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I really need to STOP

Just when I should be sleeping – or at the very least prepping for my upcoming big trip – I cant sleep and whats more I’ve found a new store to shop in ! The gift I showed on the page below was from AnaMarkova, I loved it so much I just had to go and check out the store before bedtime. Oh dear – stuffed full of glamorous dresses, cute outfits and shoooooz! The prices are really competitive too, think around $150L a piece and you wont go wrong. What I really loved is that everything looked to be a little more unique than the usual clothing I find. Take the outfit above – “Prague” so on trend, so designer – feel a million bucks in it. Both coat and dress are equally good as separates – mesh body and standard fits btw – demo available to try first (first time I’ve tried anything on as a demo for ages but I wasn’t sure about the fit of coat over dress). It comes in a variety of colours – tough choice but I went with classic b/w.  I also joined the group, just $100L and there are STACKS of gifts on the counter, plus a few more on the shelves behind. Ohhhh mustn’t forget my new hair-do – its a new release from Magika “7 Days” – dead cute and a chic little twist at the nape of your neck.

AnaMarkova Store


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All fur coat and no knickers (All Free!)

Oh my gawd – I popped over to ON9 and did a little shopping – noticed some gifts scattered about so collected a few. (Group is free to join). I had NO idea that one of the gifts would be a mink jacket *squeeee*. Not that I advocate wearing animal fur in any shape or form – but here in SL it’s all fake right?! The AnaMarkova gift is the fur jacket andddd the shimmery slinky dress. Various mesh body fits included – infact all I think?. No alphas used in the wearing of this outfit I swear. My hair was also a gifty, from Iconic, never seen this hair designer before and was really chuffed with this classic style – you get alllll the tones too! My glorious glossy red lips are curtesy of Lakshmi and my bag with pose is free from Fashiowl (set of four poses free at their store not the event – posted on one of the walls). Brilliant gifts thank you!


Fashiowl store

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You know she did. (Freebies).

It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK which means PJ Day for me and a TO DO list for him cos that new doorbell isn’t going to fix itself to the door lol.

Yes, I was pathetic enough for Faith to send me the Rare she won so I now have that and the unrare(sic) car I won parked outside of my house. They’re both so low primmed I can do that.

Now for the freebies, my RL maybe skanking it out in tatty PJs but my SL me is glamming it up in this super dress from the AnaMarkova shop.

The AnaMarkova is a paid for group and I am a fully paid up member because at 100Lds it’s a bargain.  I will admit though it’s been a long time since I’ve been over to snag any new GG’s that may have been set out but when I was grabbing this SL Frees and Offers (sic) gift set out for us I spotted a whole bookcase of the paid for groups gifts so if you have some spare Lindens you wouldn’t be wasting them if you did join the anaMarkova group.   If I get some more SL time today I will pop back change my group tag and grab them to see what’s what.

There are actually 2 Freebies for the SL Frees and Offers group this and a purple skirt/top set.  This outfit actually has 3 separate bits to it, a chain halter and a leather halter both of which come as separates which means you can also use them with other outfits as well.

PS The shoes from my last post go perfectly with this dress AND check out my Mina, this hair is called Chantel and she is one of the Gacha wins from her main shop and I’ve mentioned before how some of my Fav Mina hairs are actually Gacha wins andChantel is one of them, you can’t see from this angle but Chantel has a big loose bun.  So if you want a new hair with a big fat hair colour hud and it should be about the 100Lds you can beat trying one of the Gacha’s.

PPS Don’t worry even with the Gacha hair you can try the Demos first.


Mina Mainshop

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Drat! (New Mina, Freebies & Whole Load of GG’s).

As soon as I think we have done it and our sim is looking at it’s Autumnal best I come across a shopping sim that is just how I think our sim should look in Winter.  So being an opportunist I took advantage of this cool blue sim to pull a few poses and snap away.


OK, first the outfit which is a stunning freebie from the AnaMarkova shop.  The AnaMarkova group isn’t free to join but more about that later, however there are 2 gifties out for the SL Free’s & offers group and this edgy outfit is one of them.


Comes in all the fitmesh and most mesh bod sizes woo hoo.  Shop quality and you all know what I mean when I say that. Oops I’ve just remembered there is another Freebie out for the SL frees & offers group but I can’t remember what it but of course you can have a nice surprise if you get this and the other one before I do my next post.

OK confession time, I wasn’t going to show you this Mina hair because I just didn’t know what I thought of it.  So I tucked it away in my invent and as soon as I put on this outfit I knew it was going to work so well.


Since I wasn’t going to show you this hair I’m not 100% sure of the details but I do know it came from or still is at the Shiny Shabby event and if that’s over by now it should now be in the Mina main shop.  I also believe that this hair is one of the rare Collabs that Mina Nakamura does but I could be wrong.  One thing I’m sure of is when I get back inworld I will be fact checking for sure so check out the end of this post for any corrections I need to make.  I do know however that you get 2 versions, along with “material” and “non-material” versions, the non-material is just as good at the material but she adds that as a standard for those who’s comps may struggle with SL and isn’t that a really lovely thought.  The 2 main choices are a slight change to the bangs/fringe and a with or without the chains across your face choice.  Usual colour pack for the hair but no hair band colour choice.  As I said at first I didn’t know how to work this hair so I was going to let it slide but as always when you find the right outfit you know exactly what shoes/hair/makeup will take it to the next level.

