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“I’m on a boat” I wonder how many people will sing that in their heads? (FREEBIES).

There are a couple of things I will always have rezzed on my sim or any SL home I may live in, even if it’s a landlocked mountain, and one of those things is my boat.  The funny thing is in RL I have no desire to go boating but just having a boat even a SL one makes me feel like a rich biatch.


But of course the last thing I am is rich, I maybe a biatch though LOL but I’m at least a “free bitch baby”.

The first freebie is the top which I have to confess comes from an event I’ve not visited for a very long time.  The simple reason was that my one and only fav shape provider, Anna Shapes, always had a stall there and if you’ve ever wondered or drooled over my sexy shape/face then it’s because it’s an Anna Shape.  Unfortunately Analy Amat (yes that’s her name) hasn’t had an inworld shop or even a new shape for many a year now BUT she still has her marketplace shop set up and although she had shapes in the 500-1000Ld range she has 18 priced at only 80Lds and I only have the 80Ld shapes and they’re Mod, which tbh I’ve never ever had to do. So basically if you “wanna be me” then I nearly always wear an Anna Shape and a PumeC skin.

Back to the freebies, this top comes from the Designer Circle which is yet another SL event which is having a Birthday blowout, 5 years,  and on nearly all of the stalls is a pressie waiting to be snagged.  This is the top off the MooH stall and it is excellent and not only exc fit, tex etc but a colour changing Hud is another extra goodie.  If you do go to the Designer Circle to snag all the gifties a lot of them are pretty obviously the gift boxes/bags on the stands but I also noticed a few were more hidden ie click on the cat on the mat and you get a err cat on a mat LOL, adorable and low primmed and if you click on the butterfly on the wall you get a gift.  So just go clicking mad.

The other Freebie is the skin-tight pants and that too comes with a Hud but just the 2 options, white or black.  Both of these are keepers for me because not only do they look great together but I can just see both items working as separates with other items of my clothing.

PS if you didn’t get the 3 reference the first one “I’m on a boat” is by Lonely Island and the “Free Bitch Baby” is Lady Gaga and “Wanna be like me” is Eminem.

Anna Shapes (Marketplace Only)


The Designer Circle (Top)

PB Design(Pants)

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Updated me.

Yeah for brill Dentist (and valium and happy gas), my treatment was reassessed and it was less harsh than I had expected and although I still have to go back for further treatment that also will be reassessed then.  Honestly I really do have lovely teeth and look after them really well BUT if you don’t go to the dentist to make sure they’re in tip-top condition the nasties can sneak up on you.  So I count myself lucky that I’ve managed to keep them all and this is just a little push to all you Chickens out there, like me, don’t put it off! Go get em checked, your smile is the most beautiful thing about you.

Anyhow me and Faith got to spend a little time together so what do we do? go shopping of course.  Actually we popped over to the SLink Shop to try out the SLink heads, I’m still not over awed by any of the mesh heads so didn’t indulge but we noticed that as of February everything has been updated so if you own anything SLink related then you must go over as the updates are excellent.

Firstly the hands and feet now come in the 1 size and that size fit’s all so that’s a brill change and the SLink Body now comes with I have to say a vastly improved Physique Alpha Hud, just check out the piccie.


As you can see you can now Alpha out much more finer detailed, tbh you can see for yourself how much of the SLink Physique body you can now change from this single Hud.  If this looks complicated or the thought of updating your SLink items is going to be too complicated then don’t panic as both the Hud and the updating are easy peasy to use.


The body/hands and feet I’m wearing are the updated SLink Physique version. Siddean Munro in her note tells you in more detail about all the tweaks and tucks done to the body but I don’t care I just love the even cuter bum and perter boobies and there is less faff trying to chose the right size of hand/feet to fit!

Then as luck would have it just as I’m prancing around in the new nude bod a note comes through from Sly Puma about a NEW Group Gift so I of course TPed straight over, in the nude, grabbed the new GG and got out of there before anyone else noticed LOL.

She is called Nicole and aww she’s crying! You can just about make out that delicate little tear running down her face.  Of course I’ve taken this picture in my sim setting and not touched up the picture at all so you can see exactly what you get.  There is a joining fee for PumeC is only 99Lds  but at the moment there is a stonking great 6 skins out inc this new one and of course each pack comes with a variety of contents but never without ALL Appliers, appliers for any extra bits you may add to your body there it is either in the Hud or if you check out the wall on the stairs for an updated Applier Hud.  I love PumeC skins so much not just for their ease of wear but I think the faces are divine and tbh even at full priced her skin packs are bargains!

