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polaroidWhen I next bump into Faith I’m going to offer her this ironing board as she still has that boathouse rental she’s just blogged and this recycled ironing board from Follow Us is perfect for a beach or shabby chic home.  If you look closely you can see that this would be a perfect example of recycling, if I was a DIYer this is the sort of thing I would make and use.  Comes all linked with the basket, iron, ironing board and the fabric and nooo poses.  However I’ve seen one of the newest Follow Us releases and it’s a posed, posher ironing/laundry set so as soon as I get my greasy mitts on that one I’ll be showing that off.  Till them this excellently priced 10Lds one will be perfect for any home but especially beach, shabby chic and rustic homes.

DOH almost forgot to mention that this months newest group gift is out and of course I forgot to grab it.  The Group now isn’t free to join but at 40Lds it’s a token amount and there is a whole wall of all the old shop quality GGs waiting to be grabbed.


I seemed to have missed so many of the weekly special offer from AMD (Apple May Designs) but not this week.  ….puts something out for the pricely sum of 25Lds and this week it’s this simple and lacy mesh top. As always I went for the neutral colour but others available, I didn’t stay long enough to check them because it’s been such a busy week and I’m so behind in posting the goodies.

Special mention to the hair and a reminder to go grab this brilliant skin.  The hair is a Mina Nakamura hair called Nanda and as you can se it has a lovely big lose plait down one side if a single plait isn’t to your taste then next to Nanda is Mandy which is what looks like to me the same version but with 2 plaits.  Both prices most reasonably at 250Lds and of course with that you get a choice of colour shaeds in a Hud.   I love how the landing spot is set away from the shop, just walk through the lovely tree lined avenue and maybe even if you’re not after hair you might want to LM this place for a lovely hangout/meeting area as Mina has spend so much time landscaping her sim for us to enjoy.

Mentioning this skin again because not only do I love it but Faith has also fallen in love with it.  PumeC is where it comes from and it’s called Vlada.  She has beautiful dark smudged eyes but with the addition of make up layers you can change the look completely.  Not only is this a free skin but also comes not only with ALL Appliers but also the most useful Hud with all the appliers loaded into it.  This isn’t the only Free skin from PumeC so get yourself over there and grab it before it goes.

AMD (Apple May Design)



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

It Flows

I realised the other day that it had been way too long since I had paid a visit to *Airflow*. So that’s exactly what I did and I’m definitely glad I did because I found that they have mesh now! I’m not sure how long they have had mesh gear but it’s there and it’s awesome. What makes it even better is that until the 31st, you can grab yourself one of these fabulous mesh cardigans for half price!

These are so gorgeous, I love the texture on them, the look of the buttons, the design – yeah pretty much everything. The mesh comes in five sizes so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the size that’s right for you but each size of this cardigan comes in three separate versions: each one with a different pattern. Think of the value, you’re basically getting three cardigans for half the price of one! There’s also a great range of colours to choose from, I don’t think you can go wrong with this cardi at all.

While you’re down at *Airflow* you should most definitely join the group as you can grab a whole pile of group gifts for both guys and girls. Some of them we’ve blogged here previously, but this wicked long mesh tee is a new one for me. With this gift you get the mesh in two sizes and four (yes, count ’em!) colours included. With its brilliant texture and fantastic-looking striped pattern, this is definitely worth giving up one of your group slots for.

Get the gear here: *Airflow*


Happy Distraction

Sometimes a distraction is a great thing. I was (and still am) making my way through the MENstuff hunt when a group notice came through from *Airflow* about there being a new group gift released due to the group eclipsing 2,000 members. Two things made me stop what I was doing immediately and go over and grab it. One: this gift is only available until the 15th of February. Two: it’s from *Airflow* and their gear is always absolutely amazing.

This sweater is simply gorgeous. You have to zoom in on this thing and check out the details in the texture, I love it. The black and grey striping look fantastic as well. As is usual with *Airflow* the attachments are wonderfully done. This sweater comes with a wide, round collar attachment plus lovely thick, slightly bunched cuffs and a lopsided ‘bottom’ attachment for the hem as well. Both the cuffs and bottom part of the sweater have resizer scripts in them and are very easy to fit if you need to fiddle with them at all.

So make sure to run down to *Airflow*, join the group, and grab this gift before the 15th of February. The ladies can also grab a version of this sweater as well and there’s a bunch of other group gifts to be had. You won’t be disappointed.

Get the gear here: *Airflow* 


Airflow IS Argrace

Airflow soft leather jacket with sweater

Yus indeedy, Airflow is the new brand name for Argrace’s clothing line, it even has its own super new store yay! Argrace is now for head-gear & furniture…the clothes are all Airflow..confused? I was ! Anyyyyway…Steve beat me to the post (and yes I even gave him the info tsk lol) But if you pop over the Airflow there is this gorjusss soft leather jacket waiting for you as a group gift PLUS  pair of jeans ! Argrace has been my shopping nirvana for such a longgg time…and the bestest thing is their stuff is transferable…so a great place to find gifties . Click the pics for a closer view !

Airflow soft leather jacket with Tee

The jacket comes with two options for wearing, the grey chunky hunky sweater , or with a white tank tee, makes it very versatile. As with all their gear its top-notch quality and has a tactile look to you want to stroke ittttt….not sure how long this will be up for grabs so hurry along today!



Feel the Flow

I was over at one of my all-time favourite stores, *Argrace*, the other day and found that there had been some changes. AIR Winx, the apparel designer, had moved into some new digs called *Airflow*. After making sure there was no new hair for me to get at *Argrace*, of course I had to go and check out the new store.

When I arrived at *Airflow* I found this brilliant ‘soft leather jacket’ was being offered as a group gift and I had to grab it. This is just a great looking jacket. It comes in four different versions: the jacket all by itself, the jacket and a white or black t-shirt and the jacket plus a grey sweater which is the one I am showing here. The textures on all the different versions are wonderful  and when they call it a ‘soft leather jacket, that’s exactly what it looks like.  The jacket comes with sculpted body parts, sleeves and a collar which are all resizeable via script. The sweater also comes with its own sculpted collar which fits beautifully under the collar of the jacket and all of the attachments are done with AIR Winx’s usual awesome details. Even if this was the only gift you could get, I would advise you to join up but it’s not! There are others, for both guys and girls so this is defintely one group you will want to find room for!

Get the gear here: *Airflow*