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Hard to show FREE AO’s.

I was updating my “Noob” folder which is simply a folder of notes, hints and tips and LMs and also some freebies that I can send to help someone get the best out of their first few weeks in SL but since I’ve badly neglected it really did need updated and to my pleasant surprise all of the ANA_Mations free AO’s are sill available. I remember when a notice sent out that all of the AOs were now set as FREE and I and everyone else TPed in and grabbed, grabbed, grabbed.  Such good AOs and such a generous gift.


8 AOs in total and you’re guaranteed to find at least 1 that fits your SL AV personality or in my case I snagged the lot.

There isn’t a lot here, in fact I think the ANA_Mations brand is non existence but in the back are some adorable cuddle AVs’ for a complete change of style and also some Tent beds and a pool side tent you might want to check them out as they’re not available elsewhere.


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Lucky Me(Freebie)&Gacha……..OOO Update.

I spent some time at a beautiful shopping sim but sadly didn’t find any freebies:-( however I did spot a rug in one of the shops being used as a decor item and I knew it would be perfect for my home so I clicked and got the details and TPed over to Damian Kleiner’s shop, Aisling  and WOO HOO turns out it’s a FREEBIE! I love it when that happens.


Yet again I’m rearranging my beloved home it’s an addiction.  Faith knows I have a house/skybox/shed/greenhouse and on and on addiction and over the years I’ve lived in many styles of home from a tiny Japanese shoe box sized apartment to a grand skybox but this home from LISP has been the longest lasting home ever! So one day when I finally finish my fiddling with it I will show you some pretty pictures.

Back to the rug.  A freebie from Aisling and I love it, it’s just what I was after and check out this lovely touch, even with this cute critter and the shadow this rug is only 1Prim! There’s actually more Freebies inc some very realistic fur rugs.


Aisling is a really lovely shop and although it’s aimed towards the RPing community there is some stunning items for everyone here.  I tried out a bath which was not only beautiful and unique the poses in it were as well, a rather sexy undressing AO where the man can undress the woman and visa versa (looked a bit sad doing that on my own some LOL) but it did look very smooth and sexy.

The Freebies, I also picked up some very realistic animal skin rugs as well, are in the main landing area.  To get to the other departments you have to use the TP’s set into the floor.  A very easy system and it really is worth checking out the different departments.


I of course went straight to the Gacha Dept and for 50Lds won this.  I should have held off taking the picture for just a second as the writing on the paper is much crisper than is shown but you can see from the ashtray alone how sharp it is.  Such detail even down to the heat spot on the ashtray.  Everything apart from the cup planter in the background is linked and it’s only a SINGLE PRIM! 50Lds a go on this Gacha and as I’ve said I would have been happy with anything from it and I know damned well that when I go back to grab the LM I’ll take a chance on it again (I did go back and I won an equally as brill waste basket).

Special mention to the builds here.  As I’ve said I’m addicted to houses but the more rustic RPing ones always leave me a bot cold as they just don’t seem to work for me that is but there are some of the best rustic farm houses/homes I’ve ever seen here.  The texturing is excellent and the prim count and price more than reasonable even as a non RPer I’d still be so tempted.

PS the mouse/rats name is Mickey.

UPDATE.  Can’t believe I almost missed out these brill FREEBIES from Aisling.


I just quickly  rezzed a few of them on the table which is why you can see the shadow over the side of the table but I really wanted to get this posted before I left SL.


I had one of these once but it went the same way as most of my house plants, died slowly but surely.  I’ve done nothing to the picture apart from using my sim setting and look at that detail and texturing and not only is this an anniversary freebie but each plant is only a single prim!

Again a Freebie from Aisling which is why I’m adding it to this post at the last minute.  You get them in the same place as the other freebies but not on the wall, you will see a large wood planter with these in it on the floor next to the wall.  Just click and you get the whole lot, I think about5-6 different colours, copy and at a single prim so usable.


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Good Start Good Monday

Decided to be a good and cheap girl this week and find lots of bargains, freebies, hunt items etc and boom straight away I scored.

