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Sweet as Sugar.(Mention Of Teegle Freebies & Lots of rambling).

Scroll down to the end for info on the freebies so you don’t have to suffer my insane horse rambling.

I’ve lost my horse! She’s managed to wander off sim which does happen occasionally and normally I get a message telling me that it’s happened and the horse is automatically booted back to me. All I need to do is just rerezz her out of my invent but this time I got the message and she’s not in my invent so I’ve searched our sim and nope she’s gone. “Sods Law” is that she may turn up our of the blue but I thought it’s a great time to test the Teegle replacement system.

In the Teegle mainshop are 3 caspervends and you just chose the right one and one click opens a web page which has your purchases listed and 1 click later I had my replacement.

So this is my Sugar, her full name and title if you want to buy the same model is “Sugar Cookie, The Painted American Model”. I’ve not even changed her coat as I love her as she is but one day I may change her to a dappled grey, alternative skins do have to be purchase seperately.

These horses are so freaking realistic right down to the way their nostrils flare as they whinney as they are Animesh horses.

So easy to ride and a simple riding hud. I just let mine wander and as I’m working in and around my home I can hear her clopping/snorting and neighing away in the background. As someone who has always dreamed of owning a horse this is as good as it’s going to get and it’s pretty good.

I picked one of the more realistic horses but there are many of different shapes and styles from fantasy to naturalistic. On the right hand side of the shop is I believe the Animal AV’s. So if you want to BE the horse and not just the horse rider then thats the side you enter, it’s the left hand for the rezzable Horses.

BTW if you’re wondering the non-copy version is only 1500Lds which compaired to the copy version of 6000Ld is a pretty big price difference. I also spotted if you wanted to upgrade from non-copy to copy then it’s about the 40004500Ld price and then I spotted a FOAL!!

OMG There is a FREAKING gorgeous little foal! The realism in its gangly movement is just outstanding! I had a brief glance at the details and it looks like you can “Mother it” to your existing horse and thats when I knew I had to get out before I spent money I don’t have, 1500Lds but that is definately on my “Buy” list for next year.


As for the FREEBIES you will find under the Christmas tree is a LOT of boxes of random horsie stuff. I’ve not even started unpacking them so I’m not sure whats in most of them but half the fun is the suprise.

Teegle Mainshop. (Left for the Horses, Right for the AV Horses).