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I’m waiting for my phone to charge up and once it does I’m off out.  I’m not doing anything exciting but it’s time to visit places I’ve not been to in a while, get some fresh air, stretch the legs and maybe even score something in my fav shops which of course are charity shops.

As my phone is still on 35% so I did a quick log in and I’m really pleased I did.

A FABULOUS BIG FAT LIP…floatie lol. Excellent poses for him and her, you get a rotating one and a stationary one.

You also get this free wearable cocktail with pose, used, one with no pose and rezzed this superbly detailed cocktail is still only 1 prim!

There are more freebies in the Merak shop, all decor items all classy AF.

I remember this shop when it first opened and it’s grown massively since then and now it’s a whole sim of temptation.  I think that when you have an SL business the nicer you make your shop/sim the more likely that people will spend more time in your shop and this is definitely the case here.  The LM should take you to where the Group Gifts are but if it doesn’t then they’re just in the middle of the sim in one of the stalls.

I’m reblogging this free dress, as I was pulling the look together for this post I was going to pop on the bathing suit from a couple of posts back but a reminder came through from American Bazaar as I was scrolling through my invent about their latest freebie of this dress which I just thought I would use.


American Baazar

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Have you ever tried to go to tea in a denim Bustier? (Hunt Giftie).

I popped back inworld to try to distract myself because I’ve eaten too many peanut butter on rice cakes and now I feel sickly queasy.  Shaddup we’ve ALL done it!

As it happens I did notice that although there is a whole list of Hints for the Time For Tea Hunt there isn’t LMs.  So I came inworld to check out the start point and joined the Sour Pickles Group to see if I could find a list of LMs and nope.  Then I spotted that American Baazar is involved in this hunt and the clue, which is also the title to the post, made it so easy I went and grabbed it and also the Free to join GG of a lovely top.

Then I TPed over to this amazingly lovely and relaxing sim to take a quick pic.


If I had more SL time I’d love to show you the top but I’m doing this post as a quickie before I’m either sick or have to get back to work.

American Bazar