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I’ve been evicted! (Apple Fall FREEBIES).

I was just editing this stunning Autumn wreath on to a wall in my home when the DONG of DOOM sounded and I had X amount of seconds to TP out before our sim did a restart.

So I returned to Apple Fall and zoomed onto the one on the wall and clicked.

This is an old gift but as you can see it’s from a group/magazine called Gallant and that is the group you have to join.  The name is familiar to me but I don’t think I was ever in that group or I’m assuming it sent out an inworld magazine anyhow it’s been dusted off and set out in the Apple Fall shop and that’s because they look so real!

You may have noticed among all of the excellent Pumpkins used as decor an inflatable one which I knew was from Apple Fall but I didn’t know that was also a Freebie.  That is outside of the shop and the wreath is inside of the shop.

PS.  Remember that dotted around the Apple Fall shop are hidden FREEBIES, you have to put your pointer over them to see that they’re set to 0Ld.  They do change occasionally so you never know what’s new and that’s why I came over to Apple Fall in the first place.

Apple Fall.