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Hail Caesar

Akeruka Caesar 2 Final

One great thing about Second Life: being able to change skins at will. Yeah I know most people, myself included, find one skin and are generally pretty faithful to that but you have to admit, putting on a brilliant looking skin will make you feel like a million bucks. Well, now you can feel like an Emperor in the new, awesome skin from Akeruka: Caesar (just without, you know, the whole assassination thing).

As you can see from the picture above, this is simply just a great skin. Though you really don’t expect much else from Akeruka, the details are fabulous. Check out the definition on the torso, just so good without being over done. Even the body hair looks fantastic and I generally don’t go for that myself (and you can get versions of Caesar without it, of course). Then there’s the face, now I usually prefer wearing facial hair for some reason, but this lends itself to the clean look in my opinion. It’s got a touch of classiness about it, this face, maybe even a little bit of imperial arrogance in there too. Whatever it is, it works, and I like it and I think whoever looks at you while you’re wearing this skin will like it as well!

There are five different skin tones to choose from with Caesar and I suggest you head on down to Akeruka as quick as you can, find the one that suits you best and grab it. Et tu, Brute.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

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You have to love those special times of year when the Menstuff rolls back around to Second Life. There is always, always so many brilliant gifts to pick up from awesome designers both old favourites and ones that you may not have heard of until now. As always, I’ve started sluggishly but I’ve managed to collect a few gifts which, awesomely, have all fit into one picture for you to gawk at.

Let’s start at the top shall we? That magnificent tower of blonde hair you can see there is but a single part of your menstuff gift from KMadd, one of my all-time favourite stores. Called Elcon, it’s one of three funky hairstyles that KMadd is giving away along with five(!) pairs of eyes.

Next on the list is the skin I’m wearing. If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you should be able to recognise an Akeruka skin when you see one. Yes indeed, how cool to be able to grab one of these Neo skins for free and all you have to do is find the Menstuff Hunt symbol. As always with Akeruka, this is a great-looking skin in an awesome skin tone. There’s some subtle body hair thrown in and you get the brilliant looking detail around the muscles that you have come to expect from Akeruka.

Moving on to the ink and this is one of those examples of finding a store you’ve never been to and loving it. B*FLY Tattoos is the store name and, being the fan of tattoos I am, I was very impressed by the selection they have there. I was even more impressed by their hunt gift which is the Autumn Dragon tattoo, a fantastically drawn sleeve tattoo for both arms. You get two styles of the tattoo layers: one for faded ink and the other in fresh ink – both look cool.

Last but surely not least for this go round of Menstuff gifts is waiting for you at Redgrave. The gift I’m speaking of are the gorgeous army shorts you see me wearing above. They are a mesh item so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer if you haven’t got one already and wow they just look, so, so awesome. The texture and pattern are done really well and I love the details around the belt. There is only one size included of the mesh for this gift but it’s a pretty standard medium I’d guess, judging by how it fits my shape well.

All these gifts are definitely ones I’d recommend you guys hunt down and I’d also recommend you checking out the stores as a whole while you’re there. Every one of them has amazing items for sale and you never know what you may find, that’s one of the reasons I love hunting! If you want to check out all the store SLurls and hints, you can check out the Menstuff website here:

Get the gear here:
Hair: KMadd
Skin: Akeruka
Tattoo: B*FLY Tattoos
Shorts: Redgrave

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Kal in a Candyshop

Don’t you just love it when you put something new on and right away you just know it’s going to be one of your favourites? I won’t call it love at first sight or anything like that but wow, I have some great gear to show you tonight that I love and I reckon you guys shall too.

First things first is the awesome new mesh gear from Candymetal: the tanktop and  jeans. The tank is available in different designs but I had to go with one of the skull patterns for this shot, way hard to pick though as they all look awesome. The mesh itself has a great texture and there are five sizes to choose from (I’m wearing medium and it’s perfect). As good as the tanktop is, I’ve got to give it to the jeans though as they are just amazing. The creases and shading on the mesh are brilliant and they fit so well without looking too baggy or hanging off your hips. There are many different styles you can buy, either light or dark denim (they both look cool), ripped or normal and belted or not. I can’t see how you can not buy more than just one of these, it’s a tough choice.

The second bit of newness I’ve got to show is this skin I’ve been wearing in the above pictures. If you haven’t guessed from its sheer awesomeness, it’s from Akeruka, called Kal V2. I’m wearing the natural shade with the full beard facial hair version. I was talking to Faith and told her that this is probably my favourite skin that Akeruka have released (so far). The detail on the body is great as always, nicely defined musculature without going overboard but the face is what does it for me with Kal. It’s got that perfect mixture of cool and masculine, a face that would be at home in a suit just as easily as strutting about topless with jeans. As always with Akeruka skins, there are a range of other skin tones to choose from which look super.

