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More Lavender …

Lavender Hill Hunt-  Senzafine chair

You can certainly relax in style with this superb gift from  Senzafine, the”Marguerite chair”, its their gift in the Lavender Hill Hunt. Beautifully crafted piece and its stuffed full of lovely poses to make lounging around stylish…not too heavy on the prims either , check out the detailing on the wood, it’s just gorgeous…Head over and hunt ! (you’re looking for a lilac square – looks like a piece of paper)


Lavender Hill Hunt Blog (all info)


Are you sitting comfortably…?


…than we shall begin…I dipped into the MHOH Hunt today for a few moments..I saw Spargel & Shine are participating…I love their had to go see if I could find their gift! It wasnt so so hard to spot – thank goodness …you all know how truly abysmal I am at hunts…anywayyy…it was this stunning  couch/seat/chaise affair…literally stufffed with poses for males & females…it dispenses wearables for certain animations..classy and high quality…and I absolutely MUST find a place for it in my home !

Spargel & Shine

MHOH blog