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Down the rabbit hole.(Freebie(s)).

I was just LM hopping and ended up at “Vicious Decay”. The name was familiar to me and a quick check of my invent was all I needed to remind myself that it’s because I own one of their sky boxes.

I spotted some random gift boxes on a table so I grabbed them and then hopped onto one of the TP’s to a rezzing platform and more about that at the end, first the FREEBIE.

That is the “Rabbit hole” made famous by a big white bunny with a pocket watch.

You have a long tunnel with bottles of potions and lamps on the way down.

At the bottom of the tunnel is this room.

That doorway leads to this corridor.

And at the end is this dark atmospherically lit room filled with glowling bottles of potions.

Last but not least is the table with of course the “Drink me” & “Eat Me” treats.

I had such fun zooming and camming around this build as I didn’t really think it was going to be as good as it is. Just a fun thing to have in your invent.

BTW. I should also have taken a photo of one of the other gifts which is a frying pan with a d*ck shaped egg in it, a very cheeky item of decor.

The shop on the ground isn’t that big and I won’t lie, not that interesting until you hop onto one of the TP’s to a rezzing platform. Their homes are so cheap, there was a MASSIVE Victorian mansion which at 150Ld was so cheap if I wasn’t on a spending limit this month I would have bought it to show you.

PS. Out of the 500Lds I started at the begining of the month I have 92Lds left so I may actually manage to stay in budget this month!

PPS. When I went back to LM grab I remembered that Vicious Decay share a platform with a shop I’ve not seen before called Coffee Stain.

Vicious Decay.

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Bad Alice!


The Wabbit deserved it!

A couple of posts ago I did a post which allowed me to wear my wicked Alice costume so although I’ve already blogged this it was yonks ago so here it is again.  Comes from Bowtique and has 2 versions the bloodied messy one and the pristine innocent version.  You get not only the 2 dresses but mesh shoes, leggings, headband and weapon of choice ie a knife.

Shortest post eva but the sun is preparing to come out and so am I so I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I’ll see ya’s tomorrow.

Bowtique Marketplace

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Although I am English the one thing I hate is TEA!!! Can’t stand the stuff, I only wish I could because everyone else seems to love it but it makes me want to HURL.  Didn’t stop me from TPing my Alice Ass over there to grab this quick Freebie from Boudoir.


That’s me shooting “hackies” (dirty looks) at the tea.  There seems to be an Alice in Wonderland theme going on at Boudoirs at the moment and although I can’t stand the stuff what I do love is all the things associated with tea such as delightful teacups, pots and doilies, little cakes and even drinking with your pinkie in the air.  I have to confess I even drink my coffee out of over sized breakfast teacups with roses on the just like Lady Gaga.


I didn’t think I would get to use this 30Ld skybox I’ve recently blogged so soon but since this is a flash freebie from Precious Restless shop called Boudoir I didn’t really want to waste too much time setting out a whole scene so I. quickly rezzed it and the tea cup for you to have time to pop over and grab this goodie.

I’m feeling so sad here at Boudoir because as I’m writing this I’m camming around all of her stunning clothes, hair, shoes and costumes I can see she’s adding more and more amazing home and garden decor items and until payday I’m on a no linden budget.

The theme at the moment is very much Alice in Wonderland and if you love this freebie you should check out the full table set with chairs and teacups and all things that remind us of that wonderful story I’ve also just noticed she has a board and a LM to a whole Wonderland Scene so once I’ve posted this I’m going to pop over and check that out and I might just tack a piccie onto this post later.

OH I did lie a bit about the no Linden budget because Precious has 2 summer gacha boards and I couldn’t resist gambling 50Lds because I would be happy with any of the items and so I was more than pleased to win the romantic swing set..


Welcome to the Wonderland Sky Platform I’ve mentioned, I TPed in and just grabbed this picture because I got a Security Warning that I was to be ejected which was a surprise so I quickly changed my Windlight setting and snapped this picture.  It was only a little bit later that I realised that you actually have 1200 secs to have a good wander around and this is plenty of time.  I’ve not used any photo shopping in this picture just one of SL’s Windlight settings so you can see how adorable this will look inworld. LM given for you to have a good look and don’t worry about the time.


Boudoirs Alice In Wonderland Garden.

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Get Fruity (Hunt&Cheapo)


Confession, I did boost the colours in this picture because I just wanted to have a bit of fun.  Did a bit more of The Fruit Salad Hunt and I deliberately went for the shoes, dress and picnic table to use in my new sky boxes.  I won’t give the LM to each shop involved in the hunt because there is a very much appreciated list of Surls and Pictures of the prizes so like me you can pick and chose.

SkydomeI took a risk on these sky boxes because they come from a shop called Wee Ones which looks as though it caters to the Pixies in SL, however these sky boxes are equally as good for us full-sized AVs.


This is the second sky box I bought from Wee Ones but there are more of offer for a Wee price, yes I had to make that joke, of only 30Lds.  The top one is called The Secret Garden and the bottom one is The Rabbit Hole Sky box.


