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I’m on the Grain Train

The MENstuff hunt continues to impress me with its superb lineup of stores and high quality gifts to be found. Gifts such as this Grain Train sweater from Aitui. Great colours and creasing on it and with a super easy to fit sculpted body, this is easy to wear and looks great in the bargain. It also comes on multiple layers so it can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Also in the Aitui gift you get this funky little tattoo called Inhale (for obvious reasons). I’m wearing it here with one of Alphamale’s hunt gifts. There are six pairs of these gorgeous cotton boxers included, I love the texture on all of these but for colour, I had to go with dark purple. There are also two pairs of swim trunks in their gift as well so you are well sorted for underwear and the beach when you find the Alphamale prize.

I was surprised and very excited to see that Redgrave were in the MENstuff hunt as they have some very cool clothes to go along with their line of skins. This shirt and vest combo is absolutely gorgeous, I even like the look of the drawn-on collar which is unusual for me. The vest is my favourite part though, it just looks awesomely real, so good.

I had to do a quick change of skins here so you could get the full effect of these too-cute tattoo layer freckles that you can score from Adjunct as part of their gift. There are three different types: a light spray on the nose or more severe freckles on the nose and cheeks.

Adjunct have also thrown in these wicked camo fatigue pants that come with the leather belt, rolled up cuffs and pockets for the sides and back. The green camo pattern looks sweet and they are just a great pair of casual shorts all over. That’s not all Adjunct are giving away though as you also get a set of two shapes: Brandon and Josh so you can see this is definitely a well-packed bag of goodies.

So there you have a few more bits and pieces from this tremendous hunt. Get on out there and track ’em down.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aitui
Picture #2: Alphamale
Picture #3: Redgrave
Pictures #4 & #5: Adjunct

You can also view the hints and SLurls to all the stores here: http://stuff-sl.com/menstuff/hunt/hints/

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Keeping it Brief

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have that much underwear here in Second Life, it just never occurs to me to pick up a pair that often. However, when I saw that Alphamale had just released a new line of cotton boxer briefs, I had to run down and stock up my neglected underwear drawer.

Now you can see why I grabbed a few. They have got a great realistic look to them (if you know what I mean) and the cotton texture is so fabulous, you can almost feel it. With 20 colours to choose from, you could be forgiven for standing in the store for a while trying to choose but since they are only L$45 a pair, L$95 for a pack of three or L$395 for all 20, it becomes a lot easier.

Get the gear here: Alphamale

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More MENstuff

I told you all I’d be back with more gear from the MENstuff Hunt and here I be. I managed to track down a few more items from some awesome stores to show you today and first on the list is the gift from Alphamale.

Their entry into the hunt is the ‘Preppy V-neck’ which features the super-awesome sweater and shirt combo you can see above. It comes with sculpted sleeves and collar with the tie built-in, they fit me perfect but they are resizeable via script should you need it.

Second on the list was this outfit from Connors, featuring two of their new releases: the Polo Shirt and Summer Pants. I must admit to being a little bit worried when I saw it was the polo because I’d not long bought one but thankfully not in this brilliant summer yellow colour. It comes with the sculpted sleeves, collar and the bottom to the shirt which are all really well made and fit easily. The Summer Pants are denim and fantastic with coloured stripes along the waistband and bottom of the sculpted cuffs. Both the polo shirt and pants come on multiple layers so you can play with this and it each piece works just as well individually as when you put it all together.

The above sneakers are Adjunct’s gift and they are awesome. Called the Night Walkers, they are beautifully made in their purple, white and black glory. I’m not normally a big sneaker wearer but these I like! They are resizeable via a script and you can also change the texture on the laces and there are a huge number to choose from, you gotta love options.

NSD are giving away this wicked ‘Devils Eye’ top for the MENstuff Hunt. Featuring a deep scooped neck and pitchfork design, I’m a big fan of this. It also comes on every layer you could possible think of plus a white version of the shirt to boot! Simple but fabulous and versatile, this top has such a cool look to it.

