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Lazy Sunday, Lazy Post and a REMINDER!

I received another notice off PumeC that the group tis still free to join so if you haven’t already JUMP TO IT esp when this notice also inc the fact that there are NEW gifties out for us you might want to now.

However, I TPed straight over and OMHAI it’s so busy I was in lag HELL with all the other GB’s(Greedy B*tches) like me trying to grab it lol that I could barely move and so I decided to just LM grab and run and save it to treat myself later when hopefully it’s calmed down but again if you haven’t joined yet while it’s still free I wouldn’t leave it too long. I also spotted a “salesroom” which again I didn’t stand a chance of checking out but again I sure will be.

PS The sims where Sly Puma(otybis)s has her shop are always beautifully landscaped and if you like to snap more than just bargains then this is a brill place to take snaps or just hang out.

Have a great day and once I’ve had lunch I’m going to brave the PumeC shop again and see if I can see what the goodies are.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


On Fridays I look forward to getting the list of shops involved in the weekly FLF offer (fifty linden friday) and I usually spend the first 40 mins in SL TPing around checking out the goodies but as soon as I got the notice from PumeC that there is a NEW free to join group gift out I dropped everything and TPed straight over to grab it.


I did have a little bit of fun with my lighting but Maria is definitely a lovely creamy milk chocolate skin.  Honestly although I much prefer light skins everyone should know by now I adore ALL PumeC skin.

Yet again this is a skin which comes with a Hud that has EVERY Applier packed into it that a good looking AV could ever want.  Actually I’m pretty sure there is a couple of new ones in there but since I’ve been holing onto this post since Friday and it’s now Sunday I just wanted to get this posted.

Sometimes when someone gives away something so good for free you wonder how they actually make any money in SL because these skins are shop quality, in this case I think she probably makes a lot of money because her full priced skins are just under 500Lds and that on it’s own is pretty damned reasonable.  The only reason so far I’ve never bought one is I just cannot make my mind up which one I liked best and TBH I simply adore Vlada the other Free group gift.  She does have a slightly vampirish, smoky eyed look to her but just like RL a little layer of make up completely changes the whole look.


This is actually Maria and this is what happens when you play around with the effects too much but it’s such a pretty picture I decided I would still use it but take a better shot of it as it naturally appears. I too the top picture in my Nams Optimum Skin n Prim setting and just coloured the picture a little bit but this bottom one I bleached her out a bit too much so a lovely picture but not a true representation.

Actually if you want to see more PumeC skins then simply check back every picture for the past emm about 5 months I think. Unless its stated that it’s a new free skin from somewhere else I now only wear PumeC skins and because she had that amazing hud I can now wear my SLink Body so much more.  The Hud makes it so easy no matter how many “bits” you have added to your AV.

Also has to be mentioned that I am wearing  my Annas Shape.  So again our faces will not be the same because were not wearing the same shape.  Anna frequently has discounted shapes on offer inworld and I’ve missed showing you the last one but don’t despair as she has these same shapes available on her Marketplace shop.  Only 80Lds! and even though I wear my SLink body a lot now I can barely tell the difference in the shape between my SLink Body or my Annas shape.  So I will pop the link to her Marketplace shop as well.

PS remember the PumeC shop is set on a beautifully landscaped sim for us to use.  Simply stunning views with so many places to sit and just relax.

PumeC Mainstore (& beautiful sim)

Anna Shapes Marketplace