TabHave to confess and say that I wasn’t going to pick up this hunt item because basically I just thought it was going to be pretty standard, slap on the wrist here because it turned out to be pretty damned good.  A low Turkish table with  low cushions to sit on, bottle and glasses all come to a measly 4 prims but what makes it a more than worthy hunt item is the really decent pose AOs in the cushions.  Women and men poses, smooth simple and flattering.  This item is from The Silk Road Hunt and it’s what looks like to me a small pyramid.

PotsThis is what I was hunting for.  Great texturing just look at the rust patches on the pots.  I would love to have this in my RL garden.  20 Prims maybe a bit of a push but this is a statement piece and would look great on it’s own on a patio area.  For those of you who like to snuggle this even comes with a cuddle menu.  Not tried it out and because I’m a singleton I didn’t want the floating text which show you were to sit showing but inc in the note is a very simple instuctions on how to remove this.  All I can say is if the cuddle menu is as good as the sitting menu in the table it’s worth it. This is The Cookie Jar’s Home & Garden Anniversary Hunt and it’s a bottle of bubbly you’re looking for.

Both items are to be found in Pestique.  3 floors of really good quality textured, designed furniture.  Make sure to check out outside as well.  Lots of menus in items you wouldn’t expect them to have such as the meditaion pool outside but I have to say that on the ground floor in the back (near to the 60Lds weekend offer) is a kitchen island which I’m at this very moment having fun trying out. Male and female poses.  Quick rezzing items and excellent AOs.  Cuddles and cooking menus. She has a Marketplace shop but I would highly reccomend checking out the  inworld shop as sometimes it’s the poses that makes the item good or in this case even better.


Pestique Marketplace

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I Lied!

Only about it being the last photo of a boat.

SaluteA final salute to my little blue boat that bobs so sweetly but just imagine this, 3 of these little boats is almost the same prims as my lovely new boat.  So time to pack it away.

And the check out my sexy outfit.  YES I really did have to buy a sailor outfit to go with my new boat but my denfence is I saved money on the shoes because I already had them.  An outfit from Boom non mesh with sulptie skirt panel and puffy sleeves and a rich royal blue colouring.  Made even cuter with the hat which sadly doesn’t come inc with the dress but makes the outfit look just extra special.

I’m giving you the MP as well as the inworld main shop because I wandered around but couldn’t find them in the main shop but I know that this is one of their newer designs so they have to be there but check them out on the MP if like me you can’t locate them

BOOM Dress Marketplace

BOOM Hat Marketplace

BOOM Inworld

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Dig This (worse title ever).

I’m so happy not just with this excellent sub gift and the Great Outdoors Hunt item but the whole shop which is called Dig hence the rubbish title for this blogg.  This shop is going to cost me a pretty penny so much so I’ve left and I’m going to have a careful think about what to buy otherwise I will end up buying the whole shop and not have anywhere to place it.


So this is the Sub gift and it’s called the Bali Sunlounger but in all honesty  this could be used as a bed, day bed, lounger or a sun lounger as intended.  Although there is some AOs in it  which are for putting on sun screen etc most are simple relaxing poses (boys, girls and unisexed) but the colours are so rich and deep I think this wouldn’t look out of place inside the home.  No couples poses in this one but a nice choice and a nice slow ao.  I was so happy with the sub gift I forgot about the  hunt item so had to TP back to grab it and I’m so glad I did.

Log pile

What you are looking for is a tree stump  and so far they have been so easily found I’m shocked.  You do have to pay for the stumps 45Lds but so far I’ve been more than happy with what I’ve recieved back and check out Iris Maskelyne (Digs) offer.  A log hutch, stool, rug and the lamp.  If you look closesly you will be able to see the lamp is a minature copy of the actual stump your looking for.  Such a nice touch but then thats what makes her furniture extra special.  It’s solid, well proportioned, beautifully textured with excellent poses for not an unreasonable price.  Everything you need from rugs to a whole prefurnished home and all mesh.

They do have a Marketplace shop but you really need to be able to see this stuff inworld to be able to enjoy the quality.