I’ve mentioned before in these pages how much I love Shiki’s hawaiian shirts so imagine my happiness when I opened my MENstuff gift from there to find another. This one is called Oahu Tropics. Just take a look at the colours and the design on this, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It comes on all top layers and you also get the collar and buttoned and strapped sleeves that fit wonderfully and make this shirt just perfect.

With the exception of the Shiki picture, all the poses I’ve used are part of the hunt gift from Stakey, which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite pose stores, called the ‘Swag’ set. The hair I’m wearing in these pictures is the second style you get from MADesigns, the sweet shaggy mohawk ‘do I mentioned the other day: Gili.

This is looking like one of the best hunts I’ve ever  taken part in. As you can see,the quality of the gifts are amazing and I’m definitely not done with it yet.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Alphamale (hint: Got my boardies on, hangin’ with the my corner boys)
Picture #2: Connors (hint: Under the SAHARA)
Picture #3: Adjunct (hint: course-wise and wale-wise direction)
Picture #4: NSD (hint: behind the bosses seat)
Picture #5: Shiki (hint: VIPs just wanna have fun!)
Hair: MADesigns (hint: One of the models wears it)
Poses: Stakey (hint: Hey you got more of that, how you call it…shy swag?)


The Smart Set


Considering I just made it to my third rez day here in Second Life (and completely forgot about it) you would have a very hard time convincing me that things don’t get better with age. To make my belief even stronger, you have stores like Alphamale, which has been around since 2007 and keep on releasing better and better gear for guys. I was down there last night to pick up a couple of the newer items and thought I’d show them to you today.

First up is the ‘White Smart Shirt & Charcoal Jeans Set’. A white dress shirt and jeans are a favourite of mine, especially when they’re dressy looking jeans like these. I love the dark blue colour and the creasing near the waist is really well done. The jeans come in two different versions, high-waisted or low-waisted (I’m wearing the low ones here) and the sculpted belt comes in the same two versions which saves loads of time playing with the fitting and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a wicked belt in its own right. The shirt is beautiful and crisp and comes on all layers so you can wear it untucked or tucked in. The cuffs and collar are all script resizeable and look lovely, especially the collar, it fits seamlessly into the shirt itself and has a wonderful look to it.

You can also pick up the ‘Smart Shirts’ in a range of fantastic colours and I couldn’t go past this peach one. It has the same gorgeous attachments as I mentioned above and the same terrific crisp look. The peach version of the Smart Shirt also has a little shininess to it that I really like, the creasing around the chest and upper arms are a little more noticeable in this colour as well. As a bonus, it just happens to go with the dark blue jeans from the above set really well also.

The Smart Shirts by themselves will cost you L$265 while the set with the jeans included is L$395 (I’m not sure but the white version may only be available in that set). Brilliant prices considering the quality of these clothes.

Get the gear here: Alphamale


Wild Thing

April is the month of the wild man – as in The Wild Man Hunt which is going on throughout this month. This hunt features all sorts of manly items from some great designers, it’s not just about the clothes. As usual I’ve gone wandering and picked out a few things to show you today.

First up are the items from Alphamale and Juice shown in the picture above. You can always count on Alphamale to deliver a great hunt gift and the Polo Shirt they are giving away is no exception. First and foremost, it’s purple! For me, you can never go wrong with purple and the shade is perfect. It comes on all layers and features two different sized cuffs and collar. I’m wearing the normal size in these pics and barely had to touch them at all to have them fitting like a dream. The jeans are Juice’s entry into The Wild Man Hunt called ‘Back to Black’. They are some classic looking jeans, the texture on them looks awesome and they come on both the pants and underwear layers in two different versions: one with the khaki belt (which is what I’m wearing) and a non-belted version. The Back to Black jeans come with a pair of well-fitted cuffs as well.

Gladly, SF Design are also involved in this hunt. swaffette Firefly is giving away a red and black version of her ‘andy casual outfit’. This outfit is definitely for you sporty wildmen with its lovely, silky looking, football style shirt. It also features a pair of great black jeans that come with two different versions of the sculpted jean cuffs: one with a resizer script and one without. The Andy Casual Set also gives you a pair of red sneakers which fit really well and go great with the rest of the outfit. Like the cuffs, the sneakers come in a resizer scripted version and one without. Really a great set for sure.

