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Champers and Pancakes. (Oodles of Freebies).

In the UK today is Pancake day which is a day we make emm pancakes, almost self explanatory but if you want to know a bit about the history of Pancake day check out the link and yes I have actually taken part in a pancake day race and no I didn’t win.

Pancake Day

Obviously this post is a bit more than pancakes because as it happens on the Angle sim, Anne Maertens shop Dulcie Secrets and the other handful of shops here are having a MASSIVE 203 item hunt going on.  What you’re looking for are Champagne bottles and because there are so many of them they’re just everywhere so no hunting skills needed.  I TPed to the last LM  and in less than 5 mins I had picked up 12 bottles and each bottle is packed with skin, make up and eyes and possibly even more.

OK I have to be honest and the first 2 skin packs I opened were very not to my taste, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not someone else style but I persevered and was rewarded by a number of skins which to me are definite keepers.  This one for example, I changed the sim setting to my Nams Optimum Skin n Prim setting, is such a lovely and sweet one, those lips positively glow and even I didn’t notice the bright colourful eye shadow at first. Lots of the skins come with Appliers and some don’t but I also have a feeling that if a skin you love doesn’t have an applier you just simply use the same skin shade one from another pack.


LOL it looks like I’m eyeing up the next Champagne bottle to pick up and I am because I’ve left my AV there and as soon as I log back in I’m going to go click crazy.

If you want this particular skin which does come with only 2 skins but with SLink and Omega Huds then you want to check out the last LM and it’s the bottle number 190.

PS What I appreciate is that these if not all them most of these pressies seem to be Trans, but obviously non Copy, which means even if the skin etc isn’t to your taste pack these goodies away in a folder in your invent and when you find a Noob make their day with a gift of some great skins etc

UPDATE so I’m actually inworld clicking away and MEN there are gifties here for you as well so get yer AV arse over and start snagging and even if you find mainly ladies skins then you can pack them up as a gift for a loved one.

Dulcie Secrets Angel

Moondance Boutique

Dot Be Angels

Dulcies Secret Garden

Free Photostudio@Dulcies Secret

Private Garden Dulcie Secrets

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lotsa Skins

I was so desperate to get a great skin not only because we all love great skins but I wanted to try out my latest Virtual Props and Poses bathtub and both look GREAT.  Ashby is the name of this skin and it was sent to me and I hope you can see it’s a lightly tanned, clean-looking creamy skin.  So sweet, lovely nude lips and dark eyes.  55Lds! onl but it turns out they have a whole wall of 55Lds skins! No demos with these skins and if you don’t want to risk spending the Lindens their 300Lds ranges do come with demos so you can try out the quality and even at 350Ld very temptingly reasonably priced.

But it doesn’t stop there because there is a couple of Dollarbie’s and I’m wearing the one called Loredana, and it’s PACKED with 30 shades, cleavage choices and even down you hair preference (not talking about head hair). The other Dollarbie is a set of very glassy dramatic eyes.

And even MORE! because just by walking in you get sent 2 skins from Fashioncentric.  I’m wearing the Sarrisa Tequila skin and they even have hunts going on.  So a skin to suit not only evey style but every pocket.

Always appreciate when people make their outside of the shops so nice and Anne Maertens has.  You can sauter past waterfalls and bright flowers brings you to The Retreat.  A small shop of a selection of designer items and nothing more than 50Lds but more than that plenty of nice scenery and sitting areas.

Dulce Secrets