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Hunt me down(Freebies).

I decided to hone up on my Hunt hunting skills as there seems to be quite a few gearing up for action next month.  I decided to start with the MOH5 (men only hunt) because quite often a lot of hunts can have items which are pretty unisexed and if I have to be honest this hunt comes complete with pictures of the prizes and pretty good hunt clues.  Sadly though I was still useless and only managed to find a couple of goodies.


OK don’t look at the hair too closely,  I was having “issues” when I took these pictures so not only was my normally beautifully sleek and shiny hair looking all jagged my SLink hands resembled claws but I just didn’t have the time to relog which usually sorts this out.  Fortunately the hat which is the Hunt item has rezzed beautifully.  Comes with a resizer so will certainly fit any head no matter how big or small.

Because my hands were like Cruella Deville’s hands I couldn’t show you the leather wrist strap which comes with a resizer so yet again another item which can fit most AVs.


I certainly will work for Pussy Cats, got 2 of the little hairballs in RL.  A simple but fun prop with pose.  LOVE the fact that if you click the board you can turn off and on the pose so you can wander around SL and sneak up on people and click on your sign and stand there proudly posing LOL.  It will make some people chuckle.

I’ve lost the link with the pictures, sorry but if you’re a male reader of our blog then there is some stunning top quality mesh clothes, poses, accessories and a few props with a few unisexed items for us ladies.  Everything is free and you’re looking for a glass of cool beer.

PS just in case you haven’t spotted it I’ve added the “cat”.

PPS the hat comes from G&D The Italian Style and the pose from The Pose Shop.

MOH5 Blog with LM’s and Hints


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Take a few moments


The first day I visited the Home & Garden Expo, in the distance I saw a tall mountain. I flew over to take a look and found the most beautiful build imaginable…my words wont tell the story of it as well as those of the creator “Alchemy Immortalis” behind it…so…in their own words, here it is:

         ” We decided to borrow inspiration from China’s “Stone Forest”, the world’s “First Wonder” of the legendary
          seven, signifying the formidable trek each of us takes when touched by cancer, (personally, or through
          that of a family member or friend)…. 

          We wanted to create, on a small scale, a soul trek that Expo participants
          could take to the top of the metaphorical mountain, instilling it with the daunting landscape of the stone
          stalagmites springing forth from the ground in Yunnan Province’s Stone Forest, yet infused with the beauty
          and seeming impossibility of life springing forth from death as living trees and foliage do there from the stone.
          We wanted this small inworld journey to embrace a sense of celebration at the top. 

         Whatever our personal  milestones are along the way in a journey with cancer, they are significant, and to be celebrated.      This is where the lanterns come in…
          When adventurer’s reach the top of the mountain after their precarious trek, we invite them to launch
          the blue lanterns in celebration of their own indomitable spirit, and that of family and friends. “

Isnt that just the most lovely sentiment?

So..I asked Steve to come with me, I wanted to release some lanterns for those in my life now, and years before, who have taken their own cancer journey… and I didn’t want to be alone…daft I know. Then I spotted the RFL vendor for this creator, and the lanterns are one of their donation products…only you will always be able to light a lantern…to mourn..or just because it’s really really pretty…when you touch the blue willow vase, it gracefully rezzes a few lanterns, that go on to gently float up into the air in a spiral…you cna even hear the soft crackle of the flame inside each one *happy sigh*.Thank you Alchemy Immortalis…for giving me one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced for a long time ❤

If you’d like to take the mountain trek and get your own set of lanterns, you’ll find Alchemy Immortalis on the EXPO13 sim…

Alchemy Immortalis at the Home & Garden Expo