And since no wildman would be complete without his bachelor pad and so I took the above pictures inside the hunt gift from La Flat. Yes indeed, La Flat are giving away this ‘Hollinger Vegas Skybox’ as their gift! It is a very manly home, with windows giving a view of the Las Vegas Strip, male-appealing posters on the walls and a gorgeous fireplace right in the middle. Only 42 prims as well if I counted right.

You can find a full list of the stores involved in the hunt here: http://trystfurniture.wordpress.com/the-wild-man-hunt-hints-gift-pics/

Get the gear here:

Picture #1: Polo Shirt: Alphamale  (Hint: Stay Focused. Look Straight Ahead.)
Back to Black Jeans: Juice  (Hint: It’s so dark in here I can’t see anything. Will someone please switch on the lights)

Picture #2: Andy Casual Set: SF Design  (Hint: Head south for uniforms pirates and santa! the man who has ‘NoBody’ holds the prize!)

Hollinger Vegas Skybox: La Flat  (Hint: It’s hard to read when the jackets are so distracting)


It Begins

Well it began nearly a week ago actually. I’m talking about the MENstuff Hunt, yesterday I told you all that I’d be showing you guys the gear from the hunt as I collected it and while I haven’t done too well so far, I’ve got a few things to show you now.

We start at the start, the very beginning of the hunt, with KMADDs gift of their brilliant spiked ‘do: Colt which (I think) comes in the MENstuff exclusive colour of Skunk. White at the front, black at the back. You won’t be missed wearing this that’s for sure. You also get the eyes you can see in the picture. ‘Nature run’ they’re called and I thought they were great, the pale but very vivid blue is very…eye-catching (pun intended).

The t-shirt, jeans and belt you see here are Alphamales entry for the hunt. Again I think this tee is an exclusive for the hunt and it’s a good one. Basic black, how can you go wrong? I also love the cross and wing design on the front. The belt and jeans complete the black look perfectly. The jeans come in high or low waisted versions and there’s also a corresponding belt for each height. Well fitting and great looking prim cuffs are included for the jeans and the belt is resizeable via a script.

The final item I have to show you today is from Hardwear. This is one of the reasons why I think these hunts are such great ideas: you find stores you’ve never been to before and see what other great choices you have in what you wear. The gift from Hardwear is the complete outfit you can see above which includes the Bewildered shirt and Nightshade waistcoat and jeans. There’s a lot of versatility with this outfit, you can wear the waistcoat by itself, the shirt as you see it above by itself and there’s also an open buttoned version of the shirt tossed in as well. I love the crystal bolo tie and the fact that the shirt is a deep, lovely purple, well that just makes it even better in my opinion.

The poses you see me in are also part of a 5 ‘Rockstar’ pose set you can get during this hunt from Eternal Dream Poses.

Get the gear here:
Picture 1: Hair and Eyes – MENstuff #1 KMADD  (His Name is COLT. Find new displays and you will find your GIFT)
Picture 2: Tee, Jeans and Belt – MENstuff #2 Alphamale (Stop at a white intersection)
Picture 3: Shirt, Jeans and Waistcoat – MENstuff #10 Hardwear (Grab me by the balls)
Poses: MENstuff #8 Eternal Dreams Poses (check the hint giver)


Pinkness rules

ya it SO does..I adore all things pink..so when I opened a couple of Christmas gifts and saw pinkness I was thrilled ! First up is a fahhhbulous pair of shoes from Carmen’s..totally PINK…wih a Hud for manicure colours & resizing…

MallaKi by Carmen

I headed over to check out the store as I hadn’t been before-and wowser…soooo many styles…and the prices wont burn a hole in your prim pocket either !

Muse by Lil Lace

Next up is this darling little dress…has a beautifully low-cut away back..gorgeous detailed corset style front…it also comes with shocking pink leggings to wear with it (or not)…I dashed over to take a look around and there’s plenty to see..and very affordabubble !

Go get revamped: Carmen’s          Lil Lace