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Antiquated Love Hunt

Purely by chance I happened upon the Antiquated Love Hunt, in a new-to-me shopping area ! Such a pretty place to wander around and so many stores with things I want *squeee*. As I was there I thought Id try my luck at hunting…surprisingly I found a few. Youre looking for a small pink heart, no hints given..but fairly easy to locate. I found this stunning “hall” table set in Sweet Sorrows…I thought it looked rather nice in our bedroom actually..beautifully made..and is menu driven with single poses & couples…

I was fortunate enough to also find the gift from Spargel & Shine…how stuning it is too…a vignette…stool, long mirror and lingerie box on the floor..read the noteacrd with this so you dont miss what you can do! If you touch the box on the floor it gives you a wearable lingerie gift, choose the pose for opening gift…et voila ! If you touch the cherub card on the mirror, youll get a card to hold for the read pose..absolutely gorgeousss, low prim too !

Just because I can..Im wearing that lully lingerie again,  from Awear that I found last week on the market place (dont forget guys, its transferable and free, so treat your bebe) Im also showing the latest release from Finesmith..”scatterheart”, deeliciously decadent necklace, bracelet and earings…a real scene stealer…it comes in other metal tones also but I just adored the black & red , just 659L per set, they arent transferable, but they might be added to the market place in time for V day..you can also get gift cards in the main store .

The Place : Antique Square

The web site: Antique Square Blog

Lingerie: A wear