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I dare you NOT to squeal! (freebies).


Start squealing now! Thats MEEEE  me in the cutest little AV ever.  When I realised that this was an AV and not a wearable I couldn’t wait to try it on.  I’m going to keep this sweet thing on for a while and go hunting for my next freebie or stunning new design and I bet I will get loads of people IMing me as to where this comes from because I know from experience when I wear my lovely little old lady AV people always have a chat because sometimes in a world of perfection the imperfect or the gut churningly cute makes you stand out even more.  OH and you get a 7 colour changing hud.


LOL what you can’t see is that above me is a large spaceship hovering over me so it looks like I’ve been ejected.  The Alpaca, space girl(and a boy) and the ghost AV in the next picture are all gifts from the shopping sim that I used as a backdrop for the previous post with the Kawaii boob dress.


Pixels is under construction and even the construction is so colourful and cute I can’t wait till the shop opens fully.  To get these GG (free to join) or the freebies and Dollarbies you have to walk forward to the airport shop click the doors which open up and then walk into the bright light and you’re transported to the airport waiting room which has all the free goodies in it.  It’s actually really easy to do and there are much more items on offer.