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Are you up for it? (A boredom breaking challenge & Freebie).

There are 3 shops I pop into on an almost daily basis, S@bbia, !g0 and of course Mina’s and it was Mina’s which gave me an idea.

In the little entrance area before you get to the main body of the shop is a FREEBIE of the super and very new Carion Sunhat/hair fatpack BUT only for AV’s of 30 and under days.

So just for shitz and giggles, and to relieve boredom, why not create a whole new you?  I think a lot of people do have more than 1 AV, commonly known as an “Alt”.  It’s not as though you lose your old AV because you simply create a whole new account with its own password and you can log in to whichever account you want to that day.

Now obviously dressing up a whole new AV can be costly but the Mina offer of the Carion Sunhat reminded me that Linden Labs is expecting an influx of noobs and people returning to SL, because if you can’t RL you may as well SL. I’ve also noticed a lot of shops being more generous with gifts at this rough period so why not log out create a new account and log back in and challenge yourself to dress from head to toe in nothing but freebies!

If you scroll back just on our blog with the recent info on the free mesh body, hair, clothing you will be in for a great start.  At a push if you want to join a group for the freebie such as the Blueberry group offer then you simply send yourself the few Lindens you will need from one account to another.  I always intended to try it myself but I never have the time.

I will put the Link to the Mina shop so if you do decide to give it a try then her offer is just a great start.  I will also put the link for the t-shirt I’m wearing which is the new American Bazaar Gift, you get a choice of messages with the same theme.

Mina’s Mainshop (PS she has now 2 Lucky Chairs out for Group Members)

American Bazaar


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It’s simple! (Freebie).

I’ve worked out how to save spending in SL and it’s simple..don’t log into SL lol.  Just kidding, I’ve had a busy as a bee day and a good day which continued into SL when I did a quick log in and the first notice was from American Bazaar for this new Group Gift.

I don’t know what’s going on at the sim next door as it’s packed and people are lined up on the sim edge camming in but I was so happy with this I snagged and even took the picture in the American Bazaar shop.

Lots of fits, American Bazaar quality what’s not to like.

PS.  I’ve also seen a new Freebie from another one of my fav shops BUT chances are you will have gotten a notice about them as I’m pretty sure we’re all in the same sort of freebie groups but just in case you have missed it my next post will be them.

American Bazaar.

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Dream On.(Freebie).

I’ve still not found a top I’m happy with but I’m going to redeem my Cheap B* label with this Freebie from American Bazaar.

At first glance, this may look like a simple dress but there is more to it.  It has a light sheerness which shows enough to be sexy while not enough to get your AV ass banned from a non-adult sim.  Nice folds, a slit up the side, detailed belt and some nice movement to the skirt hem.  I think you can see the colour but if in doubt it’s a lovely dark blue.

PS. It’s fortunate this dress isn’t sheer enough to get my Ass banned as the American Bazaar shop is on a very interesting sim with lots of other well-known shops so I’m off to hunt down my next goodie.

American Bazaar.

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Bring it on! (The Homeless Hunt).

Homeless Awareness Hunt Poster Final

I’ve been waiting for this hunt for ages and now it’s finally started. I did write a whole load of stuff about how frighteningly easy for any of us to fall into the poverty/homeless trap but then I read this on the Skittles In The Pit blog site and I though this is better.

“A blog that provides information and caters to mental health awareness and the ending of stigma that comes with the illness and disorders. Hunts and events are used to educate the general public on mental health in order to help decrease the stigma so in return people who show signs and symptoms on various disorders, seek help without feeling judgmental of themselves. Feeling stigma stops many from getting the help they need.”

Organised and run by the amazing Joshuan Banx (anyone’s name I’ve missed out I do apologise) and WOW has he pulled it off big time with this hunt. Sponsored by some of the biggest names in SL and the list of shops who have donated are guaranteed to have donated great goodies.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent a few examples of whats on offer and I’m grinning.

What your looking for is a little brown box however to make this a kick ass hunt the shops are allowed to re textured and change the size of the box and Boo Hoo no hints! But follow the link and just look at the shop names and it’s going to be worth it.  Also special mention is that MEN are equally as catered for which is really good.  A lot of packages have both male and female items in them so boys get hunting but since this is a month long hunt plenty of time to mooch around.

