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Not the right attire – Free backdrop & pose

Headed over to La Vie En Pose to see if there was anything that caught my eye – there wasn’t BUT each stand had a little gift out if you join the group ! The group is free to join and I spent a happy hour wandering around checking the stands out and collecting pressies. I know I’m not really dressed for being tied up – but time didn’t permit an outfit change ! This was the gift by Synnergy you get the backdrop and the separate pose – really cool.

La Vie En Pose

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Pouf !

21 Shoe G&D Janis sandal TMP,Maitrey,SLink NEW! elikatira [e] Kara hair NEW! Label Motion pouf NEW!

One more dayyyyy till 21 Shoe – will it ever arrive?! Anywayyyy at least I’ve got plenty of time to share the goodies with you eh? Actually I was dead in the water and uninspired when out of the blue Label Motion released this darling little pouf, packed with suitable shoe type poses – phew. What I didn’t realise is you get a whole load of the little babies in heaps of different colours and two size choices – yay. Soooo onto the shooz without further ado – these are from G&D and are such a classic style for summer. Love the wooden heel and platform, plus you get a HUD with gold or silver options for the studs.

21 Shoe G&D Janis sandal TMP,Maitrey,SLink

Because its 21 Shoe (and its on for 48 hours not just 24 now!) you get two pairs of these Janis sandals for the price of one, the denim blue polka dot above and the golden polka in the first photo.

21 Shoe Blog


Label Motion

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Happy 3rd Birthday coldLogic !

coldLogic FREE dress - Label Motion Dolly poses

You have probably already noticed that coldLogic is celebrating its third year – personally I can’t believe how fast three years has flown by ! It only seems a little while ago that I tried on my very first mesh dress , and here we are now three years down the road – what a ride! For me coldLogic is my go-to-place for anything meshy – their stuff always fits me, perfectly. From coats to leggings, to dresses & shirts – it’s all there. Anyhooo I’m reminiscing and what I meant to tell you is coldLogic have sent out a gorgeous little dress as a celebration gift! Here’s me twittering on and forgetting that bit – duh. You get it in two colours, blush which I’m wearing and also a sweet subtle scarlet.

coldLogic FREE dress - dolly poses Label Motion

As always, the back of the dress is just as fantabulous as the front ! Lovely bow tied around from the waist, almost like a birthday party dress , its dead cute. I’m assuming you need to join the subscribo instore and look at the history to get this – if you’re not already a member of course. My pose is by Label Motion, a little something I snapped up while I was there the other day. You get big dollies and teeny ones and some with no pose at all – all different colours too – love them !


Label Motion

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Lollipop Lollipop oooo-la-lee Lollipop

FREE dress - dollarbie pop poses

Hop skip and jump over to Label Motion lovelies and collect a sweet pack of Lollipops! It’s a big bundle of Lolly’s that pose you, big ones and tiny ones – all for $1L. Actually I made the mistake of wandering inside Label Motion, and bought a stack more poses, I love this store! My dress is a hunt gift from Beautiful Dangerous, very plush looking velvet frock. Its fits beautifully and is a nice diversion from all the heart covered things that are around at the moment. The hunt is “add some red 2 ” it goes on till the 28th Feb.

Label Motion

Beautiful Dangerous

The add some red Hunt blog


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Couple of free gifts!

FREE wearable chalk board (has many messages!) Free sweater

I was shooting around doing the 25L Tuesday event, on one of my regular stops I spotted this wearable chalkboard. It’s at Kei Spot, and if you haven’t been here before you’re in for a treat! Kei spot caters for all sorts of things, role play, home & garden and a bunch of FUN stuff too. This is located not far from the landing point right by the fantastic 25L Tuesday offers (which I also bought). Soooo its a chalkboard and you wear ir – so no prims taken up yay!. Touch it and you get a load of choices for the writing, and also a piece of chalk to wear. (Btw the little pot of flowers is also part of it) Totally adorable ! Thanks Kei . My sweater is a free gift from Blaraby, there’s a few more gifts there and the group is free to join (I think Zan already posted the shorts from here).

Kei Spot


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Sways Summer Hunt

OhI do so love Sways hunts..they are like the ones I recall yearsss ago..when you really had to hunt things out…even I found three gifts yippeee! Now this hunt is a lil bit different from the usual find-the-box ones…youre looking for a small flower..there are decoys too! When you see a flower, touch will send you a notecard with a password (or not if it’s a decoy) Then you go to the gift area…touch the appropriate gift box..and follow the instructions to claim your gift…simple! I found Sways gift, which is the gorgy floor cushion stuffed with poses for sitting, reading and playing the guitar…I also found the dear daisy necklace from DCD…anddd my fabbo hat, thats from [Zacca] and comes in two colours and is mod..I have a feeling guys..this would mod to fit you also..give it a whirl!

Sway Land

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Cozy inside

ohmaigosh…its snowing here ! Great big fat flakes that are already forming a deep blanky…hope I can get out of my house tomorrow ! To make myself feel more cozy & snuggly..Im gonna show you the new TOSL item from Cleo Design..(TOSL= Taste of Secondlife).  For only 55L you will receive all the furniture in the photo plusss the dinky sweet ballerina shooz ! Adorable pouffe stuffed with some great poses…a rug, sideboard, wall decal and vase of flowers…I really love that you can use the pieces indvidually…if your prim limited (like me!) it’s so handy to be able to choose what you have out. Thought my group gift from CandyMetal went really nicely with the I slung it on too …superb little outfit of shorts, suspenders,socks and tee- thanks Emychan xx

For “Spruce up your space” Cleo Design have this incredible collection “sewing time”…you receive all that you see above for just 400L.

I can’t stress enough that you really should read the info note that comes in the box ! If you don’t, you will miss out on all the goodness that’s packed into this set..the wearable items, the colour change menus and more..when I first looked at this chair, my initial thought was that it might not fit into my colour scheme..BUT ! after reading the info note, I saw that its colour change hooray! Brilliant sewing animation in it with wearables …and a heap of other sits make this one versatile chair.


I totally fell in love with this sewing table and its dear vintage  machine, once again its got animations galore plus wearable items to make it just that much more realistic.

If you’re worrying that all this gear will break your prim limit, don’t ! I love that you can pick and choose what you use and have out, individual pieces aren’t that primmy either..and youre looking at some quality items with heaps of detail. I think I might even split this collection up around my home, use the study desk in my office..the comfy chairs etc in the den..and perhaps use the sewing table in my utility area. It’s such a flexible set of furniture !

Thanks Cleom xx

Heres the links:

Cleo Design for all furniture

CandyMetal for group gift outfit