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Moving home. (Freebies).

Faith is in the process of setting up her new amazing home and I have to confess it’s giving me the itch to change my home but sadly for me, so far taking into account the style, size, prim count, price, texturing and on and on my Lisp house still ticks all those boxes but as I was meandering around the big build platform at Scarlet Chandrayaan’s shop Alouette I decided to quickly throw a pose to show you my new Freebie.


I’ve given the picture a little retro tint but that’s what the dress called for.  A well-known style but in a different and excellent texturing.  Lovely fit, lots of realistic folds all the standard mesh sizes.  It comes from MoSt (sic) a new shop to me, and it’s not the only Freebie as there is also a black coat and 2 other dresses.  The same coat is in the Lucky Board and is white, I would like to have won that colour but I didn’t have the time to stand around and wait to see if my initial came up.

Since this is a smaller shop I’ve been able to have a quick scout around.  If you like the style of this dress but not this particular texture then there are others on sale for only 60Lds each or you can buy the fat pack for 300Lds.

I didn’t buy that house because I’m torn between a Dust Bunny house, this one from Alouette or keeping my Lisp house. I’ve I suddenly realised that the owner of the house is  Scarlet Chandrayaan and she is the lady who is going to be helped with the money raised from the Fund Raiser I’ve mentioned in my previous post.

If you want to check it out yourself I’ll give you the LM but it may take you to her main shop if so just click the TP board to get to the demo platform.



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The Garden

what next garden cafe - for The Garden

ohmaiiiii lawd…Zan and I really got our knickers in a twist over this new event ! It’s The Garden” bought to us by a new event company called The Liaison Collaborative. (They also do one called The Boutique for clothing) Sooooo last night I braved the crowds and bagged myself the {what next} garden cafe ! Id been eagerly awaiting its release from the flickr preview. Have to say I was totally smitten and SO pleased to see it came with two options for buying. You can get the whole shebang that includes stool, drinks dispensers, table etc…or as I did…buy just the basic van.

what next garden cafe - for The Garden event

When I say “basic”, it’s not at all. The van is kitted out internally with many poses , a sink, stove, it’s really well finished ! It’s also got colour change options for the lower part of the van and the awning ! You”ll adore the poses too…sits up to four I seem to recall (please note some poses only come into play when there’s more than one person using it) I have soooo much in the way of tables & chairs, I furnished the outside with my messy old inventory…love it !

Alouette Garden Party set - 349L complete with decor

Another item I snapped up is this Garden Party set by  Alouette. I had to check several times on the price, I couldn’t believe it was just 349L for the WHOLE thing ! Yes,yes,yes…everything you see is in the box and boy-oh-boy is it ever low in prims…I think 21 for the complete set up, you can also rez a version without the place settings, cake stand etc…but who would wanna miss out on the cuteness !

Alouette  Garden Party decor detail

The dear little box style stools have some lovely poses in, some for the gals , some for the guys…unmissable ! Dont forget to wander outside also, there’s some glorious landscaping items by Barnesworth Anubis (that Zan snatched up pretty fast and should be showing you later yay!)

The Garden

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The Nest Egg Hunt

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

While I was checking out Zinnias new store yesterday, I happened to notice a few Easter Eggs scattered around The Nest sim. They must be out early for the I stealthily snapped a few up and hauled them home to paw over. Super prizes ! Above I’m showing the sweetest bunny chair from floorplan,its only one single prim and has a lovely pose in it, I found a couple of these in different colours, so make sure you search sooper hard! Also, I found the beautiful shabby decor frame from Alouette, isn’t it quaint? Its modify so I think you could add your own photo in the centre . The wooden tulips are a gift from beach street, jaunty and just perfect for spring. My little candle lantern is just one of the gifts I found from Barnesworth Anubis…touch for on & off…low prim yay!

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt_002

Barnes was a busy bunny hiding many eggs across the sim..he was sneaky and I found them in allllll sorts of places – so don’t just look inside the shops, they could be anywhere ! Amongst my stash were these handy-dandy glazed pots and a sweet decor foot stool…The Nest Egg Hunt officially begins on the 15th March, but it looks as if the Easter Bunny has been putting in some overtime…

The Nest Egg Hunt

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Abundance of Lavender

Lavender Hill Hunt - ionic prints - Alouette - The Camilla Bench - FashionNatic off shoulder jersey

Some new items have appeared for the Lavender Hill Hunt in the last couple of days…so I nabbed them to show you… Alouette have this darling little two-seater bench out “The Camilla bench”. Dual shades of lavender and sweet poses…FashioNatic, which is new to me, are giving away this off the shoulder jersey…love this style and adore the delicate shade…*ionic* have this funky set of prints out as their offering…really fresh and zesty…will certainly spruce up your home !

Lavender Hill Hunt Blog





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Monday Mania and more Love

SF Design navy roll neck Monday Mania

Blimey Monday is almost over here and I havent shown the Monday Mania item from SF Design yet! Well here it is..another essential Winter item…the classic roll neck blue which is a great colour to mingle in with your jeans, skirts and trousers…as always with SF Design, the cuffs and roll neck bits fit perfectly with no prim fiddling required…today and only for today its 25L from the Monday Mania board …I teamed up with one of the new skirts from coldLogic “bradley”, its got a faint pinstripe which makes me look all official and intelligent (Doesnttttt it?!) My little birdy in a cage is actually a packing box from Alouette, I was there earlier searching out their With Love Hunt gifty..

Alouette - White Wood Entertainment Center  SF Design navy roll neck Monday Mania_001

…and I found it ! HubbidyHubba everything I find fits soooo perfectly into my new pristine white home….the entertainment centre is really coolbeans…all the look none of the prims..just 8 ! you can even add your photos to the little frames to make it personalised…love that…youre looking for a little red gift box, each prize is just 10L….good luck ❤

SF Design