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Your last day to dream. (10Ld Gift & Mention of other goodies).

Good morning and let’s hope for a good day for all of us.

I only picked this TeleportHub Group Gift up so I had something to show you, 10Lds to join, in the end I’m loving the colour.  It’s their Valentines gift and I thought it was going to be the standard red but as you can see it’s a very orangy-red which is just my cup of tea.

Dreams is the shop it came from.  The Dreams Group does costs 50Lds to join but for that there are not just Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs but also a very generous 500Ld Gift Card to celebrate their 4th year in SL.

BETTER YET is that upstairs is the men’s section.  Obviously, I don’t check out men’s shops so I don’t know how often they get treated with Group Gifts etc so it was nice to see.  So send your fave male friend/alt over to check this offer out.

The reason I’m doing this post so early is that today is the LAST day for this offer so as you’re slurping your morning beverage pop in and check it out.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Starting off with a chuckle! (Freebie/Dollarbie).

First, shop, that I visited was S@bbia of course as  it’s my daily routine and Woo Hoo a new group gift.

Actually, I suspect these shoes maybe an old group gift, I didn’t have time to check my invent, but I DO NOT CARE! The thing is you know that when it comes to quality freebies I am happy that they’re kept out permanently or occasionally dusted off and put out because it means those who missed getting them the first time have a second chance to get them.   Of course, I could be wrong and these are new.

Just excellent quality, freshly buffed leather, shoes with a tied lace and this style is a perfect “go-to” for wearing with jeans, shorts AND I know since I keep all of my S@bbia group gifts these shoes go with the dresses perfectly.

Can you see it?  My feet in the background.  I’d rezzed this doormat to try to show the shoes off better as the skin on my feet and legs don’t match and I didn’t want to zoom on them, I’ll tell you about that at the end, what I didn’t realise is that this doormat comes with a menu and I chose to use the “picking up keys” option which meant I bent over to pick up the keys only to fall forward and down into the ground….ok it made me chuckle lol.

Thank You, Bri!

It’s been brought to my attention by one of our reg readers, Bri (you all have nicknames to me) that “potentially” the skins/hair etc I did a post on are not legit ie copy botted.  I will NOT say that that is it in this case but F*CK IT, I’m pulling the post as I know the shops/creators in SL are just people like you and I and all they’re doing is trying to earn some money using skill and/or their time and imagination and no one should leech off someone else’s hard work.  So Thank you I truly don’t want to be part of the problem.