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Is it too early?

Aphrodite NEW!!!

nah, of course it isn’t too early, there’s only about 5.5 weeks left till Christmas! So thrilled to be able to show you this Christmas tree from Aphrodite. Its only 4 prims! All decorated with options (touch the star at the top) for candles and twinkly lights etc. There is dancing, singing, gift wrapping and unwrapping, and of course decorating the tree. The animations are totally charming.

Details: This tree has – 7 Single Poses – 30 Couple Poses – TOTAL Animations: 67  – 8 Props. There are four versions of this tree, adult, family, PG & Decorative – all four prims.

chez moi ski chair

Chez Moi are offering up this fun ski lift at the new round of Tres Chic. Its got couples poses, single poses , props that rez and heaps of colour options & decor choices. The polar bear is mine and just something I rummaged about and found btw – because don’t you all just have the odd polar bear lying about in your inventory ? right?

FREE Wintery 1 prim goodness !

If you’re looking for some single prim goodies to scatter about at home or for your festive guests, I’ve found these by Frangipani Garden, everything bar the wine bottles is just $1L, the bottles are brilliant for Christmas gifts at $10L as you can edit them and place your own label on them ! All the other items give out wearable food treats for you and your friends.

Frangipani Garden

Tres Chic

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite blog

Complete outfit (including boots & hat) by Severed Garden here

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Halloween made easy

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!

We are almost into October and Aphrodite have this MASSIVE set out that will make your Halloween party a roaring success ! Seriously there wont be anything you need to buy after you get this, food, balloons,tables laden with food , and my favourite thing everrrrrrrr , the piñata witch ! Heres a few details:

♥ Three different ballon arches (11, 10, 10 LI)

♥ Big bundle of different spooky ballons (10 LI)

♥ Balloon trio, small (1 LI)

♥ Balloons wall (7 LI)

♥ 3D Happy Halloween Party Sign (3 LI)

♥ Animated Halloween Piñata “Witch” (7 LI)

♥ Black Witch Deco (1 LI)

♥ Spooky Tentacles Buffet table (3 LI each)

♥ Halloween Pumpkin (2 LI)

♥ Halloween Chandelier ( 4 LI)

♥ “The Tentacle” red wine bottle (1 LI), gives unlimited wine glasses

♥ “The Tentacle” deco cups ( 2 LI)

♥ Carrot Cakes platter(3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Angry Cupcakes platter (13 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Deviled Eyeballs platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pitta pizza platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Green Witch finger cookies stand ( 7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Ghost Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Spider Bread platter (5 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite Pinyata NEW

Tadaaa, yes yes its me whacking the evil witch piñata. Just 7Li and comes with built in poses – awesome fun. More info about the set below:

♥ Black Cat Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Jack o Lantern Sweet potatoes platter (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Puff Pasty Intestines platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Sodas dispenser (7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Pizza platter ( 3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Monster Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pumpkin Pie Cookies platter (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Hotdogs tray (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Banana Ghosts Display (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite NEW!!!

I really couldn’t get everything into the photos, if you’ve got a place to decorate and need to fill it up – this is for you.

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!!

Creepy witch head offering a selection of dodgy looking titbits, whats not to love?! Dont those black burgers look a treat. It’s all out to take a gander at, there’s much more than I’ve shown here.

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

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Linger in the garden

Chez Moi - Aphrodite

A little collaboration in my garden today, I’ve got the new “Grandmas vintage dining table” from Aphrodite all set up inside the brand new gazebo form Chez Moi. The dining table is part of a new set for Aphrodite, there is also a to.die.for retro cooker that does alllll sorts of marvelous interactive stuff too ! Heres the deets: Table 1Li, each chair is 2Li, both have texture change. If you use the set together you can cook and have the food arrive on the table piping hot – go get a gander at the demo instore and have a fool around. Video of it all working right : here

Chez Moi & Aphrodite

The Gazebo is from Chez Moi and its utterly fantastic – seriously. Buy it on its own and you’re good to go with SO many poses built right in. Details:

It has 90 animations:
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 25 animations for couples in love (25 x 2), including slow dances, marriage proposal, kisses and cuddle, among others
♥ 8 static poses to immortalize these magic moments in beautiful photos.
♥ Props: champagne, wine, book and love letter.

