeemed now- follow the instructions on the wall at my landing point under GIFT CARDS in the left storage container. Unredeemed gift cards will NOT be available to redeem after the vendor system change, as there will be no way for me to know the purchase price.

Have a balance of L$49 and want to buy something for L$50? If you pay the sign labeled CREDIT TERMINAL at the front of my store the L$1 difference, you will then have the L$50 balance to buy the item.

Happy shopping, I hope I’ve made this vendor system change as painless as possible for you with a sale!”


Brocante & Floorplan

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I’m rule breaking here as I have NO PICCIES!

The reason for this rush post is that the Scandalize Group is FREE to join but only for the next 48 hours but that 48 hours started yesterday so get yer skates on and haul AV Ass. The wall of GG’s is behind the reception wall and there is SO MUCH STUFF that even at the normal 100Lds joining fee you get it back in spadeful.

I will be popping over soon because, OH be still my beating heart, there is another Mini hunt going on and it’s a SPORTS OUTFIT! This is not just my SL but my RL addiction but trust me I ain’t no skinny mini in real life but I do go to the gym and good sports clothes make you feel great.

I will as soon as I can grab the first of the hunt boxes I see and update this post with a piccie but since this is now pretty time limited I wanted to get it out to you all as soon as poss.

PLUS did you all know that Apple Fall still has a sale on?  I sure as heck didn’t but again a notice came through that it was still on and EVERYTHING from the massive houses to the smallest cups are slashed to either 25, 50 or 75Lds and yes that’s how much I paid for the Hardwick House that I’ve been overwintering in.  Since I now own everything that Apple Fall sells I’m not going over but I’m going to be saving my Lindens as the notice also said that there is going to be a lot of new stuff coming and I can’t wait….a bit like this post.

PS.  I’m not inworld to give you the LM for Apple Fall yet but as soon as I am I will put the link it.


Apple Fall.

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Time for a break.(Freebie).

Doh, not only did I forget to prim check I didn’t even pick up a copy of this simple but quality gift from Apple Fall!  You know Apple Fall is known not only for its stunning designs but also more than reasonable prims so I think a build like this will be very low primmed.

This is the New York Apartment which is easy to understand when you look out of the window.  To get this you have to use the TP just outside of the mainshop doorway and TP to the demo and you will see the large price tag on the wall but it’s been set to ZERO Lindens.

There is also a Golden Apple Hunt going on at Apple Fall, you have to get the Hud, just at the LM, and wear it as you search for the apples.  When you have the full set you can score a super prize….I’m guessing that last bit as I still only have 5 of them so far but it’s time to return to RL.

PS. I promise next post will be wearables.

Apple Fall.

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OH FFS! (Hunt&Freebies).

ARGH! Thanks to the heads up from one of our readers I hauled my AV ass over to Apple Fall as there is a Hunt going on.  You very simply grab the Hud at the LM, wear it and go hunting for 10 golden apples and the Hud counts all the Apples you’ve found and once you have all 10 the button changes colour and you click it to receive your prize/prizes(?) but that’s all in the note in any case.

I took these pictures in the actual Apple Fall shop because as much as I LOVE the Apple Fall brand I hate the shop layout, to me, it’s not user-friendly and so to try to explain where they are would just complicate things and the LAG was a nightmare even though the sim was pretty quiet but because you can see where they’re placed then it will be easier for you to find them.

These coffee pots are all set for 0Lds and so is the orange coloured one on the autumnal themed dining table.  Before you move away from them check out the sofa next to the table as on the floor is a rather nice candlestick set also set to 0Lds.

This was the last gift I spotted before I decided to give up for the moment, this magnifying glass is on the table in the next room along from the coffee pot one.

So it looks like the WHOLE of SL seems to be having a sim restart, the Apple Fall sim sent out the warning then when I tried to TP home I found out our home is also restarting so I TPed over to a Sandbox and guess what, a RESTART and so by that time since I already had the Apple Fall LM I logged out of the madness that is SL at the moment.

PS I’m pretty sure these have been blogged before but they’re totally worth a reblog as not everyone will have been around at that time plus it means I can tell you about the Hunt going on.

Apple Fall