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Easterling NEW!

First up today is a new frock just right for the Easter break. Easterling is a new-to-me store, after having had a peek at the store inworld I was hooked – lovely selection of clothes, plus a large discount section and a smattering of group gifts (free to join) await you. This is “Daria” and whoa – you get a mahoosive HUD with tons of variations ! Some are very sheer, others are not so sheer but ALL fo them are just gorgeous. Fitting sin the pack for many mesh bodies (Freya,Hourglass,slink,Isis,Maitreya & Venus) plus the standard mesh sizes.

Easterling HUD

Voila, here is the HUD.

Aphrodite - Easterling NEW! Truth hair NEW!

I got hooked on this particular design, so feminine and a little bit cheeky. Check out my Eastery Egg! nomnomnom, it fell from my new Aphrodite Easter tree, heaps of colours in this tree, its animated so the leaves sway , the eggs drop and you can click on them to pick them up and eat . Actually Aphrodite has an Easter market on, I’m not kidding – it’s quite literally stuffed with Easter time treats. Animated bunnies, baskets, everything you could possibly need. LM below.

Aphrodite - chez moi - Easterling NEW!

The rather nifty wicker chair above is by Chez Moi, its at the new round of Lost & found. This fantastic little item is a real keeper for me as it’s SO versatile – here’s the deets:

♥ 28 single poses (female and male)

♥ 24 couple poses (12 x 2)

♥ Several “wearable” props like mug of coffee, notebook, book, newspaper and others.

♥ Texture-change options: tap the chair to display the menu. 4 Wicker colours | 4 pillow combinations | 5 cushion colours

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Easter market

Easterling store

Lost & Found




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Rezz in Edit. (Shhh not “Free Tree” but a single Linden).

TreeeeeeSo poor I decided to cling onto my remaining Lindens and go hunting instead.  I chose the Christmas Candy Cane Hunt because there is so many shops involved including some I love so I thought I’d be almost guaranteed to get  some Crimbo goodies.  A big plus is a comprehensive list of LMs and Hints which for idiots to me is always appreciated.

OMG I actually walked past this tree and although I noticed it because of its unusual design and great colouring I didn’t even prim check it because I thought that there was NO WAY this was going to be as low primmed as it has turned out to be.  So with a little hunting I found the CCCH item (what you’re looking for is a cupcake with a candy cane sticking out of it and the clue given is “Sweet fairies guard me”) so when I’d picked up a couple of hunt items I TPed back to my platform and was more than pleasantly suprised that this is the actual hunt prize. So chuffed with it. The colours are bright and primary, the lanterns with the candle flame are old-fashioned and not only that but a total of 11Prims means this can be rezzed anywhere…as long as it fits LOL.  As you can see this is a big un and because it’s actually animated as well you cannot resize it but again at 11 prims this is not primmy at all.

Lots of really lovely and unusual indoors and outdoor decorations at this Christmas Market.  Special mention to the excellent 3 tiered Christmas tree style Village scene which would look really unusual instead of a traditional Christmas tree and amazingly enough for all the detail only 13Prims.


“Rezz in Edit” is something you may have heard of but not really sure what it means. Simply click on something and go into edit, I’m in edit mode on that plain prim,  and then whilst still in edit drag the item you wish to rezz from your invent and rezz it and you will now see that is now in edit mode.  This is very useful for items which have unlinked bits to it. Most of the time if you forget to do this then it’s easy just to edit the pieces back together but sometimes you may find that there are too many bits or you’ve broken something such as an animation because you should have rezzed in edit.  Not too sure if I’ve made it clear but practice makes perfect.

Candy Cane Hunt LMs and Hints

Christmas Market (Hunt Item)