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Whore Couture

Sooo the Whore Couture Fair is open..I finally managed to get over and take a peek..man it is BUSY !  Big squidgy thanks to the designers who let us see some of their work…I pawed over Leri Miles Designs lingerie..called “tease”, daringly low cut bra cups to expose perky nipples…fab garter, panties & stockings…yummy…other colours available..

Also love love LOVED this skin from Al vulvo “Alena bad girl”, looks like she’s been scrapping over the latest hot guy to hit the block huh? The tan was just right for me..(there is a good girl version also with no torn lip) Paradisis has some gorj stuffage out..I liked the “Toxic bitch” mini dress..Play zone across your boobs, and uh..Ill leave you to find out whats written across yer butt ! Haul your tushies over and take a gander…looks to be a great affair ! Thanks Treyy & Miss qwerty ❤

Whore couture fair