The Chair Secret Garden is also perfect to complement the scenery and to spend a delightful afternoon with your friends.
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 6 activities animations such as playing guitar, eating, drinking juice, among others
♥ 15 animations for couples in love (15 x 2)
♥ Props: champagne, guitar, juice, book, newspaper, coffee, soap ball, shrimp.
♥ Texture-change options: 15 textures to choose from menu controlled.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Specifications and content:
♥ Gazebo: 40 LI | 36 Prims
♥ Chair: 5 LI

You can buy many other items to go with the gazebo, including the sweetest bird bath complete with poses. Check instore or on the market place for further info.

Ahprodite store

Aphrodite store market place

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place store

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Perfectly Tres Chic (so contrived!)

Aphrodite NEW!!

I’ve got two things to share, at different events – hence my really contrived blog post title yay! First up is “my sweet family memories” by Aphrodite – a stunning collection of furniture that will delight and amuse all the family. It’s on offer at a new event called Tres Chic –  Heres the deal:

“My sweet family memories” complete living room set
Exclusive set for Tres chic event only- Includes everything in the picture. Also comes in two color themes, Black & white or colorful.
Over 240 animations & scenes, 18 props, MESH & less than 40 LI!
New animations in SL custom-made for this set for all the family.
Special SALE price for the event L$ 2350.-

Aphrodite NEW

Watch the beautiful video below that really shows this set off perfectly – I don’t have an SL family to do it justice :

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches

Over at Perfect Ten we have a late entrant (kidding!) Finishing Touches slipped this brilliant set in at the last moment – called “crazy daisies” and its full of FUN ! I’m not showing the whole set, there’s heaps of it, but this will give you a flavour. Basically anything that’s got macaroons in it wins the day for moi – so yeah – its got those. Plus daisies, spinning ones, window boxed ones, framed ones – daisies galore! Plus of course a gorgeous rocking chair stuffed with unique unisex poses – who could ask for more?! Grab it all at Perfect Ten and get a great special event price.

Perfect Ten

Tres Chic


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Room 69 March

Aphrodite Irish pub NEW - dollarbie dress It’s the first day of Spring yipee! Thats totally not related to this blog post but I thought Id mention it. Aphrodite have released this pretty fabulous Bar, it’s aimed at St Patrick’s day but because the Irish themed items are not hard linked (meaning you can remove them) its great for everyday use too. The stools have some neato poses in them, perfect for the budding barfly or poser. Aphrodite Irish pub detail Lovely detailed work as is usual with Aphrodite, I simply adore this whisky set and might use it elsewhere in my home on a side table. The bar items are scripted to give wearable drinki-poo’s btw. This set is available at the new round of Room 69 only. Argrace hair NEW - Dollarbie dress My dress was a market place find, I wanted something for St Patrick’s day that wasn’t shouting shamrock and neon green – et voilà this little number popped up as a dollarbie. Zan said it looked nice & fresh – which I will take as a compliment (you can never be sure with her lol) Ohhhh musnt forget my new hair-do – its by Argrace and is called “seri”, pretty close to my own real life hair actually.

Room 69

dollarbie dress


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Will you?

Aphrodite Couple Gazebo - Adult version (PG also available) NEW!

The big day of love is fast approaching and its time to think about what you might do…or say ! Above is the new couples Gazebo from Aphrodite, there is an adult version and also a PG one. The gazebo itself is covered in beautiful oh-so-romantic white roses, in the middle is a fur rug that’s just crying out for you to rollll around on, cuddle up together ..and MORE! Player and I tried out the adult version, wowser its got plenty of uhm…”action” included. Some poses Id not seen before in other Aphrodite pieces, always a nice surprise. There is a roaring fire, champagne on ice and a lovely floral arrangement in a vase. It’s truly magnificent for any time of the year – you can go try it out at the store. here is a video that’s absolutely stunning – be warned it’s not suitable viewing for work scenarios as there are bare bottoms ! Video

Info: LI as follows:
Rug: 2
Petals: 2
Fireplace: 7
Champagne Bucket: 8
Decorative White Roses Vase: 1
Optional Gazebo: 36
Optional MESH White climbing Roses to decorate around: 16

The comfortable polar bear rug has couple menus & poses as following:
Snuggles: 28
Hot: 21
Warmth: 2
Dance: 2
Tasties: 9

It also has 9+ props, pillows & romantic food, like fresh strawberries, arousing oysters, aphrodisiac caviar, rose champagne, chocolate! or sparkly champagne.

