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Fields of Lavender – Free Dress

Oh gosh I do love a pretty dress, generally I stomp around in whatever I last took a photo of – but this is just worth wearing it for the sheer pleasure of being all feminine. I found this on the market place for $0L from ALB Dream Fashion, actually scope out the store and the market place for this one as there are plenty more free or almost free items. In the box you’ll find fits for :

SLink Physique & Hourglass, Maitreya, Belleza Venus Isis Freya. Happy Thursday evening ❤

ALB Dream Fashion market place

Inworld shop

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Classy B*tch.(Freebie).

Bin, bin, bin and Yassss I finally found something blog worthy!


Sometimes when I take a picture I just need 1 or 2 of them but I took about a dozen of this dress because I felt like a Diva in it.


And yes I was humming “I could have danced all night” in my head as I was doing these pictures.

I’ve just noticed that the skirt seems to be the same in both pictures which is a shame as I was trying to catch some of the movements as flows and billows around you when you’re stood still or even dancing.  Obviously, when walking the oversized skirt flow behind you in the unnatural way skirts like this have a tendency to do but people know that and with such a gorgeous colour and style of this dress all is forgiven.

But if it’s just not you then bin the skirts, please don’t you will regret it, and just wear the under mesh dress.


Va Va Voom!  Bloody excellent and I’m keeping this dress, big skirts n all.

Actually, you get more than just the dress plus a lovely feature of this dress isn’t showing up in the pictures.  The shoes I’m wearing come with it as well as a shawl (worn but you can’t really see it) a fur collar, fur hat, earrings (worn but you can’t see them) and a clutch bag.  OK, inworld the fur collar/hat I don’t care for this dress needs to be seen without anything to clutter up the lines.  The earrings are really nice and I didn’t bother with the clutch bag because it would have looked silly when I was dancing.  The shawl however which I am wearing but you can’t see really is just an incredibly fine glittery net.  This same glittery netting is also on the skirt,  It’s so fine the camera hasn’t picked it up but it’s beautiful and you could have taken a close up of it but trust me it’s lovely but you don’t have to wear it if you chose not too.

All of this comes in a mix of standard fitmesh/mesh bod/mesh feet sizing and it a FREEBIE from the Albi Dream Fashions shop but it’s the Lamu Group you have to join.  I couldn’t see a group invite so I clicked on the picture of the freebie and got it from there.

PS Taken in my Nams setting.

Alb Dreams

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All I touch turns to pink (Free item)

Free mesh dress !

Zan kept  on telling me about the ALB store, so I eventually found time to head over and scope the place out. Be prepared because it’s a huge place that’s got lots of genres spread around. Youre going to have to hot foot around and find this dress, as I can’t seem to give you a direct landmark – BUT – that’s cool because as you wander about, you’re sure to find many wearable demos and gifts to nab ! Wearable demos really means what it says on the tin, its yours to keep. I really liked this little pink dress, its richly embroidered and fits nicely over the standard Avatar shape. I did try it with my SLink Physique mesh body but couldn’t find a way to use it. Go and have a mooch !

ALB Dream Fashion

Hair : Magika “thoughtful”



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A little something (free)

FREE skirt & top

Couple of things I’ve been meaning to share with you and failed miserably. Thought Id get them snapped and up on the blog this morning though. This skirt and top are so sweet, just perfect for a summer day or the beach. By N-Uno and cost just $1L. All standard mesh sizes are included in the pack.

FREE dress (two versions included)

Also this free dress, I’ve seen the style around but this version caught my eye, I’m wearing the sheer option – so the seam of fabric along the arms is transparent – gives it a nice edge I think. I’m a fool for nautical stripes – naturally I had to grab it ! Totally free and all mesh sizes included.

ALB free dress

N-Uno dollarbie outfit