I zoomed outside so you can see that even on the outside of the sky box the texturing is really charming.  These only cost 30Lds each which is why I took the risk that they weren’t for Petites.

Wee Ones, as I’ve said, looks as though it caters to the Petites and you can pick up everything from make up and clothes to wings and knives and I did notice a whole wall of stuff for only 5Lds.

The Fruit Salad Hunt, Surls and pictures.

Wee Ones


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Good girl gone bad!

Honestly as soon as I saw this on the Marketplace I knew it would be good and in fact it’s turned out to be great.

Good Alice2 UseSorry I’ve managed to give what is a very white a blue outfit a slightly yellowish tinge when playing with Windlight but you must make sure to check it out on the Bowtiques MP shop as it’s a pretty damned good picture of its true colouring.

BadieJust to make it even more tempting not only do you get mesh shoes, socks, dress, an Alice band for you hair, all the sizes and on top of that you get TWO versions.  The good girl one is almost luminous virginal white the bad girl one comes in a darker dress coloured and splashes of blood and with the hud you also have a change of tights and a blade of course.  Honestly this is such a bargain and such great quality I’ve been wearing it for days and I’m happily chucking out my old prim costume.  Same as the others I had to fiddle with the shoes but it just meant stretching them a tad a procedure that anyone can do.

Bowtique is owned by Jellyroll and is only on the Marketplace. She has a couple of other costumes including a wicked Queen of hearts outfit (also a 100Lds) but most items are normal clothing some lovely puffy sleeved dresses. There are demos of some of her other outfits but not of this Alice dress however I and the 8 others who have left glowing reviews can’t be that wrong.

Bowtique Marketplace

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Bunny Hop (RMK Bunny Hunt)


In my hunt to find a hunt I found a most unusual hunt called the RMK Bunny Hunt.  It’s a little bit different from the rest in that you are hunting a Bunny that can appear anywhere on the sim and you have to follow the bunny till he drops a ticket then you buy the ticket and on it is the name of a shop and you can go to that shop and wearing the ticket find a small brown book, click and there is a giftie waiting for you. Those little bunny boogers are hard to find and once you do spot one they lead you a merry dance around the sim until they finally drop the ticket and be warned this seems to be a popular hunt so once the ticket appears you have to buy it PDQ or else someone may come along and grab it from under your nose.

The link gives you info on how to start also for the sake of the sim it also offers you a chance to grab a costume which is not only help with any lag but keeps you in theme with the whole hunt and it’s a fun look.  So have a quick read of the link and then TP and you won’t regret it.

Now to the dress above which comes from one of the shops in the Bunny Hunt but in fact I won this on the Lucky Board, you do have to have the Group Tag on but it’s free to join.   Fluffy, frothy, pink and with Lola Tangos which makes it saucy.  If you don’t want to wait for your letter to turn up then they have this one for sale at half price of 130Lds.  Not a big shop but I’m loving what they have on offer.


This frothy, Non Mesh, skirt is a group gift.  It’s just lovely.  Pink and white polka dots a lovely bit of fluffiness for all.

Tony Perga 11111And for added SQUUEEENNEESSS.  Faith will be right over to grab this outfit for her lovely little Hammy AV. Group Gift for those of us who got caught up in the hamster gatcha madness.

The Bunny Hunt Blogg

Chocolate Atelier (LB Dress and Group Gifts)

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Honestly if you look closely you can see me having a swing in the middle of all those lights but what the heck..artistic licence rules and I just love the twinkly lights.

As it happens I almost didn’t go for the hunt item because not only do I have swings aplenty but because I know Catnip stocks some great stuff (I know because I have quite a few items and I can recommend their belts for amusement and details) I figured I would swing by (joke geddit) and pick it up.  The swing has a nice flow on it and looks great but an added plus for me is when you jump of it slowly slows down so none of that annoyance trying to click on it to stop.  So this is the Suicide Awareness Hunt item and I say go for it because if you have  a tree and no tree swing then shame on you.

Now this is the “FREAKING SIMPLE” because how simple and yet amazing does this floating clock look?  3 prims and an all so cheap price of 70lds and what an amazing touch for your home or land. I almost missed it! A good lesson to search out every nook and cranny because downstairs you will see a chair in front of a fireplace and an invitation for you to sit..SIT! because you’re then tped to the room next door and it’s an Alice In Wonderland shopping experience.  You can transform your home into an insane world of painting white roses red or sitting down to a Mad Hatters tea party and this is also where you find this floating clock. Remember only 3 prims! CatNip is a shop of the weird, wonderful, freaky and downstairs a bit of kink I highly recommend a visit.
The Sim.  I’m giving you 2 LMs the first is for the landing area and I recommend you land here and saunter down to the carnival through the wooded area and don’t mind the corpses they’re dead and can’t hurt you.  This is a carnival themed sim and in SL that means dark, scary and gaudy and they have created not only a great shopping experience with all the tents set up as shops but loads of carnival games and a big wheel and just a damned good place to visit.

Carnival Landing Area