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One for the girl/boys/cheapskates.

OK Sorry for lack of posting, I think I know why Faith is MIA and I wish her luck as for me I came home from my holiday with a load of holiday tat, a phone full of selfies, enough dirty laundry to fill 3 washing machines and STINKING EARACHE!  I have literally been bedridden for 2 days in absolute agony and fever, finally I managed to get to the Docs and with the aid of some seriously strong pain killers and a midday nap I’m up and functioning (barely).


If you’re waiting to try to squeeze your ass into the Arcade don’t forget there are many other events starting. I’ve just been to the Men Only Month event and just because it’s called “men only” doesn’t mean that anyone wouldn’t find something of interest as often there are items of home decor which are pretty cool and unisexed and in this case another Mina hair which I consider to be pretty unisexed.  David comes with a slight quiff and a cropped hairline and all the tattoo layers you need to match the shade pack you buy.  XXXfilmstockrela2

Another event is The Vintage & Cool Fair which you cannot have missed all the posters that have been in the shops for quite a while now.  Doris, another brand new Mina hair is a perfect representain of 60ties cool with it’s big backcombed and dramtic sizing.XXXFilmstockreals

The LM doesn’t take you straight to the Mina stand but it’s right there in the inner circle of shops AND if you have some spare time there are FREEBIES to be had there and so far I’ve snagged 2 pairs of SLink/Maitreya heels and some earrings from a couple of well known shops and thats just from the shops in the centre so I’m hoping for more.

Special Mention to the skin as they’re NEW PumeC skins and their only for Group members but remember this is a paid for group however at only 99Lds to join is so cheap to join and yet again you get a complete choice of brow layers and ALL the APPLIERS as standard.  I adore PumeC skin and apart from a couple of recent brilliant finds ALL the skins I wear come from PumeC, so if you have a spare 99lds to join the group I’d reccomend it but if you have some more Lindens to spend then try checking out her full priced skins because I think personally for me that her skins are not only stunning but so unbelivably reasonably priced.

DOH now that I’ve gone back to PumeC to LM grab I’ve noticed that there is also a GG of a MESH HEAD! How I missed that I don’t know but now I’ve grabbed it I have something to look forward to trying on.

PS I’ll also put the link to my Flickr account so if you want to see more PumeC skins as I’ve said apart from the recent Freebies I’ve found 98% of the skins I’m wearing are PumeC skins.

MOM (Men only Month)

Doris, Mina@The Vintage & Cool Fair


My Flickr Account

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ND MD Malkia White Lioness complete Avatar - NEW!

It’s either purrrr or rawrrrrrr ! These complete avatars are from ND/MD, and are called  “Malkia”. I’m not a great one to try these sort of looks, but when I saw how well made and detailed they were I SO had to try them out. Above I’m wearing the White Lioness Avatar, in the box you get a huge amount of items , including the skin, shape,two sets of eyes,two sets of whiskers , the mesh skirt, bra top and mesh turban wrap plus the ears ! Oh…and bracelets & two versions of the tail ! I’m sure ive forgotten something but you get my drift…its a FULL avatar ! I was really taken with the white Lioness but I also tried…


…the black  Lioness…pretty stunning huh?! I didn’t use the whiskers with this one , so you could see the beauty of the skin. It’s so so SO is the spine…have to say the nipples are very well done. There is another in this set called KiKibi…which is a young Lioness….sooper cute looking but I’ve run out of time to try it booooo. Head over to the store and take a peek….bring out your inner kitty ! Thank you alea ❤

* ND/MD Skins & Shapes

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I have a Boo

Boo - light- mesh toddler NEW!

I’ve done a lot of things in Second Life, but only once for a few hours have I experienced it as a child. I’ve been curious, what can you do? Where can you go? What is the world like when you’re so small ! When a notice came out in one of the blogger groups I’m in about trying a mesh toddler, I was in ! I went over to  ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes and took a look at the range of “cuties” and loved this one called Boo, I choose the light version, there is also tan. For the more adventurous there are coloured & drow types too! Sooo…I tried it all on, a really simple procedure for such a big change…alpha on and add full body mesh toddler, voila! In the pack is a diaper to get you started, eyes, and three heights of shape. I scoured this all over, and found it to be well made, I especially loved the chubby knees, the face is such a peach, how can you not fall in love with it ❤ I used a hair from D!VA and resized it very easily.  Btw, their hairs have such an innocent style to them, I loved how they looked.

Boo light toddler - wearing star coverall complete outfit

My next quest was to find some clothing. After epically failing to see three sections of clothing behind me whilst perusing the avatars at  ND/MD (doh) I headed back and snapped up this natty little set for just 79L…bargain deal ! Mesh clogs,hair & bows and of course the adorable overalls – the hair im wearing in the last photo is one that came with this outfit. I nabbed myself a free childs AO from the market place and I was ready to roll.

ND-MD  -   Skins & shapes - Boo light mesh toddler NEW!

I utilised the search bar and used terms such a “Kids,children,play park” and found oooodles of fun places to hang out. Boogers store had some totally lovely play items & furniture to fool about on…and the many parks I visited were well stocked with swings, slides for child av’s of all sizes. It felt different being a child, everything seemed MASSIVE ! I did find that most of my adult poses for blogging were fine for this size child, although some werent wholly appropriate, I snooped the market place and there are sooo many child & family pose stores now, well worth a gander. Thanks for letting me try this out Alea !

 ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes

Free childs AO