Actually the one thing I never really make a big thing of is that you also do also get a shape in the PumeC packs but it’s not that I don’t like them it’s simply because as much as I love PumeC skins I love Anna Shapes.  Analy Amat doesn’t seem to have an inworld shop anymore but I’ve put the link to her Marketplace shop and I own EVERY 80Lds shape she has ever put out.  Just like 95% of my skins in my pictures are PumeC 98% are Anna Shapes.

PS thats the New Mina hair called, Aranka, which at this moment is only available at FaMESHed and the eyes are also the NEW updated versions from Mayfly so if you’ve not done it yet make sure to TP over there and get those peepers updated to a much easier to use Hud.

PPS I’ll sneak a more full body piccie on my Flickr account.

Anna Shapes Marketplace

SLink Shop




My Flickr

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All the pretty things

Immerse NEW!

Ohh its sunny today and it’s really lifted my spirits ! So, here I am basking in the sunrays at the new surf beach provided by our awesome landlord at Fruit Islands . (If youre looking for land I can totally recommend them) I’m wearing a new dress “Belladonna” from Immerse, who are currently having a whopping 50% off sale yay! The sale runs until the 2nd of Feb, so you’ve got time to dash over and grab up some bargains.

Eclectica NEW! Anna shapes NEW!

My shape is also a  special price, its by Anna Shapes, a favourite shape maker of Zan and I. This one is called “Gisella” and I really like it. You can get this for just 80L at the moment if you visit The Designer Circle event. Notice my stunning jewels? How can you not ! This is a new set from Eclectica called “Artifact”, I find it totally breathtaking to be honest. It’s a really bold design, with nine cabochon stones set in various tones of metal (sold separately). The stones colour can be altered via a simple to use menu system, and as you can see, I’ve chosen this delicate green to compliment my dress perfectly. The set comprises of the neck piece, two cuffs and earings, all made utilising the new materials method. It’s also unrigged, which means you can manually edit the shape and tint if you wish, so handy dandy ! Thanks so much Tiffy ❤



Eclectica market place (demos available)

Anna Shapes at The Designer Circle.

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Time for a quickie? (freebies).

Due to RL issues time is short but these freebies were so damned good I wanted to get them posted as soon as I could just in case they disappear.  So I threw a few poses and snapped away.

ShapeOK lets start off with the only non freebie but at  80Lds it’s a massive discounted price.  This is the new Anna shape (called Delora) from latest The Designer Circle event and only available only at The Discount Store.  People get into RL/SL arguments over which skin/shape shop is the best in SL but for me Anna shapes are the best and unless I find a great hunt item or freebie it’s the ONLY shape I blog because to me they’re perfectly proportioned (taking into account SL body standards). The boobs are small and neat, waist small with a light flaring of hips to a curvy bottom.  In my vast invent the only shapes I have are from Anna’s and a single gorgeous ample sized one from an old hunt so that goes to show how much I love them. Now because this is on special offer it doesn’t come with all the extras that Analy Amat offers in her shape packs ie appliers, make ups etc etc.  This is a great way to try out one of her shapes to see if it works for you then pop over to her shop and try on all of the demos and see what getting yourself a full priced pack offers but also make sure to grab the Free/Dollarbie/Cheap Shapes she has set out they’re just as good as any you pay a lot of money for.  If you like the complete look she handily includes a full styling note in each purchase you so know where the skin, hair etc is from.

Shoes11Their mistake our benefit.  A notice sent out by “Ever A’ Angel” about a flaw in one of their pairs of shoes means they’re fixed it and set the shoes out for anyone to come and treat themselves to.  Lucky for me that although it comes with a hud, the hud will only change the skin tone, that the skin tone it was set at was already a perfect match for my skin.  Look on one of the benches in their main shop (not the one with the sheep sat on it) and just click and collect.  I’ve not had time for much of a look around but I know that Faith has just blogged one of Their GG’s not long ago and it was gorgeous but they have a new Group Gift out so check it out.

Hair 1Zoom back up to the hair OMG I love this hair, love the fat retro curls with very defined bleach job and heck yes this is FREE but not only this in fact there are 4 hairs on offer.  Just click and join the group and look at previous notices and grab em quick before they go (2 boxes containing the 4 hairs).