Now for the non-free Group Gifts, to join the AnaMarkova group it costs 100Lds but if you check the shelf behind the desk it’s got all of the old and some new GG’s so for a token 100Lds you can snag away.  I’ve not had time to unpack them all yet and I will try to take a snap of some and tell you what the rest are in my next post but check out the shoes, because they’re so white they are blending into the snow a bit LOL but they are one of the GG’s from AnaMarkova.

UPDATE I’ve had time to read the note which comes with the Collab Mina hair and yes it is a collab between Mea Carnel who has a shop called Meva.  I’ve left my AV stood in the entrance way of Mea’s shop so I can have another look around as I think I have been here before but I’ve forgotten what the stock is like plus when you’re greeted with a message telling you there is a Group Gift waiting for you you know I will be back to get it LOL.

PS Don’t forget to keep the SL Frees & Offer group tag on because as mentioned before there is a stunning Freebie for that group out at the Mina Nakamura main shop so don’t forget to check that out as well.


Mina@Shiny Shabby (still on and lovely and quiet)

Mina Main Shop

Meva Main Shop

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Sooooo Worth it!

I couldn’t wait and as soon as I logged in and grabbed the LM for the AnaMarkova Design shop I went inside slapped down my 100Lds Group Joining Fee’s and grabbed them all and WOW so worth every Linden.

This outfit called Roxanne has the added bonus of being a two piece and in another pack is a pair of black slacks which will look amazing teamed with this top and that skirt even on its own is stunning.  The black slacks are in the Flutter pack which is a shortie dress with lots of ruffles to it and I don’t see how the black slacks go with that as it’s an item that is worn on its own but the pants were an added surprise when unpacked.


I’m only going to show you 5 out of the many gifts(one box seemed to be empty) and the rest I will leave to you to find out for yourself.  Word of caution though because on the reception desk you will see the 2 latest Group Gifts but the 3rd bag is a discounted item for 99Lds so if you want it then it will cost you more than the group joining fee.  The rest of the GG’s are on the shelf next to the reception desk and of course you can also pick up the 2 free SL offers and free’s GG’s which I spoke of in my previous post.

XXXCrossred1The colouring of this picture has made the top look a bit like flat black but it’s not.  Again a brilliant and quality textured outfit.


A classic style dress but again 100% shop quality texturing.  This dress like most of the outfit seems to come with all the mesh sizes and mesh body options.


Boobie shot lol.  This is a short mini dress but I wanted to show off some serious cleavage and even the hint of a nip slip.


I have edited my pictures because my photos came out so dark and I didn’t have time to redo them so the colours have changed a bit but trust me they’re 100% shop quality and I am so pleased with everything I scored.

PS Make sure to click the little doggie for an extra Valentines gift,

AnaMarkova Designs

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Preview, Freebie & New Ever More.

As soon as I got it into my mind that it’s time to change the welcome area we have set out for visitors to our sim I couldn’t help myself and within half an hour I’d packed up the pool and loungers etc and I’m well on my way to making what is hopefully a warm, wintry and welcoming area for our visitors…..Faith look away because it’s not finished yet!


Thats me waving my magic wand, as I was rummaging through my invent for lights I came across a whole load of stuff from More Than Never and so I thought I would multitask and show you this  dress at the same time.


The dress is called Thorn Dress/Ferocious Spiked Dress which is because of those sharp-looking spikes and that thick chain strap turn a lovely knitted textured dress into something “fierce” LOL but do NOT buy it or any of the other colours from Ever More’s mainshop as they’re on special offer@The Designer Showcase event.  In her main shop they’re 200Lds at this event 150Lds but the copper colour version is only 75Lds so a lovely price for all pockets.  There is also a new September gift set out in her mainshop and a different one set out at the Designer Event.

While I was there at the Designer Showcase checking it out I noticed that next door in the small AnaMarkova shop there is also a giftie waiting for you.  You will have to join the ….Free group to grab this one but I’ve had a quick run around this event, time was very short, and I’ve spotted other gifts out so if you have more time than I did it’s well worth a wander around as there are some great new designs and gifties.


This is what was in the gift box and I almost didn’t try it because the name suggested that this was going to be a summer outfit and I’m definitely into Autumnal mode here in SL and RL but as you can see it’s a beautiful golden-yellow colour and perfect for this season as well.

PS special mention to the skin, it’s the PumeC group skin which I blogged about a couple of posts ago but doesn’t it look so nice, I have added an eyeshadow layer but those very distinctive lips are with the skin.  This isn’t a Free group any more but the 199Ld joining fee is a mere token for all the regular Group Gifts that are put out.  So I’m popping the LM in and pop over to check out all of her skins because even at full priced with all the Appliers these are not only stunning skins but amazingly reasonably priced.

More Than Ever Mainshop

More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase


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Slap that sub(Freebie).

Slap the sub board at AnaMarkova and if these SLink High shoes aren’t sent to you automatically then slap it again and check the no 1 in History and these will be yours.


These are a gift for 500 Subscriptions but I have to say I’m surprised that they have so few subs at the moment as this is a pretty nice shop indeed.  There is a GG also but this is a paid for Group.  Cost a 100Lds to join and in the notice that was sent out I can see it’s a lovely white Grecian style wrap over dress with silver belts around the torso.  It’s in the bag on the table on the reception table. There is a picture of it in one of the notices sent out so when you’re grabbing the Sub gift grab the notices as well to see a piccie of it.

PS if you don’t like this shade then there is a whole wall of different colours and at 99Lds not badly priced.