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Challenge Accepted! (Inc info on Freebie).

I did a bit of reckoning up of exactly how many Lindens I spent last month and my “Cheap B*” title is well and truly tarnished!  So this month I have set myself a personal limit of 532Lds, the 32Lds is just the remaining money from last month, and that’s it.

No sneaky little top-ups, no caving into temptation this month I am going to be STONG in the face of temptation!

Obviously, any new Mina I get you will see as I do get them for free, no hating on me I know I am damned lucky. I’m also going to pay more attention to my groups esp the ones which I did pay to join so you may see the occasional paid for group gift which brings me to Adams.

Damn is it Addams or Adams, I think its the first spelling but the main thing is this group which I am 99% sure is or was a paid for group is FREE to join at the moment and not only that but there is a 300Ld Credit for group members BUT HURRY! Sadly this offer is going to be over today sometime so hurry.  This is because it’s also Addams 5th Anniversary.  I will say that under the board that you click for the credit, just in front of you at the LM, is an outfit I’ve got my eye on but I’m waiting for the place to calm down before I make my mind up.


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Why? (Lots of Freebies).

Why am I looking so worried!

Turns out that it’s the second anniversary of eBento and we all know what that means Guilt Free, Calorie Free CAKE…ok not really but it means lots of gifts for us.  In this case, it’s the skin and bow I am wearing.  The skin is a gift from the 7 Deadly Skins stall and you get a full face and body but only in Omega and guess who has Omega? MOI! Sorry, I can’t remember which stand the bow came off but undoubtedly as you too will grab away you will find it for yourself.

Unsurprisingly enough the place is heaving which is why I was shocked I’d managed to TP in but after grabbing just a few items and since a lot wasn’t rezzing for me I thought I’d TP home and do a quick post and return later as I can see from the Seraphim blog that there are some items I would like to buy and of course I want to grab all of the gifts.

eBento (Anniversary Event)

Seraphim blog (for pictures of whats for sale not the gifts).

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Dance with me.(50Lds for OODLES of gifts).

Finally some clothes but it’s gonna cost, 50Lds to be exact but for that you do get oodles of stuff.

Hands up I did edit the pic which is something I don’t usually do when I’m showing a paid for item but the setting was so dull it wasn’t doing me or the dress any favours and since there is so much else to grab I lit my piccie up a bit so you can see the details on this gorgeous dress.  This dress is off the Kaithleen stall at the “The Chapter Four” event which is celebrating 4th Anniversary which means GIFTIES for us MEANIES.  OK there is a small price of 50Lds to join the Chapter Four group but so many gifts waiting.

Sorry though because the lag got to me and once I’d grabbed this gift and a few others stall I gave up but I can’t wait to return not only to grab the rest of the Gifts but there is a number of things I actually want from here so yes I will be spending Lindens!

I really suggest you check out the Kaithleen main shop because as fate would have it I had only popped in there earlier today and although I didn’t notice any GG’s that was mainly because I was riveted by a sexy/cheeky boob flashing dress so much so I actually grabbed a demo and then TPed home to try it on and sniggered like a dirty little school boy LOL.  So I’m going to put the link to the blog so you can see the sorts of things you can buy at The Chapter Four event, but no pictures of the freebies, also the LM to Kathleen’s shop so you can have a dirty little snigger as well.

Seraphim, The Chapter Four Event.

The Chapter Four Event