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Guy Fawkes !

 Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder
treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot!
    Guy Fawkes and his companions
the scheme contrive,
    To blow the King and Parliament
    All up

Yes hooohahhhh, its bonfire night here in England…Guy Fawkes and his chaps tried to blow up the houses of parliament…and epically failed…we get to celebrate this occasion each November the fifth. Fireworks…huge fires..and tasty hot treats to wolf down as we make merry…(actually I did mine last night heyho) I wish Id had a sweater & scarf like the ones I’m showing above..its was soooper cold…this is CandyMetal’s November group gift…theres also a pair of shorts in the box…and a non mesh version of the scarf….My hair is also a gift…stonking generous fat pack of hair tones from Dura..not sure how long this will last, so better dash !

More news….boots ! Lots of pretties , jewell colours and a classic black & brown pair. Something for everyone I guess…..lovely fit and mesh, so you get choices of size  (small/medium was good for me and I’m pretty standard) Totally love love LOVE the brown…yes I have finally got over my black & white fetish *winks*…head down and grab up your gift and check those new releases out ! Thanks Emychan ❤



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Ravage me cold Autumn

Its been so so chilly in England the last week…downpours of rain…icey winds, it’s almost wintery…I was SO ready for this new bumper release from coldLogic ! Check out this new coat “shreve”…totally fantabulous tweedy look fabric used…and beautiful detailing around the bottom…all tied up with a belt to keep those chilly winds out of your snuggle spots…

Showing full length here , so you can see the new “swank” pants…Im wearing them in cinnamon along with the new suede ankle boots from DUH! (only 25L per pair or a fat pack of these darling boots for 100L!) The rust pair of these DUH boots are actually a fully wearable demo yay! Thanks Renee <3. The ladder and cactus behind me are both from Zinnias..totally adorable and really lift a dull spot around your home….(thanks Zinnia<3)

As is usual with any coldLogic release…there are a few variables on one piece…heres that coat, this time styled a little more….sleek…less tweed more glammmm! Its called “austin” and I really really REALLY adore it…beautiful tones in this so check them out (or treat yourself to a whopping-great-value quantum pack)

And now for something a bit different…”twist” ,is it a skirt…is it pants…hmm…its BOTH …no really…it is…twist is a short lil skirt..complete with leggings/pants underneath…all-in-one…fantastically of the moment…and SO wearabubble….there are just heaps & heaps of colours to choose from in these..I wriggled into the jansen baggy shirt with mine…but they would look equally as wicked with something more fitted…I predict these will be BIG this season (but who listens to me anyway lol) I’ve got a jiggly wiggly bat on a string..isnt he just sooper cute?! It’s from one of my fav FUN stores RC get three colours of bat in a pack…to rez or wear…they really do bouncccce ! My Halloween arrangement is from the market place..12 prims and only 1L…made by “snuggles”, love it …

Ok here’s my latest “vamp” it up moment…oh cmon…you knew Id have too right? There are a few new pairs of pants released this time..I totally squealed about these called “higgins” very soft…and the cream is almost edible (I just can’t wear white or cream in real life…ever…I’m a grubby girl who slops coffee at the merest provocation) I picked out this glorious wool look cardigan/jacket to wear with them called “blohm” its sooooo feminine…and sooo pretty in this delectabubble pink shade…gosh, I think Im almost striking a pose “Vogue” !

Last up for me today…but you really need to go poke your snout inside the store to see the full array of goodies…these “wharton” pants are scrummy delicious…dead perfect for lounging in…wear with sneakers to roam…chunky ankle boots…sooooo versatile…check out the lovely tie detail at the ankle and cargo pockets on the legs…a squillion diff colours to dribble over…I slipped into one of my all time favourite tops from coldLogic “graham”…so right for a flop by the fire no? (my chaise is new also – more about that in my next post!) Thank you coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Snuggles Halloween decor

DUH! ankle boots

RC  bats


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Spiky sexy heels

Almost the best 3 words you can say to me,  but if you added the 4th which is 1 LINDEN then it sounds even better.  This pair, which are only on offer for a limited time, are available from the marketplace.  The ribbons on this pair are 2 different colours but I believe if you buy a pair for the full price you get a hud to change the ribbon colours.

West Coast Influenced

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Special promo !

o.O..another special promotion from Stars Fashion Mall…and this is a dooozy..”Madness Stars” is the name and for another few days its available for only 99L…and YES…you get everything you see me wearing above…mmhmm..the boots..mesh jacket (which is superb and has the funkiest design on the back) socks..dress..bargain !

Close up…just to show you the jacket and my sooper little necklace from the Kawaii Fair..its a freeb..and if you click lets out a pufff of lemony perfume ! By Cute Bytes..sweet …

Stars Fashion Mall

Stars Fashion promo outfit market place

Kawaii Fair

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Vixen mini’s go lala

Oh its been agesss since I had something to show you from Poised…worth the wait though…cause Ive got the “Vixen” mini skirt..comes in a bunch of patterns…and at 100L a pop, a real gem for your wardrobe ! I just got grabby hands over the grey plaid..sooper easy to wear , with a resizer script for that purrfect fit. Teamed mine up with this months free gift from SF Designs.”key to my heart” a natty pair of black ankle boots, with some charming details..option for resize or not…couldnt resist shimmying into a cold logic mesh sweater…”breeze” comes in various can wear the arms, or leave them out…lovely chunky bubbly knit, scrummmy..ohhhh I also scooted over to [elikatira] and checked out the new mesh hair-do’s…surprisarama I bought one ! (thank you Talena xx) This ones called “over” casual style, floppy loose plait…just adorbs. My pritty lights, came from Lisp 10L bazaar…however they were only 5L each yay!

Vixen Skirt: Poised

Key to my heart boots: SF Design

breeze sweater: coldLogic

flutter bulb: Lisp 10L bazaar

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Oh I’m on some sort of roll …can’t sleep and I keep finding some amaaaazing buys ! Headed over to N-Core and saw that they have a newww group gift out (well new to moi) Some awesomesauce boots ina  yummmi fudge brown always with n-core no worries about fit etc..easy to use HUD…this is how they went on my trotters straight outta the box yay! No group join fee either which is way cool and much appreciated..

The new hair-do I’m sporting is from Dura..its a celebration gift and comes in a few shades , looks equally good on guys ! Actually, there is another hair style out right next to this one, it’s for the boys but will work for us chicks…head on over and take a peek, I saw some realllllly lovely new do’s out also ! The bench Im lounging about on I won on a lucky board at MMG, it’s an amazing store, Zan intro’d me to it when she was looking for a new home to buy (and she DID, and its stunning, and I hate herrrr !) anyyyywayy..the place is chocka-block with low prim goodies for your home & garden. I bought some adorb drapes for the nursery while I was there also…its a place Im gonna haunt from now on…seriously lowww prices too!

celebration hair: Dura

Eclipse boots: N-core

bench seat: MMG

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I cant ChoOoz

I spied another 1L bundle of goodness from ChoOoz…hard to believe these are almost free…great boots…fab stylin and all yours for virtually nuthin *faints*, go ahead and take a peruse on the market place..there are others for 1L also…snuffle these babies up, they are a wardrobe keeper !

Harlow boots 1L: ChoOoz market place