Aphrodite Couple's table 7 chair set - will you marry me


Moving on to another new release the “Royal Romantic Baroque luxury Couples Silver table” – that’s gonna be hard to remember isn’t  ! Ok let’s make it easy, it’s the MOST romantic set I’ve ever tried out, the poses are 100% quality, it’s so amazing – trust me, you have not seen or used anything like this in the whole of your Second Life. Im uber picky with animations, they have to be natural, flowing you know? I was frankly pretty astounded by this set, it’s a considered purchase for the adult version at $1850L (PG version is $1150L) Your are seriously not going to find anything like this, ever period. We fell in love with the proposal and smoochy animations, here’s the info:

A baroque royal luxury table set with chairs, including valentine placemats with 35 thematic drinks and valentine food & champagne. This set includes:

– Dining table
– Valentine placemats
– Champagne silver bucket
– Baroque luxury set of chairs
– Chandelier

The placemats has:
– 5 Appetizers (Valentine shrimps on lemon sauce, Florentine oysters, cheeses & crackers assortment, valentine cookies and valentine salad)
– 7 Entrées ( heart lobster, heart-shaped sushi, pink salmon with gratinated veggies, hearty sorrentinos, heart steaks with salad, heart-shaped pizzas & hearty ravioli)
– 6 Desserts (chocolate trio, white and dark chocolate desserts, valentine fondue, valentine fruit kebab on hot chocolate sauce, valentine cake and valentine cookies with sweet rose champagne)
– 17 Drinks for all choices!


Aphrodite Couple's table & chair set - please say yes


The chairs have:
4 Single sits
3 drink poses
6 eat poses
11 standing couple poses
10 couple activities
7 couple lap poses
3 couple dances
4 couple proposals
46 couple adult poses

A total of 126 poses that includes the best high quality animations for dining, eat, drink, talk, cuddle, kiss, snuggle, proposals, dance, slow dance and also a full hot menu.

Aphrodite Couple's table 7 chairs set NEW!!

We dillied and dallied for a loonggg time, trying out all the naughtiness, the food, finally settling with me on Players lap sipping champagne. Id really like to keep this set out, the gazebo from the first item show cases it perfectly too. Treat yourselves, if you’re going to give your lover a wonderful time, if you’re thinking of popping the BIG question – do it in style & opulence .

Video here: PG version safe for work – Video

Aphrodite Shop

Aphrodite market place Store

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Ready for love

Aphrodite Valentine items - Masoom FREE dress

Are you ready for love? It’s only a couple of weeks till Valentines day, and if you’d like to surprise your loved one, get planning! Aphrodite have a huge release of V day goodies. You cn make a big spread of glorious food. There are tables laden with sweet treats, a buffet of savoury items, décor for around the home and more. Heres a link to a video so you can see it all in action : – LOVE the video, take a peek.

Aphrodite Valentine Savoury Buffet NEW

The savoury table is heaving with SO much food it’s very tempting, rolls, quiche, champers and all sorts of sammiches .

Aphrodite Valentine Buffet tables NEW!!

If you touch the food you will get wearable items to animated you, what I really like is the sets are not hard linked – means you can move things around and perhaps remove or add pieces. Have to say I was surprised at how low prim the cake is, most of it is low Li – so scatter it all around till your heart’s content.

Aphrodite Valentine Swing seat - couples,signles & activities NEW

My fav item is the Valentine swing – it works for all year really though. 4 prims ! Couples, singles & activity poses, plus of course it swingsssssss gently. There is also a MEGA pack thats at 25% discount currently, it contains squillions of items plus more than you see here. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite shop

Aphrodite market place