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The Challenge – Electronics

The Challenge - NEW round - FREE animated mesh bed (pack of four) FREE

Refreshed from my recent holiday , Im back to bring you a few of the releases for this months round of The Challenge. The theme is electronics and its REALLY a mixed bag! Above is  a montage of items, plus a free mesh bed I picked up from Belle Epoque , you get four colours and each has poses for a singleton – low prim and perfect for photo props. Group is free to join also – I did notice as I was going through my emails that they have another group gift out , so if the bed is gone might be something different?

The Challenge - NewChurch Digital camera with.without strap

Close up of the Zeus digital camera by NewChurch, its static , so great for slipping onto a table or in a photo. Lovely details and comes with the option of strap or no strap.

The Challenge - 22769bauwerk

I fell in love with this bakers block and décor items from 22769 bauwerk – Super pretty and ever-so-low prim, you get the kettle, coffee machine and tins also – perfect for staging your home.


The Challenge Blog (all landmarks listed for stores)


Belle Epoque

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Escape to the trees

Chez Moi NEW!

Chez Moi have a lovely new addition to the store, the “tree house sweet scape” is ideal if you’re looking for a little place to hideaway in with friends or lovers. I’ve always had a fondness for tree houses, and this one really hits all the right buttons. It has plenty of foliage to make it private and cosy and would suit a forest or beach-side location. There is a rug plus a bed in the set – I’m just showing the rug here. Heres the details for you:

The bed has 118 animations including:
♥ 16 individual poses (8 out of place)
♥ 20 animations for couples in love (20×2)
♥ 3 animations for seduction (3×2)
♥ 28 sex animations (28×2)
♥ massage poses, kisses and super hot make out.
♥ Props: cell phone, magazine, book, cat, tea, crossword and pen

Chez Moi NEW! Tree house and rug

The carpet, to relax with friends, has 18 poses
♥ Place for 3 people
♥ 6 poses each place
♥ Prop: guitar

The carpet and the bed have:
♥ SWAP Functionality
♥ Control by Menu
♥ Adjustable Poses

The lantern lights the flame at the touch.

Specifications and content:
♥ Tree House: 39 LI | 33 Prims
♥ Sex Bed: 6 LI | 9 Prims
♥ Carpet: 8 LI | 6 Prims
♥ Lantern: 2 Prims | Mesh

As you can see it really is the royalty of  tree houses ! Head over to the store and test it out for yourself, or if you’re impatient buy it straight away on the market place.

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place


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Summer Harvesting

Oh I’m so glad I popped over to Cleo Design and hunted down the Summer Harvest hunt gifty..its marrrvelous! In this hunt the gifts are free..and wow…its a superb prize…You get this terrific reading chair, its stuffed with poses , touch the cushion for animations, touch the back for all different sorts of books to hold whilst lounging. There is also the sweetest little coffee table, complete with specs,book and a coffee…plus the greenery in a pot..and the gorgeous bookcase that has books etc inside…ohhh musnt forget the working lamp too! Youre looking for an acorn…the hint is right outside the store entrance..and if I found it…you certainly can !

Also Cleo Design is in the Four walls this hunt each prize costs just 10L..In the gift box you will receive…this looks a little shabby chic…and shhh it has a secret ! The animations are just SO cool…its a *breakfast* bed…with poses for two and one for a single pringle….NINE breakfasts in the menu, with different poses, you also get a box in the pack with all the cutlery etc to hold…uber cool. The rug is sweet and simple, there is also a lovely little gas lamp to sit above your bed…


Plusssss you also get a matching dressing table and stool…I think it’s a bit retro looking, which I love. The stool has animations for brushing your hair, applying lippy and it gives you the lipstick and brush to wear to go with the pose..perfect! Thanks Cleom ❤ Head over and try your luck….I always find something I havent seen before at Cleo Design…dont forget to have a wander outside…plenty to see !

Cleo Design