Here’s an example of whats on offer, picture only but the next post will have all the details and much more.

Mars skinshapeFollow the link to a great meet up place but also the LMs for all the shops involved.

Skittles in the Pit

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Its written in the stars

Freebie American Bazarr Clara mesh dress FREE!

OhHaiii! I’ve got some lubberly jubberlies to show you! This nifty little dress is by American Bazaar, it’s called Clara and is 100% mesh…really fab styling, jetted pockets and a sharp thin belt set it off nicely…its also 100% freeee!

STC Nora mesh dress FREE!

Another freebie to get your paws on is the latest subscribo gift from Sweeter Than Candy, called Nora….lovely leaf print all over in a darling baby blue tone. My necklace is from Eclectica, its part of a set which comes with earings & a ring. I found it in the discount section for a ridiculously low price…didnt know Eclectica had a discount section! Some heavenly deals in there – go check it out!

Bubblez NEW! - Vanilla skirt & top NEW!

Last up is a newwww release from Bubblez ! “Vanilla” is a skirt and babydoll top combination. Love sets, means added flexibility…I tried the top on with jeans, looked brill…the skirt also goes well with a multitude of t-shirts & tops I already own. A mad combo of spots and flowers which just WORKS ! Thanks Milo ❤


American Bazaar dress

Sweeter than Candy


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All American Girl

Mooching the market place and came across this handy dandy top/ dress from American Bazaar..its just 1L and well worth grabbing. Beautiful textures, easy it on over some leggings , jeans whatever..and youve got a look !

Solo Dress 1L : American Bazaar

necklace & bangles : chuculet

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Men Only

Another hunt for us guys has begun, hooray! It’s called the Men Only Hunt and started on the 1st of December and will continue until the 17th. There are many, many awesome gifts to be picked up in this hunt and because missqwerty Pevensey, the organiser of this hunt, was so generous, I have lots and lots to show you quicker than I normally would. To be honest though, I was too excited to take pictures of everything so I have a few things to show you right now.

In the picture above I’m wearing the gift from American Bazaar which includes the black blazer and jeans. I love my blazers and this is a super one that features sculpted cuffs, collar and bottom to the jacket that fit all too easily. Worn casual or more formally, this blazer fits the bill and looks brilliant. The jeans are cool too with a great faded texture and cuffs that I didn’t have to edit at all. Under the blazer I wore the Ju Sweater which is [NV]s hunt gift. As you can see it looks fantastic worn under a jacket but looks even better by itself (see below).

I’m absolutely loving the sculpted bottom for this Ju sweater, the colours are gorgeous. It comes on multiple layers and has sculpted sleeves and collar (which I chose to go without for this picture).

The skin I’m wearing in all these pictures is Belleza’s entry into the Men Only Hunt which is as terrific as you’d expect. I haven’t seen Belleza in too many hunts that I’ve done before so this was a definite must-have. Superb details and look with the hip facial hair included, this is lovely skin and one I’ll be wearing long after the hunt is finished. The ‘Follow This Line’ tattoo I’ve got inked on here is from [DIAMOND], a store I haven’t been to before but one I’ll be checking back with as I always enjoy expanding my tattoo collection.

Last but not least we have this outfit from Be Happy! Another store I haven’t paid a visit to and really, this is one of the best reason to do a hunt, getting an excuse to sample stuff from places you might never normally find. Their gift is called, fittingly enough, the Hunter Outfit and comes with the jacket and jeans you see. I love the jacket with its wicked snakeskin like texture and rounded collar and the jeans aren’t too shabby either, I think the colour of them rocks. The poses I’ve used in all the pictures are also a hunt gift from Art Body Store and definitely came in handy.

So there you have the first little taste of some super hunt gifts. I’ll have more for you in the coming days but you should so get started on this, it looks like a good ‘un. A screwdriver is what you’ll need to find to nab these.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1 Blazer & Jeans: American Bazaar
Picture #2 Sweater: [NV]
Picture #3 Skin: Belleza | Tattoo: [DIAMOND]
Picture #4 Jacket and Jeans: Be Happy!
Poses: Art Body Store