The Candymetal tanktop and jeans will set you back L$100 and L$150 respectively and the Kal skin from Akeruka is L$1800. I think these are awesome prices for items this good, you guys should definitely head down to the stores and check them out up close for yourselves, I think you’ll agree. Thanks Roshi, emychan and Kaoz!

Get the gear here:
Tanktop & Jeans: CandyMetal
Skin: Akeruka

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Mondays child is fair of face

This Monday you too can be fair of face….with a lil bit of Monday Mania goodness and a dollop of CandyMetal mesh…mmhmm…its a steal deal yet again! Above Im wearing the new sooper-cute release from CandyMetal…the Danna mesh dress…it comes in a variety of fabrics but I so so so loved this light summery denim…..Im also wearing the July group gift from Akeruka , the Twiggy Skin…its gorjussss…pinky lips…violet eye make up…lushhhhh. My jewelry is from n@n@ and is such a bargain, you get the beaded necklace, big chunky bangle and the earings for only 25L- yupp its this weeks Monday Mania item !

Monday Mania also has this from (O)tentika….lovely shabby tray of iced drinks…check out the flaps its delicate wings…so beautiful…50L will bag you this summertime treat.




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You’re on the Bottom

I can be such a slowpoke when it comes to hunts. I missed the kickoff to the MHO7 Hunt by a few days, fortunately for me it’s a month-long extravaganza because I would have kicked myself for missing out. There are a brilliant array of designers giving out some awesome gifts and I’ve got a few to show you tonight. Funnily enough, except for the skin, they are all items for your bottom half!

Speaking of the skin, it’s from Akeruka, a name you guys should know well if you’ve been here before. It’s called Nando and it comes in this full tan tone along with the facial hair. It’s most definitely a very masculine skin with the usual super well-done details that you always get from an Akeruka skin.

The boardshorts you can also see above are from Redgrave who are always a must-visit for me when they’re involved in a hunt. Oh so summery, these shorts have a gorgeous look and I love the colours – the blue and brown go very well together here. They are mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see them.

The next item I found was from a store I’d never visited before: Ink No.8 Meshfactory. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, just that it would be mesh and that was enough to get me lookin’. Eventually I found their gift and saw that I’d scored these awesome Dungarees. I can honestly say that I don’t have anything in my inventory like this, mesh or otherwise. The texturing is absolutely fantastic and they have a real funky look to them that I like a lot. With these dungarees you get two alpha layers and two sizes of the mesh to choose from so you should have no problem getting these to fit.  With these I wore my hunt gift from Sartoria: the Travellers Sneakers which are some very cool footwear indeed, I love the pattern on the uppers of these.

Now, if you want to talk about footwear, Muism has you covered. It has been one of my favourite stores for as long as I can remember and it’s no surprise when you see their hunt gift the ‘Troy’ boots. These boots are simply stunning. The leather texture is gorgeous and the details are superb. Check out the shadowing around the so good straps and the little ‘M’ logo up the top, amazing. The boots also come with a script that allows you to resize them as well as change the texture of the strapping on the boots. There are a whole different range of colour choices, you can even add a little sculpted sock to stick out of the top of the boots if you wish, but I liked it better without.

This hunt will go until the 15th of July so you have plenty of time to hunt down these and more of the fab items that are up for grabs.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1:
Skin: Akeruka
Boardshorts: Redgrave
Picture #2
Dungarees: Ink No.8 Meshfactory
Sneakers: Sartoria
Picture #3
Boots: *Muism*

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You Take the Red Pill

Happy Sunday folks! After wrestling with Second Life for the last couple of hours, cursing my cloudiness and trying not to break things, I’m happy to be able to show you the latest release from Akeruka: Neo.

This is an update of Kazo Koba’s old Damiani Neo skin. Unfortunately I never saw the original myself but it must have been pretty good because the remake is awesome. It comes with all the brilliant details you have come to expect from an Akeruka skin. The face on Neo is truly excellent, I think it may be my favourite from Akeruka so far.

Neo has five different skin tones available and nine different face options and there are also body hair, hair bases and eyeliner tattoo layer options. You definitely should head on down and check Neo out and why not join the group while you’re down there? It costs L$250 to join but there are fab group gifts and it’s definitely worth it.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

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Thought Id show you a few more items from the CHIC² event that begins later ends on the 24th June so no huge rush….yet ! I’m wearing the very lovely pale Blanca skin from Akeruka…such delicate shading makes it a gentle look…the lush lips do add a slash of colour…A new hair designer to me is Atro Patena , they have this sweet hair on offer called “Juliet”, I love up do’s, so this was a real winner for me, the hairband is also texture change and tintable – very handy. Totally adorable pose is by FructOse, its named “paint in love”, and is actually a couples pose, but as I’m a single pringle tonight, you’ve just got me . Loved how I could fiddle with this…added in another paint stripe to cover my does come with a wearable paint smear also…sooper cool !

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