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OH YEAHHHHH! (New Mina hair & EXC Freebie!).

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA in SL but I had a friend visiting and my OH took some time off work so it’s been busy, busy and busier and today now that she has gone and he’s chained back to his desk it’s been a day of cleaning up the pig sty my home was reduced to.

However I decided to do a quick log in to check notes and stuff and damn I got a NEW MINA and not only that but it’s a NEW and FRESH style and I  just had to throw a couple of poses and snap away so check out Mena!


Talk about coincidences because I was watching a Buzzfeed video about Bumpits, this is a product which you put place under your hair next to your scalp and then comb your own hair over and you get a raised, Beehive look to your hair and that is exactly what this hair looks like it’s had done to it.


Normally when there is a similar hair in Mina’s I always suggest you try them all on before you decided on the one that just has “it” the one that suits you down to the ground but as far as I know this is a unique Mina original and although there is a hair with a much more pronounced Beehive to it this and that one hold their own ground in their uniqueness.

Yet again I’ve stuck with my RL and SL choice of browns but if you go to Mina’s mainshop it not only allows you the unlaggy luxury of trying on the hair you can also try out one of the many other colour packs.  Everything from idiot blonde to wicked witch black and of course all the specials you could want.

Also it has to be said that since this round of FaMESHed is still in its first couple of days I would give it a miss for a week or so but fortunately for us this event is on for a whole month which gives you plenty of time to wait for the crowds to thin out.  I have had a bit of a scan as to what is on offer and this isn’t a discounted event because the main theme of this event is new and fresh designs and sometimes that is worth paying for.

I’ll finish this post with a simple and exc freebie from Alien Gizmo’s.  A short, sheath dress with a small Hud and all the mesh sizes and some mesh body fits.

PS the LM for Alien Gizmo’s takes you to a centre place and you can either just walk to the shop or use the TP board which is right there however the Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs are hidden in the depth of the mainshop and I can’t give you the direct LM all I can give you is when you enter the shop turn left and keep on walking LOL not as hard as I’ve made it sound and the GG area is well marked out once you come across it.

PPS I’m wearing a brown shade in the top picture and a subtle ombre in the second one just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you.

Mina’s Mainshop


Alien Gizmo’s

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No PEEKING! (Till tomorrow for these brill Freebies).

I was stood in Faiths little paddock unpacking tree’s n shrubs etc when I suddenly remember my OH has every other Friday off and tomorrow is Friday so I decided that I’d do yet another quickie but instead of making you wait till tomorrow to see it I’ll show it to you now.


A shirt n jumper combo, if I wasn’t such a lazy mare I’d have put some leggings or long socks on with this but it’s long enough to pass as a skirt as well and I knew I was going to show you these other 2 outfits.


Now I’m 100% sure this is an old Freebie that I have shown you before but I don’t care as it’s still so good.  You get 2 of these dresses in the pack this dotty one and a black/grey version.


A simple staple outfit of the mesh t-shirt and jeans.

There was actually a couple of other Free GG’s at Gizmo’s which I didn’t pick up.   You will have to pay a Linden even when you’ve joined the Free Group and I can’t swear to it because I just grabbed and ran but I do believe you get your Linden sent back to you straight away.  Doesn’t really matter because even if you don’t get it returned all of these great clothes for just a single Linden each!

The LM will take you to outside the shop in a central area and you will see 3 TP boards for the 3 large shops there and Gizmo’s is where you will find these freebies and lucky chairs and Midnight Maina boards BUT you will have to hunt them down.  Gizmo on its own is so big I didn’t even have a chance to check out the other 2 so when you TP over to Gizmo turn left and just keep walking till you get to the Group and VIP area and of course on you way through you can check out whats for sale there.  As I’ve said I’ve not had a chance to check out the other 2 super sized shops so you never know what hidden treasures they may hold.

Lo’s, Alien Gizmo’s & Erotic Mainstores