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Oh wow – Eight Years !

Blimey O’Riley , this blog has been going for over EIGHT years now ! I was chatting to one of our readers (that sounds posh doesnt it) earlier today and she said she had been reading the blog on and off for quite some time – which got me thinking – “how long have we been doing this”?! So…I checked…and yup – its just over eight years.

In those heady days of sculpted clothing,flexi, and prim builds we girded our loins and rampaged through Second Life looking out for things to show you – free things, funny things, weird things – and we still are ! These days of course its Zan and me, we used to have Steve who was pretty good eye candy I have to be honest. However, he left SL and headed off to seek his fortune in the big wide world.

Zan and I work really well – the occasional bitch fight over covering stuff , or a note-card saying “back off biatch” etc… She loves the weirdest things – but pulls it off with aplomb , I’m your standard Barbie doll Second Life kinda chick – safe & sane at all times. But…it works and here we are – eight years! Thanks for reading the ramblings, putting up with not always the best pics and for not grumbling when we get a landmark wrong!

Without YOU..its really for nothing ❤

Faith xxx


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My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Humps.(Freebies).

Basically, I ended up binning all the decor items I was planning on showing you because the just were a bit too basic and OMG I actually paid Lindens for them but don’t worry I waste my money so you don’t have to lol (ok they all came to just 22Lds so it was hardly a fortune).

So then I went to “The Designer Circle” event which isn’t an event I go to often but it turned out to be perfect timing as there are GOODIES as it is an anniversary event.  So lots of the stands have a giftie for us.  As always a selection of the small things ie jewelry, clutch bag etc but I spotted a few “ooo not bad at all” things, inc a pair of cat eye sunglasses.  In fact, in this picture, I’m wearing a rather nice pair of beige heels that came with a trouser/jacket set but I decided to just keep the shoes.

So why am I showing you my arse?  Well, why not it’s gorgeous plus the panties I’m modeling is one of the gifts I’m keeping.  They come in all the mesh bod fits and are snug and TBH I must remember to wear panties inworld more esp when pose shopping!

I’m making this another quickie because I don’t know when this event is over but it’s getting near to the end of the month and so I can imagine that it will be sooner rather than later.

PS Be grateful I didn’t show you my other “humps” as there is a Tango top on offer and so I dusted my boobies off and tried them on for fun.

The Designer Circle


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Happy 3rd Birthday coldLogic !

coldLogic FREE dress - Label Motion Dolly poses

You have probably already noticed that coldLogic is celebrating its third year – personally I can’t believe how fast three years has flown by ! It only seems a little while ago that I tried on my very first mesh dress , and here we are now three years down the road – what a ride! For me coldLogic is my go-to-place for anything meshy – their stuff always fits me, perfectly. From coats to leggings, to dresses & shirts – it’s all there. Anyhooo I’m reminiscing and what I meant to tell you is coldLogic have sent out a gorgeous little dress as a celebration gift! Here’s me twittering on and forgetting that bit – duh. You get it in two colours, blush which I’m wearing and also a sweet subtle scarlet.

coldLogic FREE dress - dolly poses Label Motion

As always, the back of the dress is just as fantabulous as the front ! Lovely bow tied around from the waist, almost like a birthday party dress , its dead cute. I’m assuming you need to join the subscribo instore and look at the history to get this – if you’re not already a member of course. My pose is by Label Motion, a little something I snapped up while I was there the other day. You get big dollies and teeny ones and some with no pose at all – all different colours too – love them !


Label Motion


Happy Birthday…to us!

Happy Birthday Pure people !

Awww yes indeedy, it was one year ago today that Pure Eggs & spam opened their blog doors! Its been a sensational year for us as we have learnt & grown. We had a lil pink type partay in the Pure studio..I wanted Stevie to smile but frankly it was a “whoaaewww” moment..guys just look kinda dorky when using facial animators right? So he looks glum and aloof and guy’ish amid the pinkness *smirks*

 We’re sooo thankful to the designers who allow us to review their creations and show you the newness! I always used to be a little shy about “speaking” to some..but I can honestly say I’m glad they spoke to us! We’ve found many new friends through blogging….from those that write in, some who give us tips for new & sooper stuff and of course the designers themselves..who despite being terrifically busy always find the time to say “hi how you doing”. I have personally found sooo many new stores & creators through blogging, is that a good thing? It means MORE shopping yay! Sooo whats a partay without giftsss….of courrrse there’s a gifty for all the Pure group members, it’ll be winging its way to you all as soon as I’ve gift wrapped it !

Personally I’ve really enjoyed being involved with some of the charity events that are held, and am in awe of those that arrange & organise them,there are some really fabbo ones coming up this year too!

Huge birthday type kisses & hugs for all of the Pure group, designers & friends…*chinkchinkglugglug* Heres to another year blogging!

Fai ❤,Player, Steviebobs, Faeth, Drivin & Zanzibarrr