Hair2Another one of the freebies.  They come from Little Bones and omg this woman, Nova Monroe , isn’t afraid of colours.  Bold brash bright and in you’re face and I love them.  Tried on loads of demos but more than happy with the freebies, at the moment, and then when I have a few Lindens to spend I’ll be back.

Step outside of Little Bones and have a wander around a really lovely well designed sim with a small selection of shops with hopefully more to come, a staged area for events, what look like home rentals(?) and tons of places to hang out at and spend time.  A real poseurs delight.

Designer Circle/The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Mainstore (use TP board)

Ever A’ Angel

Little Bones (Hair)

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Alas Poor Faith

Faith is MIA (missing in action due to raging toothache) I am MIA because RL is draging me kicking and screaming back to reality but I found time to snag this lovely freebie and yet more special offers for my FAV shape maker in SL.

Snapshot_016Sadly only the sky box is free, happily the shape I am wearing is on special offer.  I was mooching and came across Quark Fallen’s profile which brought me to a weird looking skybox, Arbres Obscurs.  Followed the instructions and clicked the subscription button and then reclicked and checked the history and then snagged all the free goodies that Quark Fallen had put out over the past year or so one of which is this sky box.  Very textured walls with a  door that does open although only onto a narrow corridor a  painting on the wall and richly draped curtains in the centre of the room is a slightly raised dias with a draped canopy over head which is begging to have a throne or a bed place underneath.  A very armospheric and beautiful room and not only free but only 28prims! But don’t ignore the other freebies as the Easter flower cross is gorgeous and the simple pot of Lily of the Valley is so sweet.


Not doing the shape justice because of lack of time but I’ve only just done some Anna shapes and I wasn’t planning on doing another one so quickly BUT she has some brill offers on at the moment so it was hard not to give her a mention again.  She has a shape out at Flawless for only 50Lds! and if you hunt down the strawberries on the barrows you can score yourself some freebies as well.  The other shape is from the new round of Designer Circle When I get released from horrible RL I will be able to do the shapes justice but until then you have my word that they are the best shapes I have found in all my years SLing.

If by any chance you have some spare time them spare a thought to visit this beautiful sim.  Because I’m doing a rush job I’ve not checked but it looks like a delightful place owned by Quark but open to all to wander and enjoy.


Arbres Obscurs

Leroy Lovely Sim

Anna Shapes at Flawless

Designer Circle

Anna Shapes Main Shop

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The Shape I’m In.

This is the first shape I have ever blogged in fact it’s the first shape I’ve tried on for many a year that I’m in love with.  I’ve had the same shape since almost day one and apart from a couple of tweaked shapes, my “skinny ass” for system skirts and my “saggy t*ts” one for some mesh tops, it hasn’t changed.  Thats not to say I haven’t tried many a freebie and demo and had a great laugh at the fish mouth, alien face, slits for eyes, midget height and monkey arm before I bin them and then today I got sent some samples from AnalyAmat (Anna Shapes) and I LOVE it.

Skin Smoke

Remember it’s the shape and not the skin to look at (the skin is from Essence and is called Wednesday).  Well rounded realistically sized boobs, small waist flaring to wide hips and  a rounded bottom.  Arms and legs are well proportioned.  This is a very natural real woman shape.  Although it does come as Mod (never ever buy a shape that isn’t mod or copy!) I just didn’t feel that it needed any modification.

Smoke 2

Again ignore the skin but check out the facial features.  A pouty mouth and the narrowed eyes that are very in vogue at the moment but without the extremes that some shapes take it to.

Smoke 3

Popped my smile on for this one because Woo Hoo this shape takes MOCK make up so well. This shape is called Jessica and I’ve tried on so many of the Demos from her shop and for once they’re all so good it would be hard to chose.  Some shapes for the boys as well.

Nitty Gritty so I popped over to “Anna Shapes” to check out prices which seem to average 800Lds which to a lot of people maybe a bit more than they can afford to pay but all is not lost because not only does she have some bargain, 80Lds priced shapes  on the Marketplace but if you want to  buy the Jessica shape I am wearing you can only get that from from The Discount Store (inworld ) for 80Lds as well.  Not only a BARGAIN but a damned fine shape.

A nice touch is that she includes a note in your purchase which tells you which hair, skin and eyes are being used in the picutre so if you want to recreate the look completely it’s a no brainer.  I wish more people did that.

The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Inworld

Anna Shapes MP