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Slap that sub(Freebie).

Slap the sub board at AnaMarkova and if these SLink High shoes aren’t sent to you automatically then slap it again and check the no 1 in History and these will be yours.


These are a gift for 500 Subscriptions but I have to say I’m surprised that they have so few subs at the moment as this is a pretty nice shop indeed.  There is a GG also but this is a paid for Group.  Cost a 100Lds to join and in the notice that was sent out I can see it’s a lovely white Grecian style wrap over dress with silver belts around the torso.  It’s in the bag on the table on the reception table. There is a picture of it in one of the notices sent out so when you’re grabbing the Sub gift grab the notices as well to see a piccie of it.

PS if you don’t like this shade then there is a whole wall of different colours and at 99Lds not badly priced.